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 COLORADO SPRINGS, Col., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Eight of the world's largest bulletin board systems and the three major North American mail hubs within FidoNet came together at ONE BBSCON to announce their plans to support V.Fast Class (V.FC) modems.
 In addition, they agreed to participate with Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. in extensive V.FC modem testing to provide a smooth transition for their users from the current 14.4 kbit/s standard to the higher 28.8 kbit/s transmission.
 These eight bulletin board systems (BBS), representing over 100,000 users, are Aquila BBS (Aurora, Ill.); Event Horizons (Portland, Ore.); Executive Network (Mt. Vernon, N.Y.); Exec-PC (Elm Grove, Wis.); Invention Factory (New York); PC-Ohio (Cleveland); Sound Advice (Gladstone, Mo.); and Sound of Music (Oceanside, N.Y.). The three major mail hubs within FidoNet are located in New Orleans, Harrisburg, Pa., and Las Vegas. A goal of all these participants is to have V.FC modems on their BBS by the end of the year and to ensure that the bulletin board software and host systems are ready to take full advantage of the higher speed offered by V.FC.
 "We are very pleased to work with Hayes on this project," said Kevin Behrens, Sysop for Aquila BBS, the winner of the 1993 Dvorak/Zoom Telecommunications Award for Outstanding BBS Organization, Features and Design. "Our goal is to serve our users by making sure that we support the fastest possible modems as soon as they become available."
 In addition to the BBS support, three major bulletin board software companies also announced their participation with Hayes in testing V.FC modems to ensure that their software is ready to support the new higher speed. These software companies are Clark Development Corporation with PCBoard; eSoft, Inc. with TBBS; and Mustang Software, Inc. with Wildcat! Software.
 "Part of our responsibility as an industry leader is to work with sysops and BBS software developers to ensure users a smooth transition to V.FC and eventually to the V.Fast standard once it is officially passed by the ITU-T in mid-1994," said Hayes President Dennis C. Hayes.
 The decision to support V.FC was based on the market need for a non- proprietary interim standard that offers the higher speed today and will provide the forward compatibility to the V.Fast standard in the future. With the trend to multi-media and large graphic files being downloaded from bulletin boards, the higher speed will allow sysops to grow their BBS operation without a large increase in operating costs associated with additional telephone lines.
 "The doubling of the speed of standard modems to 28.8 kbit/s will make a major impact on the mail exchange on FidoNet, resulting in a significant cost savings for our regional mail coordinators," said George Peace, North American FidoNet Mail Zone Hub. "By working with Hayes prior to availability of V.FC modems, we will be prepared to support faster transmission throughout the network."
 V.FC, which was developed in a cooperative R&D project between Hayes and Rockwell International Corporation (NYSE: ROK), is being made available to modem manufacturers throughout the industry, enabling the development of modems that can communicate at speeds up to 28.8 kbit/s prior to the adoption by the ITU-T of the V.Fast standard. V.FC modulation will provide data throughput rates up to 115.2 kbit/s and can support transmission of previously compressed data files at speeds of 32 kbit/s.
 This technology uses line probing techniques that permit adapting to symbol rates which optimize the configuration of the modem to achieve the maximum throughput supported by the telephone networks. Additionally, V.FC supports enhanced modulation techniques, including multi-dimensional trellis coding, that are anticipated to be recommended by the ITU-T (formerly CCITT) committee. Because V.FC uses the wider bandwidth available on today's telephone networks, it is significantly more immune to noise and other telephone line impairments over other high-speed technology, such as V.32terbo that supports 19.2 kbit/s, rather than 28.8 kbit/s.
 Best known as the leader in microcomputer modems, Hayes develops, supplies and supports computer communications equipment and software for personal computer and computer communications networks. The company distributes its products in over 60 countries through a global network of authorized distributors, dealers, mass merchants, VARs, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers.
 NOTE: Hayes is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. FidoNet is a trademark of Fido Software. V.Fast Class and V.FC are trademarks of Rockwell International Corporation.
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 /CONTACT: Beth McElveen, 404-840-6816, or Peggy Ballard, 404-840-6812, or, fax, 404-441-1238, or, MCI Mail, PBallard, both of Hayes; Hayes Customer Service, 404-441-1617 (U.S.), 519-746-5000 (Canada), +33-1-34-22-30-15 (France), +44-252-775544 (Europe), or +852-887-1037 (Hong Kong); or, Online with Hayes BBS, 800-US HAYES (U.S. and Canada), 404-HI MODEM, 404-729-6525 (ISDN Access), +44-252-775599 (Europe), or +852-887-7590 (Hong Kong)/

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