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Lyons Seafoods launches award winning 'ready to cook' range for foodservice market.

Classic dishes have been given a modern twist for foodservice market after European award winner Lyons Seafoods launched its new 'Ready to Cook' range with two classic seafood dishes.

Using only top quality ingredients to produce striking menu options, chefs will appreciate the benefits of convenience, speed of preparation and service as well the flexibility of menu uses.

The first product in the range is a King Prawn king prawn

a large prawn, fished commercially in Australian waters
 & Mussel mussel, edible freshwater or marine bivalve mollusk. Mussels are able to move slowly by means of the muscular foot. They feed and breathe by filtering water through extensible tubes called siphons; a large mussel filters 10 gal (38 liters) of water per day.  Mariniere which scooped the highly prestigious Prix d'Elite 'Best Convenience' Award at The European Seafood Exposition in Brussels.

It features a combination of large, succulent, easy-peel farmed warm water king prawns and Irish rope-grown mussels in a classic creamy Mariniere sauce featuring delicate garlic, onion, and dry white wine flavours.

Ideal as a starter, or a light meal with the addition of crusty French bread or a grilled crouton, the flavoursome Mariniere dish is also delicious when accompanied by 'frites'. The product comes in an individually vacuum packed 450g pouch ensuring excellent portion control, minimal preparation and zero wastage wastage

a loss of product or productivity; in terms of animal production includes losses due to deaths of animals, lowered production from survivors, including reproduction, and lost opportunity income.

wastage Fetal wastage, see there
, and is microwaveable from frozen in minutes providing great speed of service.

The second recipe variety is the Salmon & King Prawn Florentine. This features a farmed salmon fillet fillet /fil·let/ (fil´et)
1. a loop, as of cord or tape, for making traction on the fetus.

2. in the nervous system, a long band of nerve fibers.

 filled with three succulent king prawns, velvety vel·vet·y  
adj. vel·vet·i·er, vel·vet·i·est
1. Suggestive of the texture of velvet; soft and smooth: velvety skin.

 spinach and basil pesto--combining four popular menu staples to produce a modern classic.

The Salmon Florentine can be served with potatoes dauphinoise and French beans French beans
Noun, pl

green beans, the pods of which are eaten
 for a classic meal, new potatoes with spring greens
"Spring green" redirects here. For the Wisconsin city, see Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Spring greens are a cultivar of Brassica oleracea
 for a fresh, seasonal menu, or for those looking to keep with its Italian heritage, it can even be served on a bed of freshly made tagliatelle ta·gli·a·tel·le  
See fettuccine.

[Italian, pl. of tagliatella, diminutive of tagliata, from feminine past participle of tagliare, to cut, from Late Latin
 with a crispy garden salad. The dish can be personalised with very little effort.

Each 185g portion is individually vacuum packed to lock in freshness and minimise kitchen wastage. Once fully defrosted the Florentine requires just 12 minutes in a hot (180 C) oven or can even be steamed within its packaging if oven space is at a premium.

Paul Murray, foodservice director at Lyons Seafoods, said: "Our new 'Ready to Cook' range is designed to provide restaurants and pubs with a convenient added value proposition that will be perceived by their customers as a premium menu offering. It is an easy way for chefs to get more seafood on to the menu and encourage consumers to try something different."

Contact Lyons Seafoods on tel 01985 224312 or visit
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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