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MUM RAPED BY BURGLAR AS KID SLEEPS NEXT DOOR; Sex monster hunted by police.

A sex beast was being hunted yesterday after a mum was raped in her own bed while her child slept next door.

The intruder An attacker that gains, or tries to gain, unauthorized access to a system. See attacker, intrusion and IDS.  burst into the woman's house in what is believed to have been an attempted robbery.

The terrified ter·ri·fy  
tr.v. ter·ri·fied, ter·ri·fy·ing, ter·ri·fies
1. To fill with terror; make deeply afraid. See Synonyms at frighten.

2. To menace or threaten; intimidate.
 victim, who has not been named, woke to find the stranger in her bedroom.

But before she could raise the alarm, the man attacked her and subjected her to a prolonged pro·long  
tr.v. pro·longed, pro·long·ing, pro·longs
1. To lengthen in duration; protract.

2. To lengthen in extent.

He then escaped with a nine-inch long knife with a serrated blade A serrated blade is a type of blade used on saws and on some knives or scissors. Also known as a dentated or toothed blade.

A serrated blade has a cutting edge that has many small points of contact with the material being cut.
 and a hand- knitted knit  
v. knit or knit·ted, knit·ting, knits
1. To make (a fabric or garment) by intertwining yarn or thread in a series of connected loops either by hand, with knitting needles, or on a
 child's cardigan from the house.

Yesterday sickened detectives made a desperate appeal for help in trying to track down the monster before he strikes again.

Inspector Bruce Bruce, Scottish royal family descended from an 11th-century Norman duke, Robert de Brus. He aided William I in his conquest of England (1066) and was given lands in England.  Ormiston said: "This is a particularly nasty crime and it is essential we find the person responsible."

The shocking attack happened in a house in High Road, Galashiels, Selkirkshire, early on Friday.

Police said they were anxious to trace the knife and white cardigan. Inspector Ormiston said: "We are very anxious for people who were in the High Road/Ladhope Bank area on Thursday night/Friday morning to contact us immediately at Galashiels Police Station.

"We know the attacker entered the High Road address sometime between 5 and 6.15am on Friday and while this is normally a very quiet time of day we hope that perhaps there may have been some early risers around who may have seen someone acting suspiciously in the area."

Inspector Ormiston said while the victim was extremely distressed she was helping detectives piece together a picture of her attacker.

And he said she is being offered counselling to help her deal with the trauma of the attack.

He said: "This was obviously a very frightening ordeal ordeal, ancient legal custom whereby an accused person was required to perform a test, the outcome of which decided the person's guilt or innocence. By an ordeal, appeal was made to divine authority to decide the guilt or innocence of one accused of a crime or to  for the woman.

"People do not expect to wake up and find a stranger in their house, particularly not in a quiet town like Galashiels.

"Like anywhere else Galashiels has had its fair share of break-ins, but I cannot recall anything like this ever happening before."

The attacker is described as between 25 and 35 years old, tall and slim with dark hair.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 21, 1997
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