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Mar. 20 - county council.

* Cam Watson, Watson &Associates Economists Ltd., reviewed the proposed changes to non-residential development charges for southwest Paris as approved by council on Jan. 17. He explained that the shortfall in funding to reduce the development charges to $5 per square foot to be competitive with other municipalities would require funding from sources other than development charges. This will require a 1.1 per cent increase in property taxes (approximately $451,000 starting in 2013) to be funded over a 24-year period.

He noted that should the county's assessment growth be greater than 2 per cent per year over this period, the shortfall will be paid off sooner.

* Trevor Carre, on behalf of the Brant Economic Development Advisory Committee, commended council for undertaking the development of the Brant 403 Business Park to attract industry, employment and tax revenue to the County. It supported selling land quickly to indicate that Brant is "open for business" and suggested that in order to be competitive with other municipalities, Brant needed to emphasize that the taxes here are lower than other areas.

In order to be flexible, entrepreneurial and to attract business to Brant, the Brant Economic Development Advisory Committee recommended the following, rather than reduce development charges for non-residential development charges for southwest Paris:

* use a sliding scale for reducing the development charges e.g. 33 per cent to the end of 2015, 25 per cent to the end of 2018, etc.)

* allow for amortization of development charges over a 5-10 year period, with reasonable interest rates, to be added to the property tax bill

* add the Development Charges to the land price, which may make financing easier for businesses. The Brant Economic Development Advisory Committee also believes that the approaches they have suggested could apply to development charges for all non-residential lands in the county. The comments were referred to staff for the preparation of a report for the May Corporate Development Committee meeting.

* Layla Protopapa provided information on the city of Taviano, Italy and requested that council consider a twinship or a friendship pact with Taviano. The city had about 12,000 people, which is similar to Paris, and was very agricultural based, noting that Taviano is known as the City of Flowers. Protopapa explained that the proposal would provide an opportunity for residents, students, business people, artists, etc. to connect for cultural and economic purposes. The request was referred to staff for a report to the Corporate Development Committee for consideration.

* Lori Borda, Sales, Procurement and Public Relations for TimCo of St. George, advised the TimCo had submitted its final odour abatement proposal to the Ministry of the Environment and was currently implementing strategies to control the odour at this time. She explained that TimCo had received notification that the City of Brantford will no longer accept their waste as it is only allowed to accept human waste, not industrial waste. She also noted that the county will not accept industrial waste. She asked if the county could assist their business and other businesses within the county that require disposal of industrial wastes. They want to be treated the same as other companies in the county when it came to septage disposal. She noted that TimCo used the services of many businesses within the county, paid taxes of $26,000 per year and was planning to hire more employees.

In response to questions, Borda advised that there were private companies who could process the industrial waste; however, the cost was ten times higher than the city's rate. They would require approval from the Ministry of the Environment in order to process this industrial waste at their own location. The General Manager of Public Works provided information on the MOE regulations and county sewage system use by-law requirements regarding industrial waste. The presentation was received as information.

* The county respectfully declined to participate at a cost of $24,800 for five minutes of promotion on the American television show Today in America: Discover Canada.
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Title Annotation:Council briefs
Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Apr 27, 2012
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