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Martini's Martinis.

Martini's Martinis

Peter Harmon

Privately Published

610 North 4th Street, Suite 400, Burlington, IA 52601

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Martini's Martinis by Peter Harmon, the "Food Guru" and owner of Martini's Grille grille, in architecture, a system of bars, usually of decorative metalwork, forming an openwork barrier or enclosure. In its usual materials of wrought iron or bronze, it has been favored for decorative treatment in all periods. , is a spiral-bound martini recipe collection that describes not only the ingredients of each martini but the specific nuances of the technique used to create it. An introductory section walks novice martini makers through the tools and terms of martini crafting, and the recipes are illustrated with luscious full-color photographs. Tips, tricks and techniques such as "To create a bubbling martini use a pair of tongs tongs

long-handled, about 3 feet, shaped like pincers with knobs on the ends of the grasping blades. Applied by standing behind the subject in a confined space and closing the jaws to grasp the animal's head just below the ears.
 and place a marble sized piece of dry ice in the bottom of your glass before adding the liquid. Don't worry, the ice will stick to the glass." A must-have for martini-lovers, as it features such exotic martini creations as Orange Creamsicle, Pink Panther panther, name commonly applied to the leopard, especially to a black leopard. It is also used locally to designate various other cats including the jaguar and the puma. , Truffilini, and much more.
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Author:Lane, Margaret
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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