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Mark Zweig "rebrands and relaunches," and doubles subscriber base, of a newsletter now called The Zweig A/E Marketing Letter.

Mark Zweig, best known as a leading expert in management for the architecture, engineering, planning and environmental industry, launched the monthly newsletter Revolutionary Marketing in 1999, but this year his firm, ZweigWhite, "rebranded and relaunched" the publication as The Zweig A/E Marketing Letter

That's "A/E" as in architectural and engineering firms, to whom the newsletter is targeted, along with construction firms. The twice-monthly ($275/year) provides proven marketing techniques that A/E firms are using to generate more leads, boost their proposal hit rates, and bring more prospects in the door.

Chris Klein, a principal at ZweigWhite, explained the makeover to NL/NL:

"One major reason is to take advantage of branding we have in the marketplace with our weekly management newsletter, The Zweig Letter. At the same time, we developed the following tagline for the newsletter: 'Real-world tactics at work in design firms today.' This tagline has helped to crystalize the mission for the newsletter and provides better guidance for generating appropriate content for the newsletter."

Klein continued, "In addition to print, we do allow our subscribes to access each issue electronically as well as search back issues through our website: We include electronic access free with a paid print subscription and do not sell electronic access individually or sell both together at a higher price, as some other newsletters do.

"We do offer site licenses to firms that want to share the access with multiple people in the firm, but that's a very low number compared to our print subscriptions."

Marketing techniques

"When we relaunched the newsletter," Klein said, "we did the following to get new subscribers: Forced Free Trials, an Electronic Forced Free Trial where we sent a series of e-mails directing recipients to the electronic copy on our website, a sample issue with a sales letter and special marketing publication called A/E Marketing Ideas in Action sent in a 9X12, and a piggyback issue with a wrapper in our weekly mailing of The Zweig Letter.

"The FFT produced the best results. In addition to three issues, we sent a welcome letter after subscribers saw just one issue, so the newsletter has definitely been well received.

"April 19, 2004, was the first issue of The Zweig A/E Marketing Letter. Since then, we have seen our number of subscriptions increase by about 50 percent," Klein said.

Zweig White

The author of nine books in his field, Mark Zweig founded The Zweig Letter in 1992.

He is also vice chairman of ZweigWhite, the A/E industry's leading management consulting, publishing and training firm, which also hosts a number of conferences each year. The firm has more than 100 different management products, including how-to books, research reports, management surveys, videos, and newsletters. It has twice been named an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Firm, and it has made a profit and had a positive cash flow each year since its founding with $1,000 in start-up capital in 1988.

Frederick D. White is executive vice president.

Zweig White, P.O. Box 8325, One Apple Hill Drive, Natick, MA 01760, 800-466-6275, fax 800-842-1560,
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Date:Oct 4, 2004
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