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Marketing through public relations.

A good public relations agency operates as an adjunct to a client's internal marketing personnel. Our primary goal is to establish and maintain a positive public image for a client in a designated market and geographic area. This is accomplished through a carefully planned program that integrates public relations as a vital element within the full scope of marketing activities.

The program typically includes news releases, feature articles and by-lined stories presenting the author as an authority in his or her field as well as radio and television coverage of events. Our job is to determine subjects and place the stories. Since they appear as "editorial" copy, the client does not "buy" the space as in the case of a paid advertisement. At the same time, articles provide credibility for the client since readers generally give more credence to news stories than to ads.

Publicity article topics in the real estate industry might include new projects, the addition of personnel, lease announcements, building innovations, seminars to the public, and case studies of individual tenants.

What to Expect

Visibility in local media. An effective public relations campaign will produce numerous articles, both in the way of news briefs as well as longer profile and feature stories. The campaign should be designed to provide continuous ongoing coverage since the most effective results area achieved from continuous placements, reinforcing the message over and over again to readers.

Clients will also obtain a wealth of articles suitable for reprinting and use as part of a general promotional package.

How to Select an Agency

Since communication provides the foundation for a good public relations program, chemistry between client and agency is key. When interviewing an agency, a company should be sure that they are meeting the key person who will be handling their account.

As a smaller agency, our company does not utilize account representatives. Our commitment to service depends on the working relationship between the principals and clients; the talents of our writers, and our association with key press contacts who rely on us for new story ideas and input.

A public relations agency should provide a free consultation and proposal outlining the general objectives of the campaign, the target audience and how the goals will be achieved. This proposal should also explain the fee structure.

The Role of an Agency

Education is always a focal point of publicity activities. In addition to informing the public about a specific client, it is also the publicist's job to help the lay person understand a specific field or industry.

Planning, writing and placing articles accomplishes this objective. Additionally, our role also involves the planning and coordination of special events designed to educate the public concerning the specific field of interest. In addition to attracting new clientele, programs such as seminars, lectures, demonstrations and resource packages for the public also generate press interest.

How to Work with an Agency

Public relations requires ongoing communication between a client and the agency. Therefore, we recommend regular meetings to determine objectives and specific stories and activities designed to meet those goals. The meeting is followed with a written report, usually planning two months of activities.

Because of the ongoing nature of responsibilities involved in an effective public relations campaign, we recommend that a monthly retainer fee be established based on a specific proposal at the onset that outlines objectives, activities and responsibilities. Our fee covers all tasks connected with our activities including meetings, interviews, writing, distribution, postage, news clippings and messengers.

However, some agencies add-on to a retainer, and this should be clarified at the onset of services.

A good public relations agency generally develops an in-depth knowledge of a client's staff and services. Therefore, the agency may also become involved in other marketing activities including ad campaigns, brochures, printed materials and more.
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Title Annotation:Mid-Year Review & Forecast, Section IV; value of public relations in marketing of real estate
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Date:Jun 23, 1993
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