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Macola Software announces release of Version 7.0.

MARION, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 1994--More than 100 new features, the addition of two new modules, multi-national capabilities, advanced windows functionality and extensive customization are just a few of the new innovations that Macola Software has packed into its Version 7.0 Progression Series.

The product, which was demonstrated and previewed at Macola's annual reseller/developer conference last week, has been undergoing intensive product development for the last 14 months. In charting the course for this new generation of Macola's Progression Series, five initiatives provided the foundation for the Version 7.0:

o Robust feature set with more than 100 new features as well as

the addition of two new accounting modules. o Internationally-enabled modules through the provision of language

modifications as well as a Currency Manager module to handle

multi-currency needs. o Extensive customization support including customization control

of all screens, entry forms and all reports and forms at the user

level without the need for source code. Customization made in

Windows then can be utilized in the DOS Version of Macola Software. o Advanced graphical interface with full support for multiple

document interfacing, allowing users to take advantage of

multi-tasking in a Windows environment. o Enterprise information management capabilities for improved

reporting and decision support by integrating Macola's

EnVision Series Enterprise Reporting System.

High-end Windows Accounting

An extension of the award-winning Macola Progression Series, Version 7.0 delivers a full suite of advanced Windows applications that will satisfy the need for a proven, stable windows product in the accounting industry. Macola has offered a Windows/DOS version of its Version 6.0 product, which provided a progression path for users who needed to implement Windows. Version 7.0 expands the Windows product to offer full Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) as well as screen customization capabilities.

Macola Software Version 7.0 Progression Series will extend beyond a ``Windows only'' product offering and will ultimately consist of four distinct products, each suited for a specific marketplace and audience, yet sharing identical features, common functions and operability. These offerings are:

o Version 7.0 for WindowsPlus

o Version 7.0 for DOS

o Version 7.0 for Windows/DOS

o Version 7.0 for SCO UNIX

According to Bruce A. Hollinger, Macola Software's president and chief executive officer, the Version 7.0 product line-up ``defines the boundaries of the next generation of accounting software.'' In defining these boundaries, says Hollinger, Macola strategically avoided rushing a windows product to market. He explains: ``To us, first to market is not necessarily the best of breed. Macola's product strategy has been to offer a transition to Windows through our Version 6.0 Progression Series and then to take users to more advanced Windows functionality with Version 7.0. Plus, with Version 7.0's integration with Macola's graphical, client/server Enterprise Reporting System, users can mine data to enjoy full management decision report capabilities.''

DOS Product Taken To New Heights

Users who still want to run a DOS product within heavy transaction environments can enjoy the customization features offered by Version 7.0 Progression Series. Users will need to run the dual Windows/DOS version of the Progression Series to make their changes to screens and forms through the Windows application. Once completed, users then can enter into the DOS version and see the customization reflected in the DOS environment.

Macola Introduces New Packages

Based upon feedback from users, resellers and consultants, Macola is integrating new modules that will appear in the Version 7.0 product line-up. These two modules are Bank Book and Currency Manager. Both integrate with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Bank Book also integrates with Payroll (which has undergone significant changes and additions). This module will sell for $995. The new module will provide complete cash account reconciliation functions for multiple cash accounts. What's more, Bank Book will provide estimated cash flow based on non-reconciliated transactions for more finite financial planning.

The Currency Manager also integrates with Order Entry and Purchase Order modules and provides multi-currency capabilities to Macola users. This internationally-enabled product provides buy/sell currency code rates, a complete trading currency system and general ledger consolidations of companies with multiple home currencies. This Macola Software Version 7.0 module will sell for $2,195.

More Than 100 New Enhancements

Users familiar with Macola Software already are aware of its powerful feature set. Macola Software Version 7.0 incorporates another 100 plus enhancements requested by users, resellers and consultants. Every Macola Software module from General Ledger to Bill of Material Processor incorporates new features. Inventory Management, Order Entry (formerly called Customer Order Processing) and Payroll incorporate the most significant enhancements as Macola continues to escalate its feature set to satisfy the wholesale/distribution and manufacturing marketplace.

The Release Schedule

The new product roll out will consist of a phased-in general release of product. First to market is Macola Accounting Software Version 7.0, scheduled for early release in the fourth quarter of this year. Following will be a first quarter 1995 general release of Distribution modules, and a third quarter 1995 general release of Macola Manufacturing Software Version 7.0 will conclude the product roll out.

To recognize Macola Software users' investment in their current system, says Dave Shirk, vice president of marketing and sales, Macola is offering an aggressive upgrade program. ``Users who upgrade to Version 7.0 within 90 days of its general release will receive a 50 percent discount off the standard upgrade purchase price. What's more, to honor those currently investing in Version 6.0 during the phased release of Version 7.0, Macola will allow them to upgrade for even more savings and forego the price increases slated with Version 7.0.''

Pricing Changes Announced

Because of the increased value and functionality Macola Software Version 7.0 Progression Series offers, Macola has announced increased prices with Version 7.0. Accounting modules will remain at current prices at $995 per module. Payroll will increase from $995 to $1,595. Macola's Distribution modules, Purchase Order and Receiving, Order Entry, Inventory Management will increase from $995 to $1,295. And Macola's Bill of Material Processor package will increase from $1,595 to $1,895.

Users can determine which environment to run Macola (Windows, DOS or both) through the purchase of a System Manager. The Macola Software Version 7.0 Progression Series WindowsPlus System Manager (multi-user only) will sell for $4,995. Single user Windows/DOS sells for $495, multi-user sells for $1,995. Single-user DOS System Manager will sell for $295. Multi-user DOS System Manager will sell for $1,495. SCO UNIX System Manager (multi-user only) will sell for $1,695.

For the first time, Macola also will offer new bundles on its business management applications to allow users to save money and purchase all the modules they need at one time. Users can license the entire Macola Accounting and Distribution Software Series for $10,995. This includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Bank Book, Assets and Depreciation, Inventory Management, Order Entry, Purchase Order and Receiving, and Bill of Material of Processor.

Corporate Background

Founded in 1971, Macola specializes in the development of high-end business management software for personal computers and LAN environments. Macola distributes 22 integrated accounting, distribution and manufacturing modules with multi-platform capabilities for DOS, Windows, SCO UNIX and LANs. Macola sells its products exclusively through its channel of more than 800 Value-Added Resellers, Consultants and CPAs. With worldwide installations of more than 15,000 sites and more than 135,000 users, Macola has presence in 22 countries.

Macola Software is a four-time winner of the PC Magazine/Price Waterhouse ``Editors' Choice'' Award and winner of the 1994 CTS Software Survey. Macola Software has been named in 1993 and 1994 to the ``Top 100 Accounting Software Products'' by Accounting Today and to the 1994 Manufacturing Systems list of ``Top 50.'' Macola also is a two-time winner of LAN Magazine's Product of the Year award and a recipient of a four-star rating from Software Digest/NSTL Publications.

For more information about Macola Software products, call 800/468-0834 and contact the Macola Response Center at extension 550. For public relations-related questions, call 800/468-0834 and contact Lisa Burris Arthur, manager of media relations, at extension 297, or Phyllis S. Butterworth, coordinator of public relations, at extension 242.

CONTACT: Macola Software, Marion
 Media Relations Division, 800/468-0834
 Lisa Burris Arthur, extension 297
 Phyllis S. Butterworth, extension 242
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