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Mar. 5 - council educational session.

* Michael Bradley, General Manager of Corporate Services, presented information about the proposed new governance model.

* Councillors preferred Model 1 with meetings starting at 4 p.m. because it did not involve daytime meetings. Evening meetings were more accessible for councillors who had full-time jobs and for the public.

* In discussion with other councillors at the recent ROMA/ OGRA conference, it appeared that a committee of the whole structure worked best with small councils. Some had gone back to a standing committee system after using a committee of the whole structure. Some councillors liked to get the cheque registers, but this could be done electronically instead of including it with the meeting agenda.

* In response to a suggestion that the county's corporate structure should mesh with the governance structure, C.A.O. Paul Emerson advised that the senior management team would be addressing the need for all staff reports to be reviewed by them to ensure a good flow of information between departments and council.

* In response to questions that were raised during the discussion, Bradley advised:

* It was proposed that the agenda for committee of the whole meetings would proceed in such a manner that when one section was completed, the next section began e.g. the Public Works section would begin right after the Corporate Development section ended regardless of the timing indicated on the agenda.

* Special presentations / meetings on specific topics could be scheduled for another date, or accommodated as part of a committee of the whole or council meeting.

* The proposed meeting dates and times could be changed from what had been suggested.

* Other boards and committees may have to change their meeting schedules to accommodate the council and committee schedule.

* Bradley summarized that council discussion indicated that there were two options that should be further reviewed by staff for presentation at another educational session:

* Model 1 which proposed two committee of the whole meetings starting at 4 p.m. and one council meeting per month;

* the current standing committee structure, with changes made to improve the meeting content and management e.g. delegations, consent items, delegation of authority to staff, etc.
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Title Annotation:Council briefs
Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Mar 28, 2013
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