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Massive Destruction and Psychic Combat Abound in CellFactor: Revolution from Artificial Studios for the PC This Spring.

Highly Anticipated First-Person Shooter That Harnesses AGEIA's PhysX Processor Available For Preview at 2007 International CES

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Artificial Studios, an independent videogame developer, announced today the spring release of its self-published title, CellFactor: Revolution, developed in conjunction with Immersion Games. The game is an action-packed first-person shooter with true-to-life physics for the PC, which takes advantage of the AGEIA[TM] PhysX[TM] processor to produce realistic cloth, fluid and scattered debris effects.

Set in a futuristic, industrial war-torn atmosphere, CellFactor: Revolution features three unique characters, two that possess mind-control combat abilities. Beginning January 8 and concluding on January 11, International CES show attendees will be able to preview the title in AGEIA's partners' including Maximum PC (73030). Members of the press may take a more in-depth look at the title behind closed doors in the Sands Expo and Convention Center in AGEIA's meeting rooms 73024 and 73124.

CellFactor: Revolution will be available approximately one year after it debuted as CellFactor: Combat Training, a technology demonstration to showcase the capabilities of AGEIA's PhysX processor at the 2006 Game Developers Conference. Developed by Artificial Studios in conjunction with Immersion Games, CellFactor: Revolution features at least five worlds with fully destructible architecture, playable as a single-player or network supported LAN game.

"We're excited that the latest CellFactor: Revolution advancements will be shown at the world's largest consumer technology show just a few months prior to release," said Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios. "Players will see that the PhysX processor enabled us to tap into a whole new range of gameplay scenarios that have the ability to impact the PC gaming landscape."

In the story campaign mode, players will take one of three unique characters, Black Ops, Bishop and Guardian, through industrial settings in the near future on Earth. After a series of cataclysmic events, the planet is now dominated by a superpower dedicated only to the advancement of technology - no matter what the human cost. This technology forms the basis of a cybernetic-enhanced humanoid army, whose telekinetic powers are used to maintain relative order across the planet. A scattered human resistance fights for one last shred of freedom, tapping into psychic abilities in an attempt to conquer what appears to be an invincible enemy. The gamer can play as characters from both sides of this war.

Offering a new level of physical interaction in PC gaming, players can manipulate a massive amount of objects simultaneously, control vehicles and fight against AI-controlled opponents or challenge friends to a match in the networked gameplay modes. Playable via a LAN connection, up to eight gamers and eight CPU bots can populate the futuristic setting for massive combat action. In addition, the multiplayer modes - death match, team death match, assault and combat - are playable with one human and up to eight AI-controlled characters.

CellFactor: Revolution combines widespread environmental destruction, psychic combat and realistic cloth and fluid effects to produce a fun and innovative first-person shooter.

The gaming community has embraced CellFactor since its 2006 inception, along with the ability to make modifications to develop unique mini-games. Tight knit groups of "modders" are currently building new gameplay scenarios. One modder chose to celebrate the New Year CellFactor-style by shooting 2000 "7s" on "Chimera Island," an original game setting not featured in the upcoming game release. To view this and other early samples of the modders work, go to

For more information about CellFactor: Revolution and to download game assets, visit

About Artificial Studios

Artificial Studios is an independent videogame developer based in Gainesville, Fla. Focused on implementing the latest technologies in graphics, networking and physics, Artificial Studios is building a series of standout next-generation franchises, including CellFactor and Monster Madness. Developer of the powerful Reality Engine middleware technology, Artificial Studios sold the engine Epic Games in 2005. For more information on the company, visit

About Immersion Games

Immersion Games is a videogame developer focused on crafting original game concepts, environments and characters, with headquarters in Bogota, Colombia. Immersion Games shaped the original CellFactor concept and strengthened the game's art and design alongside Artificial Studios. The game development team is also working on the next-generation franchise Monster Madness. For more information, visit

About AGEIA Technologies, Inc.

AGEIA[TM] Technologies, Inc., is the pioneer of hardware-accelerated physics for PC games and has developed the world's first dedicated physics processor, the AGEIA PhysX[TM] processor. The AGEIA PhysX processor powers massive and pervasive real-time interactive worlds that for the first time obey the laws of classical physics. AGEIA provides a world-class cross platform software development kit to simplify advanced physics programming for the PhysX processor, as well next-generation gaming consoles. AGEIA is changing the face of gaming by working with more than sixty leading developers and publishers to deliver the next generation of physically immersive entertainment. The privately held company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit
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