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Margaret's Bookshelf.

What's On My Mind and In My Heart

Donna R. Bannister


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781449022716, $16.99,

A life is a life and all they have to show for it is the memories. "What's On My Mind and In My Heart" is a memoir from Donna R. Bannister reflecting on her life growing up in the baby boomer generation, a generation unique in history for having some of the most rapid social changes in history. Born to impoverished farmers, she tells her life story and provides many insights with many charming photos of her life and times. "What's On My Mind and In My Heart" is a choice pick for personal memoir collections.

My Heritage, My Destiny

Baiba Kreger


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9780595465088, $15.95,

The search for freedom is rarely done in one swift motion. "My Heritage, My Destiny" is the memoir of Baiba Kreger as she flees the struggles of Latvia only to end up in Germany, devastated by the Allies campaign towards Berlin. Living under the threat of bombs, she slowly escapes Germany for America, where she finally makes her mark and lives her life. She also discusses returning to her homeland later in life. "My Heritage, My Destiny" is inspiring and very highly recommended reading for those seeking memoirs of immigrant success stories.

Wisdom Born of Pain

Thelma Smith-Mack

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016

9780533161935, $8.95,

Being the first of many is no easy task. "Wisdom Born of Pain" reflects on Thelma Smith-Mack's high school life, as she attended most of it in the years before desegregation and was the only African American graduate in her class in her all-white high school. A unique story of the shattering racial barrier, "Wisdom Born of Pain" is worth considering for those looking for tales of civil rights.

Fabulous Fanny Defeats the South

Aileen Boules Zollweg

Outskirts Press

10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432743710, $19.95,

A pen is more powerful than any lethal weapon. "Fabulous Fanny Defeats the South" is a novel following historic figure Fanny Kemble and her life as a British woman living in the Confederacy, married to a slave owner. Her book is blamed by southerners as one of the reasons for its loss, and Aileen Boules Zollweg creates quite the dramatization of her life. "Fabulous Fanny Defeats the South" is a choice and very highly recommended pick that should not be missed by historical fiction readers.

Our Chemical Lives

Catherine J. Frompovich

Privately Published

9781439255360, $20.99,

Chemicals are in everything, and could that be the problem? "Our Chemical Lives and the Hijacking of Our DNA: A Probe Into What's Probably Making Us Sick" is one woman's personal investigation into the modern American diet and medicine, as Catherine J. Frompovich does her own research and offers many opinions on the infusion of chemicals and toxins to many levels of life. "Our Chemical Lives and the Hijacking of Our DNA" is an intriguing read, and a top pick.

The Channel

Susan Alcott Jardine

Outskirts Press

10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134

Green Door Editions (publicity)

PO Box 56839, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

9781432737573, $18.95,

In the span of decades, Los Angeles proves to be a backdrop for life to be lived. "The Channel: Stories from L. A." is a collection of short stories from Susan Alcott Jardine as she provides the stories of ten individuals who try to keep a hold of their lives when the world around them tries to wrestle the control away. Fine tales that will resonate with readers, "The Channel" is a worthy read, highly recommended.

God Is Not Like That

Diana Spencer

Trafford Publishing

1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781426911200, $29.97,

Christianity is an endless series of questions for many people of faith. "God is Not Like That: Making Sense of Christianity, A New look at an Old Faith" is a spiritual guide from Diana Spencer as she discusses the many denominations of Christianity, stating that the Protestant reformation never truly finished as people invent new ways to honor God almost every day. From the rise of doubt of the Christian doctrine to facing a skeptical world, "God is Not Like That" is an intriguing and entertaining read that should not be ignored.

Waters Of The Dancing Sky

Janet Kay

Llumina Press

7915 W. McNab Road, Tamarac, FL 33321

9781605942780, $16.95,

Time to think is an invaluable resource. "Waters of the Dancing Sky" tells the story of Beth Calhoun, a woman bombarded by inner conflict. In a lake between Michigan and Ontario, she goes over her mother's diaries and finds a lot to think about in the past, including of the father who was never there for her. After being wronged so many times in her life, she struggles to put things together in the world. "Waters of the Dancing Sky" is an enticing story of learning how to trust again, very highly recommended reading.

Margaret Lane

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