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 WILSONVILLE, Ore., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Motif Inc., the developer and manufacturer of Active Addressing(TM) liquid-crystal display (LCD) technology, today announced that it has signed a strategic alliance with Tottori Sanyo of Tokyo. Motif, jointly formed one year ago by Motorola and In Focus Systems, will sell Tottori Sanyo Active Addressing Integrated Circuits (ICs) that will allow them to manufacture Active Addressing LCDs (AALCDs), expanding their LCD product offerings into the video-rate high-information-content LCD market.
 "This alliance with Sanyo represents a key milestone for Motif in the broad commercialization of Active Addressing," said Paul Gulick, co-CEO and chief technology officer at Motif. "This agreement is right in line with Motif's plans to partner with established passive-matrix LCD companies who have existing high-volume manufacturing facilities with proven manufacturing processes."
 The partnership is a bi-directional alliance working to the advantage of both companies. Not only will Motif supply Tottori Sanyo with Active Addressing ASICs, Tottori Sanyo will supply Motif with raw liquid crystal cells which Motif will then connect to their own Active Addressing ASICs, providing Motif -- and in turn their customers -- with a source for LCDs larger than those AALCDs that will be built in its Oregon facility.
 "We look forward to working with Motif and making Active Addressing a new standard in the liquid crystal display industry," added Tsuyoshi Taira, chairman of Sanyo Semiconductor Corp. "Sanyo's capacity and proven expertise in passive matrix LCDs is a perfect complement to Motif's Active Addressing technology."
 The agreement is effective immediately but both companies expect it will take at least six months before products become available.
 Motif's charter is to be a leading supplier of AALCDs to the global markets. Recently Motif took a more visible position in helping with the growth of the U.S. flat panel display industry. In demonstrating Motif's dedication to North American LCD manufacturing, the company announced that it joined the U.S. Display Consortium (USDC), whose charter is to build a strong flat panel display (FPD) equipment and material infrastructure in the United States.
 Motif will be North America's largest-capacity manufacturing operation for high-information-content LCDs and plans to produce about 300,000 yielded LCDs a year. Until Motif, nearly all of the world's LCDs have been produced in the Pacific Rim.
 About Motif's Active Addressing
 Passive matrix panels traditionally use sequential signaling of pixels from circuitry placed off the display panel. While this makes a panel easy to manufacture, speed is limited because each pixel must be updated sequentially. Active matrix displays are able to provide the high speeds required by video applications by placing a thin-film transistor (TFT) at each pixel. But the panels are difficult and expensive to manufacture.
 Active Addressing bridges the gap between these technologies by signaling all pixels constantly and simultaneously, using integrated circuitry (Active Addressing ICs) located off the screen. Instead of placing circuit complexity on the glass, Active Addressing places it in silicon, where it can be manufactured with much greater ease. The result is high quality, high speed and affordable cost sought by a number of markets, including notebook/sub notebook computers, personal digital assistants, video games and projection systems.
 Motif is headquartered in Wilsonville at 27700A SW Parkway Ave., 97070-9215. Phone: 503-682-7700. Fax: 503-682-7036.
 NOTE: (C) Motif Inc. Active Addressing is a trademark of Motif Inc. Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc. In Focus Systems is a registered trademark of In Focus Systems Inc.
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 /CONTACT: Kevin Cornelius of Motif, 503-682-7700; or Brooke Battles of White & Cromer, 415-274-8111/

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