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St Boswells

November 17

John Swan Sir John William David Swan (born 1935) was a British-Bermudian territorial political figure (United Bermuda Party).

Sir John entered Bermuda's parliament in 1972. As Minister for Home Affairs from 1978 to 1982, he played a key role in introducing social reforms to the
 Limited continued their programme of Autumn Farm Sales by conducting the Displenishing Sale of Machinery at Yarlside, Earlston, on behalf of Rodgers Ltd.

Another fast selling trade brought the following selected prices:

JD6506 Tractor (P) with Loader pounds 14200; JD6506 Tractor (P) pounds 9500; Manitou Manitou

supreme deity of Algonquin and neighboring tribes. [Am. Indian Religion: Collier’s, X, 91]

See : God
 Telehandler MT932 (V) pounds 11200; Deutz DX3.70 Tractor (1985) pounds 2350; Suzuki Eiger ATV (1) (Advanced TV) An early name for the digital TV standard proposed by the Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service (ACATS). See ACATS. See also ATV Forum.

(2) (Analog TV) Refers to the NTSC, PAL and SECAM analog TV standads.
 (54) pounds 1900; Claas Rollant 46 Baler pounds 3450; Fraser 8T Grain Trailer pounds 1250; Fraser 550 Muckmaster Spreader spreader,
n See condenser.
 pounds 980; Krone AM243 CV Mower pounds 880; Slewtic SL8 Topper pounds 750; Kuhn HR3001D Power Harrow pounds 3400; PZ Haybob pounds 240; Flat Trailers to pounds 820; Kongskilde Blower & Pipes pounds 480; Silage silage (sī`lĭj) or ensilage (ĕn`səlĭj), succulent, moist feed made by storing a green crop in a silo. The crop most used for silage is corn; others are sorghum, sunflowers, legumes, and grass.  Feed Trailers pounds 540; Steel Portal Frame Shed (Dismantled) pounds 4800; Big Bale Handler pounds 320; Calf Creeps pounds 280, pounds 270, pounds 260; Ritchie Root Bucket pounds 1020.

By permission:

Malgar 1500 Slurry Tanker pounds 1000; Claas Rollant 62 Baler pounds 500; Lemken 4FR Plough pounds 500; Silage Feeders pounds 200; Stock Trailer (8 x 5) pounds 180.By anna lognonne

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November 20

John Swan Limited sold 240 clean cattle, 54 cows, 3,104 lambs and 1,491 ewes.

The 106 bullocks averaged 132p per kg,+5.2p on the week, and sold to 152p gross pounds 1057

The 118 heifers averaged 133.2p per kg, +3.4p on the week, and sold to 160p gross pounds 1043.

The 16 young bulls averaged 113.2p per kg, +6.3p on the week, and sold to 131p.

The 47 beef type cows averaged 68.4p per kg and sold to 100p.

The seven dairy type cows averaged 56.9p per kg and sold to 74p.

Top prices for cows

The 3,104 lambs averaged 105.5p per kg, +4.5p on the week, and sold to 119.4p (pounds 54.80).

The 1,491 ewes averaged pounds 24.72 and sold to pounds 52.00.

Principal prices

Black Heddon 160 Ian White; Black Heddon 155 Ian White; Bee Edge 155 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Ramrig 154 Prentice Butchers; Ramrig 152 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Bee Edge 151 Ian White; Ramrig 149 T A Shaw; Ramrig 149 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Bee Edge 149 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Greenlees 149 T A Shaw; Greenlees 148 Malone of Edinburgh; Huntington 147 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Saughland 147 J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Bee Edge147 WTS See Windows Terminal Server.  Forsyth & Sons; Bee Edge 147 J Gilmour & Co Ltd.

Lambs sold to pounds 54.80 for Texel Lambs from Sharplaw, Hownam and 119.5 Sandyknowe. Ewes sold to pounds 52.00 for Texels from Greenend, St Boswells.

Lambs per head: Suff.x pounds 54.00 Lee; pounds 51.50 Hatchednize; pounds 49.80 Legerwood; pounds 49.00 Maxton House, Huntington, Thirlestane; pounds 48.50 Belmont, Woodhouse, Jed; pounds 48.20 South Mains.

Tex.x pounds 53.80 Crumhaughhill; pounds 51.20 Corsbie; pounds 51.00 Howden, North Synton. Mule pounds 47.00 Burnhouse Mains; pounds 46.00 Falsidehill; pounds 44.00 Maxton House, Cragside; pounds 43.20 Lyne; pounds 42.20 South Mains. BFL BFL Body for Life
BFL Bass Fishing League (sponsored By Wal-Mart)
BFL Brothers for Life
BFL Bharat Forge Ltd. (Pune, India)
BFL Back Focal Length
 pounds 43.00 Edston. Lleyn pounds 43.00 Whitriggs. BF pounds 37.00 Maxton House; pounds 36.00 Lee. Char.x pounds 49.80 Thirlestane. Chev pounds 48.50 North Synton; pounds 45.00 Haltree; pounds 44.00 Falsidehill. HB pounds 45.00 Haltree. Beltex pounds 48.00 Threeburnford.

Lambs per kilo Thousand (10 to the 3rd power). Abbreviated "K." For technical specifications, it refers to the precise value 1,024 since computer specifications are based on binary numbers. For example, 64K means 65,536 bytes when referring to memory or storage (64x1024), but a 64K salary means $64,000. : Suff.x 111.9 Hexpath; 110.0 Teinside; 109.8 Maxton House; 109.3 Lee, Hardens; 108.6 Woodhouse, Jed; 108.3 Whitriggs; 108.1 Faughhill, Ashley Park. Tex.x 118.0 Sydenham; 117.0 Crumhaughhill; 116.3 Falsidehill; 115.4 Maxton House; 115.1 Lower Ashtrees; 114.2 Sharplaw; 113.8 Howden. Mule 102.9 South Mains; 102.3 Cragside, Maxton House. Lleyn 104.9 Whitriggs. BF 100.0 Maxton House. Char.x 109.3 Thirlestane. Chev 110.8 Maxton House; 104.9 Falsidehill; 102.3 Haltree. Beltex 102.1 Threeburnford.

Cast Ewes: Mule pounds 35.00 Hume Orchard, Nether Tofts, Hoselaw; pounds 34.50 Mayfield, Newton; pounds 34.00 Greenend, South Mains, Milrighall, Linton, Middlethird, Lyne, Middle Monynut, Blythbank; pounds 33.50 Yorkston. BF pounds 23.80 Yorkston; pounds 23.50 Mossknowe; pounds 22.00 Threeburnford, Hayhope; pounds 21.00 Middle Monynut; pounds 20.20 Burncastle; pounds 20.00 Threepwood. Chev pounds 35.00 Nether Tofts; pounds 34.00 Headshaw, L; pounds 32.00 Attonburn; pounds 30.00 Mossknowe, Greenfold. Beltex pounds 25.00 Crumhaughhill. HB pounds 44.00 Bonjedward Mill; pounds 40.00 Headshaw, L; pounds 39.00 Whitriggs; BFL pounds 32.00 Threepwood; pounds 30.00 Mossknowe. Meatlinc pounds 27.00 Whitmuir. Char pounds 42.00 Mayfield.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2006
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