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Managing Operational Risk.

Global competition and the rise of e-commerce have propelled many companies into uncharted risk-management territory. Two new products are available to help them.

Ernst & Young and J.P. Morgan have teamed to launch Horizon, a web-based software tool designed to provide a clearer picture of potential operational risks. It replaces paper-based risk assessments with automated controls and procedures that can be monitored from a single location. Its standardized platform also makes it easier for management at all levels to identify, articulate and understand risks. For more information, visit

RiskOps 2.1 from NetRisk offers modeling and database management capabilities. Originally targeted to financial institutions, RiskOps databases can be adapted to accommodate the needs of corporate finance departments as well. Data can be scaled using multiple criteria to reflect the size, product mix and controls of the user's organization. As units are added or divested, users can show the impact on the operational risk profile using drag-and-drop navigation.
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Publication:Financial Executive
Date:Mar 1, 2000
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