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Market of office machines.

With the expansion of the financial sector both banking and non banking financial sector, demand for office equipment and machines has increased. The type of office machines used widely by the banking sector in the country include:

* Clearing encoder A hardware device or software that assigns a code to represent data. See encode.

1. (algorithm, hardware) encoder - Any program, circuit or algorithm which encodes.

Example usages: "MPEG encoder", "NTSC encoder", "RealAudio encoder".

* Foreign exchange detecting machines

* Banknote strapping strap·ping  
Having a sturdy muscular physique; robust.

1. Straps considered as a group.

2. Material for making straps.
 and banding machines

All of the office machines are still imported. Therefore, the business players in this sector are mainly sole agents and distributors.

Clearing Encoder Machines

Clearing encoder machine or known as MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) The machine recognition of numeric data printed with magnetically charged ink. It is used on bank checks and deposit slips. MICR readers detect the characters and convert them into digital data.  (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (business, printer) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - (MICR) A character recognition system using special ink and characters which can be magnetised and read automatically. ) encoders are used widely by banks in Indonesia Indonesia (ĭn'dənē`zhə), officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2005 est. pop. 241,974,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago. . The tool is used in the process of checking when clearing is to be made. There are two brands of MICR popularly used in the banking sector. They are:

* MAVERICK Maverick

family name of two brothers, Bret and Bait; self-centered and untrustworthy gentlemen gamblers. [TV: Terrace, II, 80]

See : Gambling
 (made in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. )

* FUJI Fuji (f`jē), city (1990 pop. 222,490), Shizuoka prefecture, S central Honshu, Japan, on Suruga Bay.  (made in Japan)

MAVERICK is popular in the banking sector. It is used by both local and foreign banks. The distributor of the brand said it had an 80% share of the market of MICR in Indonesia. Currently there are two companies selling MAVERICK named as the authorized distributor PT Wahyu Anggada and PT Jessilindo Pratama.

Maverick has a number of types including MICR E13B Encoder d type M 570 and M 712. Maverics has a high speed and soft sound. There are also other types M 212 and M 425, but they are no longer found in the market.

The Fuji brand of MICR has 3 types in Indonesia FZ-1027. FZ 1181 and FZ 4103. The most compact type of encoder the FZ-1027 type with key board built-in built-in - (Or "primitive") A built-in function or operator is one provided by the lowest level of a language implementation. This usually means it is not possible (or efficient) to express it in the language itself.  with its main part. They key board of the other two types (FZ 1181 and FZ 4103) is separated from the display. The type of FZ 4103 is multi purpose check processing system functioning both as encoder and reader and could be combined (optional) with image scanner (1) See also antivirus program.

(2) An optical device that reads a printed page or transparency and converts it into a graphics image for the computer. The scanner does not recognize or differentiate in any manner the content of the material it is scanning.
 and sorter.

Foreign Exchange (Forex Forex

See: Foreign exchange
) Detectors

The machine is used to detect the genuineness of currencies. There are two types of foreign exchange detecting machines found on the domestic market--one specially for US dollar and another for various currencies (multi currency/universal). There is also foreign exchange detecting machines functioning as banknote counter A banknote counter (or bill counter) is a device designed primarily to accurately count a quantity of banknotes. Additionally, a banknote counter may sort banknotes into batches and check for damaged or counterfeit notes. .

There are 5 brands of foreign exchange detecting machines used by major banks in Indonesia. They are

* Dors (made in Russia Russia, officially the Russian Federation, Rus. Rossiya, republic (2005 est. pop. 143,420,000), 6,591,100 sq mi (17,070,949 sq km). )

* Cummins (made in the United States)

* Gunnebo (the Swedish brand but produced in Taiwan Taiwan (tī`wän`), Portuguese Formosa, officially Republic of China, island nation (2005 est. pop. 22,894,000), 13,885 sq mi (35,961 sq km), in the Pacific Ocean, separated from the mainland of S China by the 100-mi-wide (161-km) Taiwan )

* NCL NCL Norwegian Cruise Line
NCL New Caledonia (ISO Country code)
NCL National Consumers League (Washington, DC)
NCL Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (adult type) 
, (Taiwan product)

* Glory (Japanese product)

DORS of Russia is produced by SYSTEMA systema /sys·te·ma/ (sis-te´mah) [Gr.] system.

A complex of anatomical structures functionally related; a system.


[Gr.] system.
 LLC-Russia, with Indonesian agent PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara as an exclusive distributor. There are two types of it sold in Indonesia:

* DORS 200M1 specially for detection of US dollar

* DORS 1100+ 1010 that could detect all currencies equipped with infra [Latin, Below, under, beneath, underneath.] A term employed in legal writing to indicate that the matter designated will appear beneath or in the pages following the reference.

infra prep.
 red ink red ink Health administration A popular term for financial losses. Cf in the Black.  guard.

"GUNNEBO, Professional multi currency detector A currency detector is a device that determines if a piece of currency is, or is not, counterfeit. These devices are used in vending machines that accept payment and dispense a product to a customer. They are also used in change machines and in slot machines. " is a product of banking/financial machine marketed by PT Indolok Bakti Utama, as the distributor of Gunnebo in Indonesia. The types or models marketed in Indonesia are BD-502 that could detect US dollar, Euro, Yen and Rupiah ru·pi·ah  
n. pl. rupiah
See Table at currency.

[Hindi rupay, rupiy

CUMMINS, which is produced by CUMMINS ALLISON CORP, USA has four types in Indonesia:


In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the U.S. Dollar.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
 Jetscan model 4065i (specially for US$)

* USD Jetscan Model 4069 (Specially for US$)

* Universal JetCount model 4022i, for all currencies

* US JetCount model 4022, specially for US$

Apart from being a detector detector: see particle detector. , the type of JetCount has the function as money counting machine (banknote counter).

NCL, a brand from Taiwan with Indonesian agent PT Pacific Sembada, has a number of types found on the Indonesian market:

* NC-1100 US (specially to detect US dollar)

* NC-1100 M1(to detect US$, Euro and Yen)

These types are portable.

NCL also has the types that also have a number of functions such as the type of DBC-3. This machine especially for US dollar could detect and count US Dollar. It has high level of security especially in detecting counterfeited money "Super Dollar'. It is designed with form that is easily operated. It has been granted certificate of fit for use from a number of agencies or banks in the world such as Deutsche Bank, Central Bank of Russian Federation, Moscow central Bureau, Bank of China, and the Indonesian Police Headquarters.

GLORY is a Japanese product with Indonesian agent CV Murni. Glory has been known more as a brand of money counting machine. The types of Glory marketed in Indonesia are:

* GLORY GFR-200/220(Multy Currencies)

* GLORY 230 (US$)

Willer is a Chinese product of foreign exchange detector. It is marketed in the country by PT Wahyu Anggada as the sole agent with a local brand of PWA PWA
1. person with AIDS

2. Public Works Administration
. The type of Willer marketed in Indonesia is PWA WL-888 as Multi-Currencies Detector.

Some of the brands including Dors and NCL have been granted testing certificates from the Indonesian Police Headquarters. Suppliers of the equipment said the certificate from the Police is not required.

Profiles of foreign exchange detecting machines:

Banknote strapping/banding machines

Not all bank branches use banknote strapping and banding machines. There is tendency of manually in banding banknotes. Only big bank branches use strapping/banding machines.

There are at least 5 brands of banknote strapping/banding machines found in Indonesian market. The brands are:

* TAY CHIAN, from Taiwan

* NCL from Taiwan

* GUNNEBO, Swedish brand produced in Taiwan

* YULIM from South Korea

* FELLIN, strapping machine from the United States

* CANNY can·ny  
adj. can·ni·er, can·ni·est
1. Careful and shrewd, especially where one's own interests are concerned.

2. Cautious in spending money; frugal.

3. Scots
 banding machine from the United States.

The technology used in the production of the brands and their features are almost the same. Gunnebo (BA 404) and Tay Chian (TC 320) are almost the same in appearance. The difference is generally in size and weight.

Profiles of Banknote Strapping/Banding Machines:

Supplier of Office Machines

There are 7 suppliers of office machines dominating the market in Jakarta and Indonesia

Use of Office Machines by Major Banks

There are two brands of clearing encoder widely used by major banks FUJI from Japan, MAVERICK from the United States. The types of FUJI used most is M 1027, and the types of Maverick more popular are M570 and M 712.

The foreign exchange detectors used most by major banks are DORS and CUMMINS There is also a new comer com·er  
1. One that arrives or comes: free food for all comers.

2. One showing promise of attaining success: a political comer.

Noun 1.
 in the market the brand of VSCAN VSCAN Vesta Advanced Supply Chain Management  from the United States.

Banknote strapping/banding machines used most by banks are Tay Chian of the TC 320 model. There is also banding machine brand of Gunnebo used by BNI BNI Business Network International
BNI Business Networking International
BNI Bank Negara Indonesia
BNI Bechtel National, Inc.
BNI British Nursing Index
BNI Barrow Neurological Institute (Phoenix, AZ) 
. A survey showed that fewer banks use banknote strapping machines.

Profiles of MICR Encoders

Brands        Countries   Principal       Special        Encoding
              of origin                   features       speed

1. FUJI       Japan       Fuji System     Manual drop    45
                          Machines        MICR Encoder

              Japan       Fuji System     High speed     70
                          Machines        MICR encoder

              Japan       Fuji System     MICR Reader    50-150
                          Machines        Encoder

2. MAVERICK   USA         Maverick        Manual drop    57
                          International   MICR encoder

              USA         Maverick        Manual drop    60

Brands        Countries   Hoper       Keyboard/
              of origin   capacity    Display

1. FUJI       Japan       Not         Built in

              Japan       500         Separate, 39
                          documents   keys & LCD
                                      40 characters
                                      x 2

              Japan       2 stacker   Separate, 39
                          @ 500       keys & LCD
                          documents   40 characters
                                      x 2 lines

2. MAVERICK   USA         Not         Built in

              USA         Not         Separate, 39
                          available   keys & 45
                                      function of
                                      key that could
                                      be programmed/
                                      cool blue 16
                                      characters x
                                      2 lines

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Profiles of Forex Detecting Machines

Brands       Countries   Principals   Special features
             of origin

1. DORS      RUSIA       SYSTEMA      * Infra red
                         LLC            Zoom camera to
                                        detect micro

             RUSIA       SYSTEMA      * Spectral analysis
                         LLC            sensor
                                      * Image sensor
                                      * Optical Sensor
                                      * Magnetic sensor
                                      * Infrared Sensor

2. CUMMINS   USA         CUMMINS      * Magnetic ink sensor
                         ALLISON      * Fluorescence
                         CORP           sensors
                                      * Enhanced UV
                                      * Image sensors
                                      * Count mixed notes
                                      * Sorts mixed notes

             USA         CUMMINS      * Magnetic ink sensor
                         ALLISON      * Fluorescence
                         CORP           sensors
                                      * Image sensor
                                      * Enhanced UV
                                      * Enhanced magnetic
                                      * Infra red
                                      * Count mixed notes
                                      * Sorts mixed notes

             U.S.A.      CUMMINS      * Banknote counter
                         ALLISON        detector
                         CORP         * Magnetic ink sensor
                                      * Fluorescence
                                      * UV sensors

             USA         CUMMINS      * Banknote counter &
                         ALLISON        detector
                         CORP         * Magnetic ink sensor
                                      * Fluorescence
                                      * UV sensors

3. GUNNEBO               GUNNEBO      Fluorescence,
                                      Penetration, Infrared
                                      ray, Digital, Spectrum

5. GLORY     JAPAN       GLORY        * Magnetic ink sensor
                                      * Fluorescence
                                      * Image sensor
                                      * Enhanced UV
                                      * Enhanced magnetic
                                      * sensors
                                      * Infra red
                                      * Count mixed notes
                                      * Sorts mixed notes
                                      * Nonstop Continues

6. NCL       TAIWAN      NCL          * Portable
                                      * Auto-feeder

7. PWA       CHINA       WILLER       * Could detect US$,
                                        Euro, Can. $. Pound
                                        sterling, Yen, $HK,
                                      * Magnetic detecting,
                                        UV, IR and security
                                        line detector

Brands       Countries   Monitor         Speed
             of origin

1. DORS      RUSIA       Color
             RUSIA       Digital         75 pieces
                         LCD color       /minute

2. CUMMINS   USA         Bright          3 Speed
                         LED             options 600-
                         Display         1500. Hope
                                         cap. 300
                                         Stacker cap:
                                         150 pcs

             USA         Bright          3 Speed
                         LED             options
                         Display         600-1500
                                         Hoper cap.
                                         700 pieces
                                         Stacker cap.:
                                         150 pcs

             U.S.A.      Bright          3 Speed
                         LED             options 600-
                         Display         1500, Hoper
                                         cap. 500
                                         Stacker cap.:
                                         150 pcs.

             USA         Bright          3 Speed
                         LED             options 600-
                         Display         1500
                                         Hoper cap. 500
                                         pieces. Stacker
                                         cap.: 150 pcs.

3. GUNNEBO               4 digital LED   90 pcs./

5. GLORY     JAPAN       Large LCD       900-1000pcs.

6. NCL       TAIWAN                      250

7. PWA       CHINA       LCD             100
                         3 digit for     pcs./minute
                         number of
                         5 digit for

Source: Data Consult


Profiles of Banknote Strapping/Banding Machines

Brands     Countries   Types    Main features          Operation
           of origin

GUNNEBO    TAIWAN      BB-402   Automatic banding      Heating &
                                machines with LED      pressing
                                display.               sticking

GUNNEBO    TAIWAN      BB-404   Strapping machine      Heat
                                Could be used for      pressure
                                small goods,
                                banknotes ,
                                voucher, etc.

TAYCHIAN   TAIWAN      TC-320   Banknote strapping     Heat
                                machine for low to     pressure
                                medium working

CANNY      USA         AF-      Full automatic         Heat Seal
                       3000     banding machine

FELINS     USA         LOOP     Strapping machine,     Heatless
                       PLUS     portable, automatic    seal formed
                                tension, micro-        by friction

NCL        TAIWAN      NCL-     Banknote strapping     heat sealed
                       202      machine, micro-
                                processor controlled

Brands     Speed           Tape

GUNNEBO    2 second/       Paper tape
           bundle          for: 30 mm

GUNNEBO    2 sec./         PP tape
           strapping       6mm-

TAYCHIAN   2               PP tape
           sec/strapping   6-12 mm

CANNY      1,3 second/     Size of
           bundle          Tape
                           30mm (l) x
                           150 m (p)

FELINS     20

NCL        10 sec./        Measure of
           strapping       Tape
                           30mm (l) x
                           180 m (p)

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Supplier of office machines

Name of suppliers         Clearing   Forex      Strapping/
                          encoders   detector   banding machine

PT. Murni Solusindo       Fuji       DORS       TAY CHIAN

PT. Indolok Bakti Utama              GUNNEBO    GUNNEBO

PT. Charade Indonesia                CUMMINS,

PT. Jessilindo Prima      MAVERICK   TAY CHIAN  YB, TAY CHIAN

PT. Wahyu Anggada         MAVERIC    PWA        YULIM

PT. Asia Pacifik                     NCL        FELLINS

CV. Murni                            GLORY      YULIM DETTE

Source: Data Consult


Use of office machines by banks

Bank             Clearing      Forex           Strapping/
                 Encoders      Detector        banding machines

Mandiri          MAVERICK      DORS, NCL       TAY CHIAN, CANNY,


BCA              FUJI,                         FELINS
                 MAVERICK      HUNTER

Danamon          FUJI          DORS            TAY CHIAN

ANZ              MAVERICK      GLORY

Standard         FUJI,         DORS, CUMMINS   TAY CHIAN
Chartered Bank   MAVERICK

Bank of China    FUJI          unavailable     Unavailable

BTN              FUJI          Unavailable     unavailable

Citibank         MAVERICK      unavailable     unavailable

HSBC             MAVERICK      unavailable     unavailable

Bank of Tokyo    unavailable   GLORRY          unavailable

Source: Data Consult
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