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Make warm mittens from old socks.

I was faced with more old socks than I could use as rags, but couldn't bear to throw out all that good material on the tops ... especially those expensive wool socks! One day I tried this and it worked.

I cut written hands out of the leg part of the sock, just by cutting a slight curve at the ankle area, through both layers, like a tube. I turned this inside out and ran about three rows of stitching along this edge with the smallest stitch setting on my machine. Then turned it back right again.

Then I cut a thumb piece off the top of the foot part of the sock, on the fold. I re-folded this piece inside out and stitched it, same as the hand piece, just along the tip and inside edge, leaving a large opening where it will join the hand.

Then this is the tricky part, and no two pairs of mittens worked quite the same here - I put the hand part on my hand to determine where the thumb opening should go. Don't cut the hole too large. It will stretch (experience talking). Also be sure to make one for a left hand and one for a right hand (experience again, though they can be made to work on either hand if the thumb is placed on the exact edge, but they tend to pull away and aren't as comfortable).

Now turn the hand part inside out again and leave thumb right side to and put thumb through the thumb hole and stitch the thumb opening to the thumb hole in the hand, stretching and easing both edges to fit each other. Make sure top of thumb faces top of mitten (experience again). This will be much like setting a finished sleeve into a shirt.

Then turn right-side out again and voila! A warm wool mitten. And being used as much as these socks were, they were also machine washable. Ideal work mittens!

Good material off sock legs can also be used to patch other socks with holes too big to dam. A friend gave me this idea. We have replaced whole sole and toe sections of old socks making new ones like the feet of blanket sleepers out of sock tops and legs.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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