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MK19 machine gun ... tools every armorer needs.

Dear Half-Mast,

I think there are too many armorers who don't; have all t;he special tools needed to work on the MK19 machine gun. It would help if you would put a list of the special tools and their NSNs in PS so armorers would know what they're missing.

Kent Hubert


Ft Richardson, AK

* barrel wrench, NSN 5120-01-138-4797

* round removal tool, NSN 5120-01-347-1884

* combination assembly tool, NSN 1010-01-130-3435

* 7-in slip-joint recoupling/relinking pliers, NSN 5120-01-021-7472

* feed slide adjustment tool, NSN 1005-01-467-9435

* adjustable secondary drive lever, NSN 3040-01-475-2685

* bore constriction gauge assembly, NSN 1010-01-138-4862

* ogive plunger assembly tool, NSN 1010-01-130-3434

All of these tools can be found on WP 0100 00-1 in TM 9-1010-230-23&P and on WP 0017 00-6 in 7M 9-1010-230-10.
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Author:Hubert, Kent
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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