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MP: Government tends to control all independent bodies to use them to hit opponents.

BAGHDAD Baghdad or Bagdad (both: băg`dăd, bägdäd`), city (1987 pop. 3,841,268), capital of Iraq, central Iraq, on both banks of the Tigris River. The city's principal economic activity is oil refining.  / NINA / The MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Khalid Abdullah Khalid Abdullah is the name of:
  • Prince Khalid Abdullah (b. 1937), Saudi prince
  • Khalid Abdullah (American football player) (b. 1979), former American football player
 al-Alwani said the government tends to control all independent bodies to use to hit its opponents.

Al-Alwani said, in a press statement today 19, Feb that: "The government embarked the most serious step to destroy the democratic process through controlling the independent bodies, the latest body was the accountability and Justice, as well as use them to hit the other opposition parties." The MP, of Anbar province, added: the Iraqiya coalition had predicted this dominance since initially and tried to reduce those political actions, made by the government, repeatedly by suspending its membership in the parliament, but it was often accused to obstruct the political process, but we are witnessing today these tragic predictions come true, which threaten to collapse the political process and the democracy in the country." Al-Alwani accused the State of Law coalition, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to work to dominate all independent bodies, and the evidence for that the issuance of an arrest warrant against the previous president of the electoral commission Electoral Commission

(1877) Commission created to resolve the disputed 1876 presidential election between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. Tilden had won the popular vote and was only one electoral vote short of victory, but the Republicans
 Faraj al-Haidari, and the exclusion of Commission's President on Integrity, Rahim al-Ugaili from office, in addition to accuse ac·cuse  
v. ac·cused, ac·cus·ing, ac·cus·es
1. To charge with a shortcoming or error.

2. To charge formally with a wrongdoing.

 the central bank governor, Sinan al-Shabibi of corruption, these all came to dominate and control the bodies directly linked to the House of Representatives. / End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Feb 19, 2013
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