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Did you know lobsters live forever? Feb 23, 2016 354
Effect of temperature on the behavior of stage IV American lobster (Homarus americanus) larvae. Chiasson, Melanie; Miron, Gilles; Daoud, Dounia; Mallet, Martin D. Report Aug 1, 2015 6565
Spatiotemporal variability of suitable habitat for American lobster (Homarus Americanus) in Long Island Sound. Tanaka, Kisei; Chen, Yong Report Aug 1, 2015 8217
Lobsters not such a good catch. Dec 4, 2014 154
Use of serum protein concentration as an indicator of quality and physiological condition in the lobster Homarus Americanus (Milne-Edwards, 1837). Wang, Guoqiang; McGaw, Iain J. Report Dec 1, 2014 6251
Pilot California spiny lobster postlarvae sampling program: collector selection. Miller, Eric F. Report Dec 1, 2014 2471
Lobsters on your plate will be getting bigger. Aug 30, 2014 210
Stolen: lobsters, llama, dogs, sheep and a ferret. May 28, 2014 570
Lobster lament: you're in the army now. Apr 1, 2014 420
Effects of different diets on the digestive physiology of adult Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus. Rotllant, Guiomar; Mente, Eleni; Gisbert, Enric; Karapanagiotidis, Ioannis T. Report Apr 1, 2014 7788
Analytical and semipreparative HPLC analysis and isolation of hemocyanin from the American lobster Homarus americanus. Bolton, Jason C.; Bayer, Robert; Bushway, Rod; Collins, Scott; Perkins, Brian Report Apr 1, 2014 4728
Maine briefed in 2010 on contaminated lobsters. Davis, Blake Feb 21, 2014 550
Ceramic lobsterfest. Osterer, Irv Feb 1, 2014 536
Spawning odds in relation to size of American lobsters Homarus americanus. Seiden, Jennica M.; Wilke, Kate M.; Schneider, David C. Report Dec 1, 2013 4045
Discovery Channel's 'Lobstermen' Star Captain Tim Handrigan Delivers Live, Fresh Lobsters to Doorsteps Nationwide. Sep 5, 2013 505
As lobsters molt, delectable alternatives find their way into pots. Recipe Jul 2, 2013 842
Tripe and Lobster (Serves 4). Recipe Jun 22, 2013 545
Lobsters; biology, management, aquaculture and fisheries, 2d ed. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 114
Ragout d'escargots, feves, et champignons homard a I'Estragon. Recipe Mar 22, 2013 242
Lobster with brown butter hollandaise (serves 6). Recipe Mar 22, 2013 579
Lobsters suffer a painful death; Letters. Letter to the editor Dec 26, 2012 125
Bugs'n cheese: maybe the ultimate Southern comfort food dish. Thompson, Tommy Recipe Aug 1, 2012 666
Lobster Prices In Maine Hit 30-Year Low, Crushing Lobstermen. Brief article Jul 16, 2012 252
A full house: spiny lobster season opens soon. Now's the time to scout potential waters and update gear and licenses. Hudson, Sam Brief article Jul 1, 2012 287
The ice man cometh. Cogley, Justin Recipe Jun 22, 2012 3346
Just call me Sri. Gopinathan, Srijith Recipe Jun 22, 2012 3229
Rare Orange Lobsters, 1 In 10 Million Crustaceans, Turn Up In Massachusetts. Jun 20, 2012 293
Observations of epizootic shell disease in American lobsters, Homarus americanus, in southern New England. Castro, Kathleen M.; Somers, Barbara A. Report Jun 1, 2012 3603
Histological assessment of the lobster (Homarus americanus) in the "100 lobsters" project. Shields, Jeffrey D.; Wheeler, Kersten N.; Moss, Jessica A. Report Jun 1, 2012 6822
Investigation of epizootic shell disease in American lobsters (Homarus americanus) from Long Island Sound: I. Characterization of associated microbial communities. Bell, Sheryl L.; Allam, Bassem; McElroy, Anne; Dove, Alistair; Taylor, Gordon T. Report Jun 1, 2012 9188
Investigation of epizootic shell disease in American lobsters (Homarus americanus) from Long Island Sound: II. Immune parameters in lobsters and relationships to the disease. Homerding, Margaret; McElroy, Anne; Taylor, Gordon; Dove, Alistair; Allam, Bassem Report Jun 1, 2012 8565
No olfactory recognition of shell disease in American lobsters, Homarus americanus. Rycroft, Nathan; Radcliffe, Kristin; McDougal, Erin; Halverson, Julia; Gerlach, Gabriele; Deppermann Report Jun 1, 2012 5392
Relationship between temperature and shell disease in laboratory populations of juvenile American lobsters (Homarus americanus). Tlusty, Michael F.; Metzler, Anita Report Jun 1, 2012 7150
Metal concentrations in tissues of American lobsters (Homarus americanus, Milne-Edwards) with epizootic shell disease. Leblanc, Lawrence A.; Prince, Deanna Report Jun 1, 2012 10286
Endocrine-disrupting alkylphenols are widespread in the blood of lobsters from southern New England and adjacent offshore areas. Jacobs, Molly; Laufer, Hans; Stuart, James; Chen, Ming; Pan, Xuejun Report Jun 1, 2012 7304
Get cracking with lobsters. May 8, 2012 1025
The biology of squat lobsters. Book review Apr 1, 2012 106
Ocean-based nurseries for cultured lobster (Homarus americanus Milne Edwards) postlarvae: initial field experiments off the coast of eastern Maine to examine effects of habitat and container type on growth and survival. Beal, Brian F. Report Apr 1, 2012 9369
Ocean-based nurseries for cultured lobster (Homarus americanus Milne Edwards) postlarvae: field experiments off the coast of eastern Maine to examine effects of flow and container size on growth and survival. Beal, Brian F.; Protopopescu, George C. Report Apr 1, 2012 15159
Langoustine with blood orange and caviar (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2012 645
Cured lobster with juniper, fennel and brioche (serves 6). Recipe Mar 22, 2012 301
Lobster paella (serves 5). Recipe Mar 22, 2012 340
Lobster paella (serves 5). Recipe Mar 22, 2012 499
Lobsters replace turkey this Christmas to cheer up recession-hit Brits! Dec 12, 2011 166
Commercial fishery effort for California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) off Orange County, California before State Marine Reserve implementation. Miller, Eric F.; Vilas, David G.; Rankin, Jennifer L.; Pryor, David Report Dec 1, 2011 3857
Lobster panna cotta with gooseberries and country ham (serves 8). Recipe Sep 22, 2011 331
Giant lobsters and summer snowballs fights. Jul 1, 2011 224
Cream of lobster soup with mushroom infuston. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 404
Prosciutto-wrapped lobster with ancho chili sauce. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 530
Chilled lobster with sweet pepper cream. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 230
Tilefish and lobster with chrysanthemum petals. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 332
Lobster with peas and carrots. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 420
Lobster with ravtoli, tomato marmalade and parsley pandde. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 578
Men appear at court for catching lobsters without permits. Feb 9, 2011 229
Crustacean crusade. Jul 1, 2010 908
Page 5 chatter. Brief article May 1, 2010 145
Two indicted in theft of lobsters; Oxford pair allegedly cleaned up after wreck. Mar 23, 2010 606
Poached quail egg and creamy morels with lobster coral. Recipe Mar 22, 2010 247
Fisherman flouted law on catching lobsters. Feb 12, 2010 247
Poached lobster with matsutake mushrooms and champagne sauce (Serves 4). Recipe Dec 22, 2009 600
Hallucinogenic drug made Jean-Paul Sartre 'fall in love' with lobsters. Nov 22, 2009 295
Langoustines with carrots and crispy caraway bread (serves 6). Recipe Sep 22, 2009 794
Better to buy lobsters alive; Tipping's Tips. Jul 2, 2009 126
Think like a lobster: eight tips to put more bugs in your bag. Sanders, Dale Jul 1, 2009 1743
Bug bonanza. Herum, Al Jul 1, 2009 953
Avocado carpaccio with lobster and radish salad (serves 4). Blanc, Sauvignon Recipe Jun 22, 2009 216
Bugs, busts & traps. Conway, David Mar 1, 2009 417
4000 portions of caviar and 8000 lobsters at Mugabe 85th birthday bash. Feb 28, 2009 295
Board of Health OKs safety plan for Periwinkles; Restaurant owner faces charges of taking lobsters from wreck. Jan 27, 2009 723
The tiny invader; WARM WATER LOBSTERS CAUGHT OFF IRISH COAST. Dec 5, 2008 331
Town mulls restaurant role in load of lobsters. Nov 21, 2008 556
Men enter pleas in wrecked lobsters caper; Pair charged with larceny, illegal possession of shellfish. Nov 1, 2008 563
Science past: October 11, 1958. Brief article Oct 11, 2008 126
Lobster begula pasta. Recipe Sep 22, 2008 555
For the lobster. Recipe Sep 22, 2008 353
Something's rotten in the state of lobster shells: what's causing the mysterious disease afflicting New England's favorite crustacean? Pratt, Sara E. Apr 1, 2008 818
Lobster and crab plantain soup with scallops. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 351
Braised short ribs with Maine lobster and shaved artichokes. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 655
Langoustines with baby vegetables and pickled green tomatoes. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 476
Langoustine with ventreche, broccoli and mayonnaise. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 391
Salad of neglected roots with lobster and corol corn cream. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 217
Langoustines in wild spruce needles. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 93
Lobsters in a pinch: teens dive in to help lobster conservation. Gaidos, Susan Feb 18, 2008 1523
Reproduction of the blue lobster Panulirus inflatus (Bouvier, 1895) at "Bahia de Loreto" National Park, Gulf of California. Villalejo-Fuerte, Marcial; Velazquez-Abunader, Jose Ivan Report Dec 1, 2007 2818
Members of the Long Island Chapter of CoreNet Global enjoyed spectacular views of Long Island Sound, danced to the beat of steel drums and dined on fresh lobsters, clams and filet mignon at their first annual Lobster and Clam Bake, held at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville. Nov 7, 2007 114
AirTran launches service at Portland with crabs and lobsters. Jun 8, 2007 125
Illegal lobsters. Apr 5, 2007 105
QUEEN PAID 104 SQUID FOR OUR 13 LOBSTERS; Boys sell their catch for royal dinner. Aug 5, 2006 242
A modest proposal to help lobsters and lobstermen. Nevala, Amy E. Aug 1, 2006 588
Staying away from sick lobsters. Sohn, Emily May 31, 2006 396
Seasonal changes in dry mass and energetic content of Munida subrugosa (crustacea: decapoda) in the beagle channel, Argentina. Tapella, Federico Apr 1, 2006 5488
Preface. Clemetson, Antoinette Editorial Oct 1, 2005 540
The 1999 Long Island Sound Lobster mortality event: findings of the comprehensive research initiative. Balcom, Nancy Oct 1, 2005 6967
Metabolic effects of acute exposure to methoprene in the American lobster, Homarus americanus. Horst, Michael N. Oct 1, 2005 6124
Seasonal variations in sediment and bottom water chemistry of western Long Island Sound: implications for lobster mortality. Dogru, Deren Oct 1, 2005 6774
Bubba, the 22-pound lobster, reprieved. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 326
Relative pleopod length as an indicator of size at sexual maturity in slipper (Scyllarides squammosus) and spiny Hawaiian (Panulirus marginatus) lobsters. DeMartini, Edward E.; McCracken, Marti L.; Moffitt, Robert B.; Wetherall, Jerry A. Jan 1, 2005 6849
A taste of extinction. Dudley, Steven Sep 1, 2004 2363
Maori octopus (Octopus maorum) bycatch and southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) mortality in the South Australian rock lobster fishery. Brock, Daniel J.; Ward, Timothy M. Jul 1, 2004 5506
Estimating the emigration rate of fish stocks from marine sanctuaries using tag-recovery data. McGarvey, Richard Jul 1, 2004 5878
The Secret Life of Lobsters: how Fishermen and Scientists are Unraveling the Mysteries of our Favorite Crustacean. Corson, Trevor Brief Article Jun 26, 2004 161
Bay Area. Newman, Carol M. Jun 22, 2004 17582
Cuba promotes 'ultra-frozen' lobster. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 91
Lobster volume to rise. Brief Article Aug 23, 2003 145
Nouveau napoleons: crisp layers make savory main and side dishes. (Food). Fresohet, Paula Apr 1, 2003 1512
Les bon temps rouler. (Letters). Titsworth, Kate Letter to the Editor Feb 22, 2003 98
They're elegant and easy: fall meals made with Maine lobster. (Seafood). Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 165
Shellfish for the new year. SerVaas, Cory Dec 1, 2002 313
HOW TO COOK A LOBSTER. Brief Article Jul 8, 2002 206
Mise en place. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 340
The darling decapod: "it wasn't a rock; it was a rock lobster" the B-52's. Jun 22, 2002 2239
Showdown at Burnt Church: there were an estimated 10,000 to 35,000 Mi'kmaq living in eastern Canada when European explorers first made contact with them in the 15th century; by the 1840s, there were only 1,300 Mi'kmaq alive. (Native People--The Mi'kmaqs Of Atlantic Canada). Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 1454
Movement of American lobster (Homarus americanus) in the southwestern Gulf of St. Lawrence. Comeau, Michel; Savoie, Fernand Apr 1, 2002 6744
Lobster lines. (journal extracts). Davidson, Steve Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 323
Maine lobster makes entertaining easy and elegant. (Seafood). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 198
Causeways `could be ideal environment for lobsters'. (Scottish Seafood). Brief Article Feb 23, 2002 142
Ontogenetic shifts in natural diet during benthic stages of American lobster (Homarus americanus), off the Magdalen Islands. Sainte-Marie, Bernard; Chabot, Denis Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 7165
Estimates of lobster-handling mortality associated with the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands lobster-trap fishery. DiNardo, Gerard T.; DeMartini, Edward E.; Haight, Wayne R. Jan 1, 2002 2846
Langostino is not a delicacy. (The Nutrition Detective). Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Nov 1, 2001 173
Get on the stick: skewered maine lobster. (Seafood). Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 124
Lobster, Fennel, and Mint Salad with Brandy Vinaigrette. Spiliadis, Costas Recipe Mar 22, 2001 143
LOBSTER TALES. Bogo, Jennifer Brief Article May 1, 2000 453
Classic lobster tales. DI VECCHIO, JERRY ANNE Mar 1, 2000 490
How to cook and shell lobster. DI VECCHIO, JERRY ANNE Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 371
Seafood. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 253
Lobsters a good cash catch. Duffy, Evelyn Brief Article Oct 31, 1999 555
Lobsters remember winners and losers. S.M. Brief Article Jan 9, 1999 171
Walking lobsters have odd heart rates. Milius, Susan Brief Article Sep 5, 1998 184
LIVE LOBSTER TO CHINA. Article Jul 1, 1998 82
Chemistry comes to lobster guards' aid. Adler, Tina Brief Article Jan 11, 1997 141
Frozen Maine lobster gets high taste test marks. Barber, Susan Apr 1, 1995 580
Tracking the undersea scent: a robot mimics the lobster's keen sense of smell. Lipkin, Richard Feb 4, 1995 1965
The lobster and shrimp fisheries in Hawaii. Polovina, Jeffrey J. Mar 22, 1993 2852
Custom packing, guaranteed quality, full information brought to marketplace by Canadian lobster industry. Baker, Alan Feb 1, 1993 993
When the chardonnay makers have lunch. Oct 1, 1991 1279
Lobster stretchers ... a cool salad or a hot broth. Feb 1, 1991 569
"Leave well enough alone". Mar 1, 1988 959
How to deal with a live crab or lobster. Mar 1, 1988 160
One lobster serves four in this soup. Feb 1, 1985 617
The shellfish revolution. Mar 1, 1984 5338

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