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MPEG-7 Audio and Beyond: Audio Content Indexing and Retrieval.


MPEG-7 audio and beyond; audio content indexing and retrieval.

Kim Kim

orphan wanders streets of India with lama. [Br. Lit.: Kim]

See : Adventurousness
, Hyoung-Gook et al.

John Wiley John Wiley may refer to:
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  • John C. Wiley, American ambassador
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  • John M. Wiley (1846–1912), U.S.
 & Sons


285 pages




Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea) et al. offer strategies and algorithms The following is a list of the algorithms described in Wikipedia. See also the list of data structures, list of algorithm general topics and list of terms relating to algorithms and data structures.  for automatic extraction and description of audio including speech, music, and other signals. They explain techniques for analysis, description, and classification of digital audio waveforms--MPEG-7 techniques as well as others in comparison to them. Coverage encompasses low-level descriptors, sound classification and similarity Similarity is some degree of symmetry in either analogy and resemblance between two or more concepts or objects. The notion of similarity rests either on exact or approximate repetitions of patterns in the compared items. , spoken content, music description tools, fingerprinting fingerprinting

Act of taking an impression of a person's fingerprint. Because each person's fingerprints are unique, fingerprinting is used as a method of identification, especially in police investigations.
 and audio signal quality, and example applications. The book is aimed at electronics and communications engineers and researchers and graduate students in those fields.

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