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Lubricant system a one, two punch.

General Electric (GE) and other US manufacturers have eliminated environmental and safety hazards, cut costs and increased tool life and productivity using a new lubrication system from ITW Fluid. Products Group, Atlanta, with Accu-Lube lubricating fluids.

Vegetable oil-based lubricants, Accu-Lube fluids are applied to the cutting edge of tools to reduce friction and heat in metal machining. Coating tools on every revolution or between each operation, the fluid is used in a variety of applications including milling, tapping, drilling, belt grinding, circular sawing. stamping and forming operations.

GE's Electrical Distribution and Control Division, Auburn, ME, fabricates more than 5000 different parts for the company's extensive line of industrial circuit breakers. For years the plant relied on soluble-oil coolants for circular sawing operations of aluminum, copper, and steel. While these coolants offered lubricity and heat control, they also produced the drawbacks of regular sump maintenance and disposal which are timely, costly and environmentally dangerous.

GE production control managers tested the Accu-Lube system and found it to be as effective as mineral oil-based lubricants. In addition to environmental and waste disposal benefits, GE created a cleaner plant environment through the use of Accu-Lube applicators. These machines are attached to saws to apply only the exact amount of lubricant required, with none of the fumes, spray or mist dispersed by the traditional flood application systems.

The fluid's anti-friction properties keep the tool and workpiece at room temperature, extending tool life with its vegetable oil-base, the lubricant does not "attack" metals, plastics, or paints.

With flood cooling, sawing operations had to be stopped almost every hour to replace blades; sometimes blade life was increased ten-fold when cutting copper.

No sumps, coolant treatment and recycling systems or mixing equipment are required. The need to store barrels of spent coolant has been eliminated. Finally, because only about 2 oz of the fluid is emitted by each applicator nozzle during an eight-hour shift, GE saved space by minimizing the amount of fluid kept at the plant. Today, GE's Auburn plant has more than 50 Accu-Lube systems in place.
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Title Annotation:ITW Fluid Products Group
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Date:Mar 1, 1995
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