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 REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- An interactive multimedia examination of one of the most shocking and controversial events of the 20th century, is now available to home computer users interested in studying the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Medio Multimedia Inc. today released The JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation(TM), an informative and entertaining title available on CD- ROM for the MPC. The product includes sophisticated digitized versions of the infamous Zapruder film, mathematically precise computer animations that show conflicting bullet angles and the complete text of the Warren Commission Report and the book "Crossfire," all of which allow people to explore visually and objectively the events of Nov. 22, 1963 from their computer.
 The program has a suggested retail price of $59.95 and will be available through retailers nationally the first week in November. It is also included in the Medio Explorer Collection, a multimedia bundle with two additional interactive CD-ROM titles, Midnight Movie Madness with Gilbert Gottfried(TM) and Exploring Ancient Architecture(TM).
 The JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation contains full-motion, full-screen video clips of four witness films documenting the president's motorcade at the time of the assassination. The clips are frame-by-frame accurate to the original 8mm prints and can be viewed at full speed, in slow motion or enlarged for detail. The product also includes the complete text of Jim Marrs' best-selling book, "Crossfire," the Warren Commission Report findings and the reference guide, "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Complete Book of Facts." All the text and information are intuitively linked for instant cross referencing.
 According to Medio President Steve Podradchik, the ongoing fascination with John F. Kennedy and the resulting multitude of conspiracy-based movies and books has inspired the company to present an objective "interactive documentary" that allows people to draw their own conclusions about what happened behind the assassination. The interactive documentary model used in the product begins with a structured approach that takes people through a 20-minute narrated overview, similar to a documentary watched on television. The explorer can then view a piece of information in more detail by simply clicking on an image or a piece of text within the documentary.
 "An interactive documentary takes the best of what videotape, television and reference material offer and delivers it on the computer with navigational tools that make it easy to access and assimilate the available facts," Podradchik said. In order to visually present the event from a variety of witness positions, a team of forensic animators using Silicon Graphic workstations recreated the assassination in a 3-D, computer-animated model using survey data, photographs and digital films taken at the time of the assassination and lists of bullet trajectories and wound locations specified by assassination theorists, the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations. During the painstaking process, the development team found that much of the existing evidence contradicts statements and conclusions drawn by well-known assassination researchers and writers.
 "The JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation takes no point of view on the subject but gives people the ability to stand in Dallas' Dealy Plaza and view the incident from the exact location of key witnesses. With this background, we think they are better prepared to analyze inconsistencies and theories supported by others," Podradchik continued.
 System Requirements
 The JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation requires a 386SX or higher microprocessor (486SX recommended for best performance); 2MB of hard disk space; MPC-compatible CD-ROM drive; VGA or better display (256 color support recommended); Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later and DOS 3.1 or later. Additionally, an audio board with speakers and/or headphones and a mouse or compatible pointing device are strongly recommended.
 Medio Multimedia Inc. is a leading publisher of informative and entertaining multimedia CD-ROM software titles that bring together exciting, high-quality content with state-of-the-art multimedia technologies. The Redmond-based company works in conjunction with subject experts and software developers to produce titles that encourage exploration and discovery. Medio has previously released Midnight Movie Madness with Gilbert Gottfried and Exploring Ancient Architecture.
 NOTE: Medio, the Medio logo and Medio Multimedia Inc. are trademarks of Medio Multimedia Inc. Exploring Ancient Architecture is a copy right of Medio Multimedia Inc. The JFK Assassination: A Visual Investigation is a copyright of Wilbur Films Multimedia Inc. Midnight Movie Madness with Gilbert Gottfried is a copyright of Medio Multimedia Inc. Other product and corporate names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies and are used only for explanation and to the owners' benefit, without intent to infringe.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: To obtain Beta-SP footage of the product, with comments from Steve Podradchik, screenshots, product box photos or to schedule an interview, contact Kaufer Miller Communications at 206-450-9965/
 /CONTACT: Pam Miller or Tamese Robinson of Kaufer Miller Communications, 206-450-9965; or Steven Podradchik of Medio Multimedia, 206-867-5500/

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