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Market of non-firefroof office metal furnishings.


Non-fireproof metal furnishings furnishings

the extra type or quantity of hair on the head, tail, ears or legs, specified for a particular breed. For example, the feathers in setters, the beard in Bearded collies, the eyebrows in Schnauzers.
 for office use such as filing cabinets, cupboards, and mobile files are growing in demand with the expansion of the economy and the business sector.

The markets of metal furnishings include institutional and retail markets. Big producers of the furnishings such as Bostinco and Datascrip are more interested in targeting institutional market, but Lion, Elite and a number of other brands focus more on retail market. Normally institutional market demands higher quality.

Metal furnishings include non-fireproof furnishings such as ordinary filing cabinets, stallenkas (office cupboard) and mobile files (Roll O Pack) and fireproof fire·proof  
Impervious or resistant to damage by fire.

tr.v. fire·proofed, fire·proof·ing, fire·proofs
To make fireproof.

Verb 1.
 furnishings such as safes, fireproof filing cabinets, vault vault, ceiling over a room, formed in any one of a variety of curved shapes. Nature of Vaults

A vault is generally composed of separate units of material, such as bricks, tiles, or blocks of stone, so shaped or cut that when assembled they form a
 doors and deposit safes. The grouping is based on process of production and technical specifications.

There are quite many or more than 13 brands of non-fireproof metal furnishings found on the domestic market. However, only six of them are categorized cat·e·go·rize  
tr.v. cat·e·go·rized, cat·e·go·riz·ing, cat·e·go·riz·es
To put into a category or categories; classify.

 as major brands in production including Bostinco, Lion, Chubbsafes (Komodo), Elite, Acroe and Datascrip (PT Matahari
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 Alka). Other brands are products of small producers or imported.

Other than Chubbsafes Indonesia Indonesia (ĭn'dənē`zhə), officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2005 est. pop. 241,974,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago.  and Lion, the producers of the other four brands--Acroe, Elite, Bostinco and Datascrip--have no fireproof products like safes, fireproof filing cabinets and vault doors. Mosler
This article concerns an American auto company. For the now-defunct manufacturer of safes and bank vaults, see Mosler Safe Company.
Mosler Automotive
 and Cassa specialize spe·cial·ize
1. To limit one's profession to a particular specialty or subject area for study, research, or treatment.

2. To adapt to a particular function or environment.
 themselves in the production of fireproof furnishings including safes, vault doors and fireproof filing cabinets and they do not sell non-fireproof metal furnishings such as ordinary filing cabinets and office cabinets.

Major Brands of non-fireproof metal furnishings

Metal furnishings Bostinco has been known in the market for the past 50 years. It is known as the brand of high quality metal office equipment. Unlike many other producers, the producer of Bostinco produces only 1 grade of product. The market target of Bostinco is B to B (Business to Business).

The producer of Chubbsafes, a major brand of fireproof safes or office equipment also produces other metal furnishings like filing cabinets, stallenkas and mobile file.

Lion has also found in the market for the past 30 years. The products of Lion include various office equipment like filing cabinet, stallenkas, office desk, mobile file, racking rack 1  
a. A framework or stand in or on which to hold, hang, or display various articles: a trophy rack; a rack for baseball bats in the dugout; a drying rack for laundry.
 system, safes, fireproof filing cabinets, office workstation, multi-file system, etc. Lion consists of two grades 2-standard and economic. The difference lies in the thickness thickness (thik´nes) a measurement across the smallest dimension of an object.

triceps skinfold (TSF) thickness
 of their steel plates below 7 mm and above 0.7 mm. Marketing of Lion products is mainly (60%) through distributors, the rest directly to users.

Elite has also quite popular in the market of metal furnishings. Elite products are available in various types in thickness of metal furnishings. Its standard thickness however, is 0.7 mm.

Acroe Atmipro products of metal furnishings produced by ATMI ATMI American Textile Manufacturers Institute
ATMI Association for Technology in Music Instruction
ATMI Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.
ATMI Application-to-Transaction Manager Interface
ATMI According to My Information
ATMI Atm Interface Unit
 Surakarta Surakarta or Soerakarta (both: sräkär`ta), city (1990 pop. 503,827), on central Java, Indonesia, on the Solo River.  (Akademi Teknik Mesin Industri) under the Foundation of Karya Karya may refer to places in Greece:
  • Karya, Larissa, a community in Larissa prefecture
  • Karya, Lefkada, a municipality in Lefkada prefecture
 Bakti have high technical specifications for both the materials and process of production using modern machines. Most of its machines are imported from Germany Germany (jûr`mənē), Ger. Deutschland, officially Federal Republic of Germany, republic (2005 est. pop. 82,431,000), 137,699 sq mi (356,733 sq km).  and other European countries.

Specifications of non-fireproof metal furnishings

Basically, production of non-fireproof metal furnishings like filing cabinets, stallenkas and mobile file, through a simple process begins with cutting, bending, punching/drilling, cast, painting and assembling and installation (particularly for mobile file).

The quality of products depend on the materials used (thickness of steel plates) types of rails used, precision in the process of cutting, bending, punching, etc. Other important factors in the process of production are painting system. Good painting system produces protects the furnishings from rust, pressure and scrapping.

Painting system of epoxy epoxy

Any of a class of thermosetting polymers, polyethers built up from monomers with an ether group that takes the form of a three-membered epoxide ring. The familiar two-part epoxy adhesives consist of a resin with epoxide rings at the ends of its molecules and a curing
 polyester polyester, synthetic fiber, produced by the polymerization of the product formed when an alcohol and organic acid react. The outstanding characteristic of polyesters is their ability to resist wrinkling and to spring back into shape when creased.  powder coating Powder coating is a type of dry coating, which is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension  in PT Bostinco is one of the superiorities of the products of Bostinco as the result of the painting is homogenous homogenous - homogeneous  as resistant to scrapping and pressure. Painting is preceded with anti rust pretreatment pretreatment,
n the protocols required before beginning therapy, usually of a diagnostic nature; before treatment.

pretreatment estimate,
n See predetermination.
 in five phases degreasing, rinsing, treatment with phosphate phosphate, salt or ester of phosphoric acid, H3PO4. Because phosphoric acid is tribasic (having three replaceable hydrogen atoms), it forms monophosphate, diphosphate, and triphosphate salts in which one, two, or three of the hydrogens of the , rinsing, demineralization demineralization /de·min·er·al·iza·tion/ (de-min?er-al-i-za´shun) excessive elimination of mineral or organic salts from tissues of the body.


Producers and distributor

Companies operating in metal furnishings industry generally produce ordinary filing cabinets (non-fireproof), stallen kas and mobile file. Some of them produce fireproof metal furnishings like safes, fireproof filing cabinets, deposit safes or vault doors.

PT Chubbsafes Indonesia with sole agent PT Indolok Bakti Utama produces the post complete sets of metal furnishing products--from filing cabinets, office cabinets, mobile file, safes, and fireproof filing cabinets to vault doors.

PT Bostinco, PT Elite Permai Metal Works and PT Acroe Indonesia (ATMI Surakarta) specially produce steel storage systems. The three company do not produce fireproof filing cabinets, safes and vault doors.

PT Lion Metal Works, one of major producers of metal office equipment, produces ordinary filing cabinets as well as fireproof filing cabinets and safes in limited variations. This company does not produce vault doors and deposit safes.

PT Tjakrindo Mas in Surabaya Surabaya, Surabaja, or Soerabaja (srəbī`ə, Du. s  and PT Matahari Alka with sole agent of PT Datascrip in Jakarta Jakarta or Djakarta (both: jəkär`tə, jäkär`tä), city and special district (1990 pop. 8,227,746), capital and largest city of Indonesia, NW Java, at the mouth of the canalized Ciliwung River, on Jakarta , produce office wooden, plastic and steel furnishings. The two companies have production units for "sheet metal line", wood panel line and plastic line.

PT Tjakrindo in the past three years began to develop fireproof products in the form of steel cabinets with high security system.

Profiles of suppliers

Among seven suppliers of non-fireproof metal furnishings, 3 are trading companies as a sole agents for the products of affiliates. PT Indolok Bakti Utama, for example, is a sole agent for the products of PT Chubbsafes Indonesia, a local unit of the Swedish based multinational company Gunnebo Group.

PT Acroe Indonesia is a sole agent for the product of Acroe-Atmipro for office furnishings and is a business wing of Bakti Karya Foundation which owns the Surakarta Industrial Machine Technique Academy (ATMI).

In the beginning ATMI was financed by a Swiss agency, but later it grew to become self supporting. The ATMI factory stands over a 3.5 hectare hectare (hĕk`târ, –tär), abbr. ha, unit of area in the metric system, equal to 10,000 sq m, or about 2.47 acres.  plot of land with modern machines highly computerized. Most of its machines are from Europe Europe (yr`əp), 6th largest continent, c.4,000,000 sq mi (10,360,000 sq km) including adjacent islands (1992 est. pop. 512,000,000).  and a small part from China. The production machines include punching machine a machine tool for punching holes in metal or other material; - called also punch press ltname>.

See also: Punch
 (Agostino Agostino may refer to:
  • Agostino Carracci, Italian painter and graphical artist;
  • Agostino Agazzari, Italian composer;
  • Agostino Steffani, Italian diplomat and composer;
), bending machines (Megobal), welding welding, process for joining separate pieces of metal in a continuous metallic bond. Cold-pressure welding is accomplished by the application of high pressure at room temperature; forge welding (forging) is done by means of hammering, with the addition of heat.  machines, etc.

PT Datascrip which is the sole agent for PT Matahari Alka, which is its affiliate, is a trading company with products including office furnishings, office furniture, office machines, camera, etc. PT Datascrip has branches in 7 large cities in Indonesia This is a list of cities in Indonesia, by major island or region: Java and Bali

  • Ambarawa
  • Bandung
  • Banjarnegara
  • Banyumas
  • Banyuwangi
  • Bekasi
  • Bogor
  • Brebes
  • Cianjur
  • Ciamis
  • Cilacap
  • Cilegon
  • Cinere
  • Cirebon

Companies which deal mainly with projects instead of retailers or distributors, normally have many branches. Fore example, PT Indolok Bakti Utama has branches in 20 cities, PT Bostinco in 6 cities. PT Lion Metal Works and PT Elite Permai which sell their products through agents/distributor, have no many branches. PT Elite does not even have branch.

All producers of metal furnishings have been in operation for more than 20 years excepting PT Acroe Indonesia, which has operated only for 16 years. PT Bostinco is the oldest in operation since 1952. PT Indolok Bakti Utama, PT Lion Metal Works and PT Elite Permai Metal Works have been in operation for more than 30 years.

In Surabaya, a major producer of metal furnishings PT Tjakrindo Mas produces various types of products such as office equipment, office furniture, hospital furnishing, electric panels, PVC PVC: see polyvinyl chloride.
 in full polyvinyl chloride

Synthetic resin, an organic polymer made by treating vinyl chloride monomers with a peroxide.
 pipe, etc. The company has more than 2,000 workers in its production units including 300 in its office metal furnishing division.

PT Tjakrindo Mas is a producer of filing cabinets and stallen kas with the brand of Brother and VIP for middle to lower market segment. Its production capacity is 10,000 units per year for ordinary filing cabinets and 500 units per month for safes. Around 40% of its production is exported. In the past two years PT Tjakrindo through its subsidiary PT Briliant Lancar Jaya Jaya (born Maria Luisa Ramsey on March 21, 1970, in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino pop singer with African American ancestry. Biography
She is known in the Philippines as the Queen of Soul.
 produced metal furnishings for higher market segment with the brand of BRILLIANT.

Scale of Companies

Most recommended producers of metal furnishings have 400-700 workers each. PT Acroe, which is a sales agent, has only 20 workers, but its factory (ATMI) employs around 500 workers.

PT Indolok Bakti Utama, a trading company has almost 500 workers mostly in the sales department both in the head office and in branch offices including technicians who offers after sales service.

The production capacity of the companies based on their consumption of steel plates range from 600 to 1,600 tons (Transparent Optical Networking Services) A marketing term for providing dark fiber to a customer. The customer is responsible for generating the transmission signal and interpreting it at the other end. See dark fiber.  per year. The capacity is not only for metal furnishings such as filing cabinet, mobile file and office cabinet, but also other furnishings such as steel racking (for warehouse), cable tray A cable tray system, according to the US National Electrical Code, is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways." Cable trays are used to hold up and distribute cables.  (of PT Lion Metal Works), work station etc. PT Elite Permai Metal Works also produces gas cylinders on request of Pertamina PERTAMINA Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi Negara , and PT Tjakrindo Mas in Surabaya produces hospital furnishing and electric panels.

The turnover of the suppliers of metal furnishings ranges from Rp 9 billion to Rp 15 billion a month, excepting PT Acroe Indonesia which has a turnover of only around Rp 600 million per month. The turnover, however, includes sales turnover of other metal equipment like steel racking, work station, cable tray, etc. PT Indolok Bakti Utama has income mainly from the sales of fireproof products like safes, vault doors, safety deposit, fire extinguisher fire extinguisher: see fire fighting.  etc. The income of PT Acroe Indonesia, all come from the sales of metal office equipment including filing cabinets, cupboards, lockers, etc.


Most producers of metal furnishings are domestic market oriented o·ri·ent  
1. Orient The countries of Asia, especially of eastern Asia.

a. The luster characteristic of a pearl of high quality.

b. A pearl having exceptional luster.

. Among the producers already exported part of their production include PT Lion Metal Works, PT Bostinco, PT Elite Permai, PT Tjakrindo Mas and PT Indolok

PT Bostinco and PT Indolok Bakti Utama (Chubbsafes) more than other producers sell their products directly mainly to institutional buyers. Metal furnishings are produced by PT Bostinco mostly on requests

PT Lion Metal Works, PT Elite Permai and PT Tjakrindo Mas distribute their products mainly to retail companies. The three companies rely more on distributors and retailer rather than on branches in expanding their sales. PT Lion Metal Work does not have a branch.

After Sales Service

After sales services in the form of guarantee or repair in case of any damage, are important to determine success in sales of metal furnishings. Big producer offer after sales services as follows:

* Guarantee

Normally for 1 year and afterward af·ter·ward   also af·ter·wards
At a later time; subsequently.

Adv. 1. afterward - happening at a time subsequent to a reference time; "he apologized subsequently"; "he's going to the store but he'll be back here
 contract is offered for maintenance or repair service which is available any time needed.

* Service/repairs (maintenance contract)

Indolok (Chubbsafe) has 131 technicians in 20 branches for maintenance service.

* Customer service (response time to complaint)

Those based in Jakarta all offer to respond to any call for maintenance within a day.

PT. INDOLOK BAKTI UTAMA has Corrective and Preventive Action Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) is a concept within Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). CAPA focuses on the systematic investigation of discrepancies (failures and/or deviations) in an attempt to prevent their reoccurrence.  for any complaints from customers. It has Hotline Communications Hotline Communications Limited (HCL) was a software company founded in 1997, based in Toronto, Canada, with employees also in the United States and Australia. Hotline Communications' main activity was the publishing and distribution of a multi-purpose client/server communication  Facility in the form of facsimile, e-mail, telephone working round the clock.

Characteristics of Users

Brands of products being used

There are at least 14 brands of ordinary metal furnishings (non-fireproof) used by major banks both state and private banks in the country.

A survey shows:

* Brands of ordinary filing cabinets vary widely from those categorized in a classification such as Bostinco, Datascrip, to lower class such as Lion and Elite.

* Lion brand of filing cabinets has widest market coverage. The survey shows that Lion is used by 70% bank offices surveyed.

* Ordinary filing cabinet product of Bostinco is quite dominant in big banks in Jakarta, but this brand was not known in Semarang Semarang (səmä`räng), city (1990 pop. 1,249,230), capital of Central Java prov., N Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea and at the mouth of the Semarang River. An important port, it is one of the major commercial centers of Java. , Medan, Surabaya, Banjarmasin Banjarmasin or Bandjarmasin (both: bän'jərmä`sĭn), city (1990 pop. 481,371), capital of Kalimantan Seletan prov.  and Makasar Makasar: see Ujung Pandang, Indonesia. . Like Bostinco, filing cabinets of Chubbsafes are widely used by big banks in Jakarta, but almost none of banks in the region use that brand with only BNI BNI Business Network International
BNI Business Networking International
BNI Bank Negara Indonesia
BNI Bechtel National, Inc.
BNI British Nursing Index
BNI Barrow Neurological Institute (Phoenix, AZ) 
 of Medan branch uses the brands.

* Ordinary filing cabinets of Datascrip have good reputation in quality in the eastern part of the country, but the price is quite expensive. Lion, however, is used more as additional filing cabinet.

* There are also local brands like Mustang mustang [Sp. mesteño=a stray], small feral horse of the W United States. Mustangs are descended from escaped Native American horses, which in turn were descended from horses of North African blood, brought to the New World by the Spanish c.1500.  and Mitsui Mitsui: see zaibatsu.  in Medan, Lu-Fo in Semarang. In eastern part of the country including Surabaya, Banjarmasin and Makasar, Brother and Super VIP are quite popular among banks with prices much cheaper than those of Lion and Datascrip

* The brand of Bostinco is most popular for mobile file (Roll O Pack) and is used widely both in Jakarta and in the regions. Datascrip, Lion and Mosler are not very popular. Not all banks have mobile file.

There are few brands of mobile file (Roll O pack) used by banks. The most popular is Bostinco, followed by Datascrip.

Criteria criteria (krītēr´ē),
 of products selected

Criteria set by banks in selecting metal furnishings are as follows.

* Almost all branches of big banks put quality at the top of the criteria to select metal furnishings, with only CIMB CIMB Commerce International Merchant Bankers Berhad
CIMB Current Issues in Molecular Biology (periodical)
CIMB Corporate Information Management Branch (British Columbia, Canada) 
 Niaga and BII BII Bank Internasional Indonesia
BII British Institute of Innkeepers
BII Bioindustry Initiative (US Department of State)
BII Bronco II (Ford truck; predecessor of the Explorer)
BII Basic Issue Item
 put quality second below prices.

* Price is the second factor although BCA placed price the fourth after quality, service, and brand.

* After sales service is also an important factor especially for safes, vault doors, and other fireproof metal furnishings. After sales services include for lost keys, code being forgotten and for other emergency.

Number of brands and medium and large suppliers of metal furnishings

Types of goods                 Number     Producers/    Medium
                              of brands   Suppliers

Filing cabinets 2-4 drawers      13            7          6
Stallenkas                       13            7          6
Mobile file                       8            5          3
Fireproof filing cabinets         9            6          3
(2 &4 ) drawers
Safes                             9            5          4
Vault doors                       5            5          0
Deposit Safe                      5            5          0

Source: Data Consult


Major brands of metal furnishings and types of products

Brands              FC 2 & 4   Stallenkas   Mobile    Fireproof
                                            File       FC 2 &4

Bostinco            [check]     [check]     [check]
Chubbsafes          [check]     [check]     [check]    [check]
Lion                [check]     [check]     [check]    [check]
Acroe Atmipro       [check]     [check]     [check]
Brilliant/Brother   [check]     [check]
Elite               [check]     [check]
Datascrip           [check]     [check]     [check]    [check]
Mosler                                                 [check]
Cassa                                                  [check]
Sargent safe                                           [check]

Brands               Safes     Vault    Deposit
                               doors    safes

Chubbsafes          [check]   [check]   [check]
Acroe Atmipro
Brilliant/Brother   [check]   [check]
Mosler              [check]   [check]   [check]
Cassa               [check]   [check]   [check]
Sargent safe        [check]   [check]   [check]
Solingen            [check]   [check]   [check]

Source: Field survey


Specification of non-fireproof metal furnishings

Specifications            Filing cabinet       Filing cabinet
                          2 drawers            4 drawers


Height (mm)               680-740              1272-1337
Width (mm)                455-485              455-485

Depth (mm)                620-675              620-675
Materials                 JIS-G-3141-SPCC      JIS-G-3141-
Thickness of body plate   0.7-1.2 mm           0.7-1.2 mm
Thickness of frame        0.9-1.2 mm           0.9-1.2 mm
plate, foundation
Drawers                   Withdrawn 88-100%    Withdrawn 88-
Capacity of               35-80 kg             35-80 kg
Rail                      Telescopic with      Telescopic with
                          metal ball cushion   metal ball
Key                       Central              Central

Paint                     Powder coating       Powder coating


Specifications            Stalen kas        Mobile file


Height (mm)               1825-1840         1860-2200
Width (mm)                880-1000          400(single),
Depth (mm)                457-500           1000-5000
Materials                 JIS-G-3141-       JIS-G-3141-
                          SPCC              SPCC
Thickness of body plate   0.7-1.2 mm        0.7-1.2 mm
Thickness of frame        0.9-1.5 mm        1.2-2.3 mm
plate, foundation

Capacity of               50-100 kg         40-150 kg

Key                       Key on three      Central
Paint                     Powder            Powder coating
Door                      Swing door,
                          hinge invisible

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Profiles of suppliers of non-fireproof metal furnishings

Suppliers             PT Indolok        PT Lion Metal
                      Bakti Utama       Works Tbk

Location of head                        East
office                Central Jakarta   Jakarta

Width of office       4,700 m           With
                      (including        factory

Location of factory   PT Chubbsafes     Cakung,
                      Indonesia (MM     East
                      2100 Industrial   Jakarta

Width of factory      15,740            37,000
                      (land &           sq.m.
                      building)         19,814

Number of             20                1
branches total                          (Agent 24)
Java                  6                 1
Outside Java          14

Start-up              1973              1972

Ownership             National          PMA
Line of business      Sole agent,       Producer
Type of product

Ordinary filing       Chubbsafes        Lion
cabinet 2 & 4         (Comodo)

Office cabinets       Chubbsafes        Lion
(stalenkat)           (Reptil)

Mobile file           Chubbsafes
                      (Secure)          Lion

Other                 Fire              Works
                      Extinguisher,     station,
                      Security          chair
                      products          warehouse
Foreign Principal     GUNNEBO,

Supply/prod.                            1600 tons
capacity /month *

Workers total         458               470

Salesmen              180               14

Production            131               450

Suppliers             PT Bostinco       PT Acroe
                                        Indonesia (TMI)

Location of head      Cileungsi,        Jakarta
office                Bogor

Width of office       sq.m. (with

Location of factory   Cileungsi,        ATMI, Solo

Width of factory      90,000            35,000
                      SQ.M.             (land &
                      (land &           buildings)

Number of             6                 3
branches total
Java                  4                 3
Outside Java          2

Start-up              1952              1992

Ownership             National          National
Line of business      Producer          Sole agent

Type of product

Ordinary filing       Bostinco          Acroe Atmipro
cabinet 2 & 4

Office cabinets       Bostinco          Acroe
(stalenkat)                             Atmipro

Mobile file           Bostinco Roll O   Acroe
                      Pact              Atmipro

Other                 Shopfitting,      hospital,
                      fire door         workshop

Foreign Principal

Supply/prod.          600-900 tons      600 tons ( cap
capacity /month *                       ATMI)

Workers total         700               20 (500 ATMI)

Salesmen              20                5

Production            500               2

Suppliers             PT Elite Permai   PT Data Scrip
                      Metal Works Ltd

Location of head      North Jakarta     Jakarta
office                                  1700 sq.m.

Width of office       2,000 sq.m.

Location of factory   North Jakarta     Cikarang
                                        Matahari Alka)

Width of factory      100,000 sq.m.     62000 SQ.M.
                      (Buildings        (land &
                      15000 sq.m.)      buildings)

Number of                               7
branches total
Java                                    1
Outside Java                            6

Start-up              1976              1979

Ownership             National          National
Line of business      Produce           Importer/
                                        sole agent

Type of product

Ordinary filing       Elite             Datascrip
cabinet 2 & 4

Office cabinets       Elite             Datascrip

Mobile file

Other                 Gas cylinder,
                      chair work
Foreign Principal

Supply/prod.          1500 ton
capacity /month *

Workers total         406               700 in

Salesmen              55                9
                                        for filing
Production            330               12 for FC

Suppliers             PT Tjakrindo

Location of head      Surabaya
office                300 sq.m.

Width of office

Location of factory   Surabaya

Width of factory      110500 SQ.M.
                      (9000 sq.m. of

Number of             Agent ::21
branches total
Java                  14
Outside Java          7

Start-up              1984

Ownership             National
Line of business      Producer

Type of product

Ordinary filing       Brother, Daito,
cabinet 2 & 4         Brilliant

Office cabinets       Brother, Daito

Mobile file           Brilliant

Other                 Hospital
                      electricity ,
Foreign Principal     fireproof

Supply/prod.          FC 10,000 /
capacity /month *     month Safes

Workers total         2000 (300 of



Source: Data Consult/ICN


Scale of producers/suppliers of metal furnishings

Description              PT Indolok    PT Lion       PT Bostinco
                         Bakti Utama   Metal Works

Supply/ prod. capacity                        1600       600-900
/month *                                      tons          tons

Workers total               458                470           700
Salesmen                    180                 14            20
Production workers          131                450           500
Monthly turnover *       14,000             15,000         9,000
(Rp million)

Description              PT Acroe                 PT Elite Permai
                         Indonesia (ATMI)         Metal Works

Supply/ prod. capacity   600 ton
/month *                 (cap ATMI)               1500 tons
Workers total            (500 ATMI)                 406
Salesmen                 5                           55
Production workers       2                          330
Monthly turnover *       600 (office equipment)   6,000
(Rp million)

Description              PT Tjakrindo

Supply/ prod. capacity   10,000
/month *                 FC/month
Workers total            (300) **)
Production workers
Monthly turnover *       21,000
(Rp million)

*) All types of product

**) Only office equipment division

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Marketing of metal furnishings from suppliers

Description             PT Indolok      PT Lion Metal
                        Bakti Utama     Works

Trend of sales          Up 10%/year     Up 20% in 2007
Marketing orientation

Local (%)               30% all over    85% mainly in
                        Indonesia       Java & Sumatra
                                        (60% via

Exports (%)             70% Europe,     15% to Malaysia ,
                        Asia, Africa,   Middle East,
                        Australia       Singapore

Bank customers          95              4

State banks             5               2
BPD                     19
Indon private banks     36              1
Foreign bank            10              1
Other banks (BPR)       25

Description              PT Bostinco    PT Acroe

Trend of sales          Up  10/15% /    10-20%/ year
Marketing orientation   year

Local (%)               80% all over    Local 100%
                          Indonesia     through agents
                                        or distributors

Exports (%)             20% German,
                        Jepang, Spore

Bank customers          14              Sales to
                                        through an
State banks             5
Indon private banks     6
Foreign bank            3
Other banks (BPR)

Description             PT Elite Permai
                          Metal Works

Trend of sales          Up 10%-15%/year
Marketing orientation

Local (%)                 Local 95 %

Exports (%)              Export - 5 %

Bank customers                 8

State banks                    3
Indon private banks            4
Foreign bank                   1
Other banks (BPR)

Source: Data Consult/ICN


After sales services

Description           PT Indolok Bakti Utama      PT Lion Metal Works

Guarantee             1 year, ASS no time limit   Flexible Flexible
Networks of           Coverage all                Via Dealer/
service point         over Indonesia              distributor
Java-Bali             6                           14
Sumatra               7                           8
Kalimantan            3                           0
Sulawesi              2                           2
Other eastern Indon   2
Response time to      1x24 hours                  2 x 24 hours
any complaint

Description           PT Bostinco      PT Acroe Indonesia

Guarantee             1 year           1 year
Networks of           Coverage all     Coverage all
service point         over Indonesia   over Indonesia
Java-Bali             4                2
Sumatra               2
Other eastern Indon
Response time to      2 x 24 hours
any complaint

Description           PT Elite Permai
                      Metal Works

Guarantee             1year
Networks of           Via dealer/
service point         distributor
Java-Bali             All large cities
Other eastern Indon
Response time to      2 x 24 hours
any complaint

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Profile of suppliers of non-fireproof metal furnishings

Supplier                 PT Indolok     PT Lion Metal       PT
DATA-DATA SUPLIER       Bakti Utama     Works Tbk.       Bostinco

Width of land &            15,740           37,000         90000
factory (sq.m.)
Factory facility           Modern-         Modern-        Modern-
                          complete         complete      complete
Number of branches &         20          1 branch, 24        6
agents                                      agents
Prod. Capacity/Supply                        1600         600-900
Duration of operation        35               37             56
Sales turnover total        14000           15000           9000
(Rp million/month )
Certification               ISO,             ISO            SNI
Bank customers               95               20             14
Networks of ASS              20               2              6

Supplier                PT Acroe    PT Elite Permai    PT Data
DATA-DATA SUPLIER       Indonesia     Metal Works      Scrip

Width of land &           35000          100000         62000
factory (sq.m.)
Factory facility         Modern-        Modern-        Modern-
                        complete        complete       complete
Number of branches &        3                             7
Prod. Capacity/Supply      600            1500
Duration of operation      16              32             29
Sales turnover total       600           6,000          50,400
(Rp million/month )
Certification              ISO            ISO            ISO

Bank customers              5              4              15
Networks of ASS             3              1              7

Supplier                PT Tjakrindo

Width of land &            110500
factory (sq.m.)
Factory facility           Modern-
Number of branches &          1
Prod. Capacity/Supply   FC 10000/bln
Duration of operation        24
Sales turnover total        21000
(Rp million/month )
Certification                ISO

Bank customers               10
Networks of ASS               1

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Use of ordinary filing cabinets in state and private banks

Bank          Jakarta         Medan          Semarang

Mandiri       Bostinco,       Mustang,       Lion
              Elite           Super VIP
BNI           Lion,           Chubbsafes     Lion, Elite
BTN           Bostinco,       Lion           Lu-Fo
              Lion, Elite,
BCA           Lion,           Lion,          Lion, Elite
              Bostinco,       Mustang,
              Elite,          Datascrip
              Ichiban, Alba
CIMB NIAGA    Bostinco,       Mustang        Brother,
              Lion,                          Lu-Fo, VIP,
              Chubbsafes                     Daichi
Danamon       Lion,           Lion,          Lion
              Chubbsafes      Mustang
Mega          Datascrip       Lion, Mitsui   Lion,
Permata       Lion,                          Datascrip,
              Bostinco                       Acroe,
OCBC NISP     Datascrip
DKI           Elite, Lion,
ANZ Panin     Bostinco,
              Lion, Elite
UOB Buana     Datascrip,
Artha Graha                                  Bostinco,
Citibank      Bostinco

Bank          Surabaya      Banjarmasin      Makasar

Mandiri       Lion, Elite   Lion, Elite      Lion
BNI           Datafile      Lion             Lion,
BTN           Lion          Lion,            Lion, brother
BCA           Lion,         Lion, Brother    Lion
CIMB NIAGA    Lion          Lion, Brother    Lion, Brother
Danamon       Lion                           Lion
Mega          Lion,         Lion,            Lion
              Datascrip     Datascrip        Datascrip
Permata                                      Lion,
OCBC NISP     Lion,
ANZ Panin
UOB Buana
Artha Graha

Source: Data Consult


Use of "Mobile File (Roll O Pack)" in some state and private banks

Users among BANKs   Brands

Mandiri             Bostinco
CMB Niaga           Bostinco
BCA                 Bostinco, Lion
BNI                 Bostinco, Datascrip, Mosler
Mega                Datascrip, Chubbsafes
Permata             Lion, Bostinco, Chubbsafes
BTN                 Bostinco, Lion, Datascrip
BII                 Mosler
UOB Buana           Mosler
DKI                 Datascrip
ANZ Panin           Chubbsafes
Citibank            Bostinco

Source: Data Consult/ICN
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