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ListenIllinois Adopts's Library Lending Program for Digital Audiobooks.

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Working in conjunction with NOLA Regional Library System and, (OTCBB OTCBB

See OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB).
:ADBL ADBL Agricultural Development Bank Limited (Nepal) ), ListenIllinois announced today that it is offering digital audiobooks and portable audio players A portable audio player is a personal, electronic device that allows the user to listen to recorded audio while mobile. Portable audio players became possible in the 1970s and continue to be developed today.  to patrons. ListenIllinois was begun by the Suburban Library System (SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) See laser sintering and 3D printing. ) in collaboration with the DuPage Library System and Heritage Trail Library System as a cooperative group purchase for their member libraries. NOLA currently circulates Audible's downloadable audiobooks to patrons at twelve libraries in Ohio, and this alliance with Illinois Library Systems allows NOLA's content collection to be seamlessly shared by the participating libraries in Illinois.

Library patrons can go to to choose from a catalog catalog, descriptive list, on cards or in a book, of the contents of a library. Assurbanipal's library at Nineveh was cataloged on shelves of slate. The first known subject catalog was compiled by Callimachus at the Alexandrian Library in the 3d cent. B.C.  of current best sellers and other popular fiction and nonfiction audiobooks. They can then pick up the pocket-sized Audible Otis(R) portable audio player from their public library with the audiobook preloaded on it. No longer will patrons have to worry about carrying around a dozen CDs or audiocassettes just to listen to one book - now the title can fit on just one small player that can be carried anywhere, including when exercising or commuting!

Illinois libraries are using NOLA's collection monitoring system to manage their Audible title circulations, taking advantage of cataloging procedures and records already in place. SLS's participation with NOLA will increase the number of Audible titles purchased for this consortium by 33%. NOLA's Audible collection consists currently of 1,800 titles.

Currently the 12 libraries listed below offer the ListenIllinois service to their patrons, although SLS expects to open the project to the following libraries across Illinois next year.

Chicago Ridge Public Library

Coal City Public Library District

Downers Grove Downers Grove, village (1990 pop. 46,858), Du Page co., NE Ill.; settled 1832, inc. 1873. Downers Grove has undergone population growth and commercial development that include the construction of new office complexes.  Public Library

Downers Grove South High School Coordinates:

Downers Grove South High School, or DGS, is a public four-year high school located at the corner of Dunham Road and 63rd Street in Downers Grove,

Homer Township Homer Township may refer to:
  • Homer Township, Pennsylvania
  • Homer Township, Minnesota
  • Homer Township, Midland County, Michigan
  • Homer Township, Calhoun County, Michigan
 Public Library District

Joliet Public Library

Lemont Public Library District

Northlake Public Library District

Oswego Public Library

St. Charles Public Library District

Thomas Ford Thomas Ford is the name of:
  • Thomas Ford (composer)
  • Thomas Ford (politician), Governor of the state of Illinois
  • Thomas Ford (Catholic martyr)
See also
  • Tom Ford
 Memorial Library

Wheaton Public Library

"Audible's digital audio library service continues to grow as an incremental Additional or increased growth, bulk, quantity, number, or value; enlarged.

Incremental cost is additional or increased cost of an item or service apart from its actual cost.
 circulation strategy for librarians who want to meet the increasing patron demand for audiobooks without the costs associated with breakage, shelf space, etcetera. There are many patrons using Audible that previously weren't using their library's audiobook collection," said Matthew Fine, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Development, Audible, Inc. "We are also seeing that exposure to our digital audiobook service in public libraries is creating awareness for our consumer business and driving traffic, and ultimately customers, to"

"The biggest advantage of this partnership is that it allows Illinois libraries to jump-start the implementation process, which means we can offer this service much more quickly and cost-effectively than if we started at square one on our own. We are well on our way towards a long and beneficial collaboration with the NOLA Regional Library System and Not only is Audible's service easy to set up and use by our librarians, but it doesn't take up a lot of staff time to fulfill patrons' requests. Circulating cir·cu·late  
v. cir·cu·lat·ed, cir·cu·lat·ing, cir·cu·lates

1. To move in or flow through a circle or circuit: blood circulating through the body.

 digital audiobooks makes it easier on everyone - patrons and staff because the format is so much more convenient. We have a lot of commuters in the metropolitan Chicago area, and this new service is ideal for them," added Jenny Levine Jenny Levine is a Canadian actress who debuted on the Canadian series Jake and the Kid as series regular, Molly. She went on the star in the Showtime series Fast Track and has guest starred in numerous shows such as Monk, Doc, , Internet Development Specialist, Suburban Library System.

"NOLA Regional Library System is pleased to be collaborating with the three Illinois Library Systems and their libraries to offer their patrons access to's digital audiobooks," concluded Paul Pormen, Executive Director, of NOLA. "Since the launch of our digital audiobook program, member libraries have been able to serve many more audiobook patrons than before, and we also see a different type of library patron discovering audiobooks now that we offer a high-tech version. These are patrons who tend to have very busy schedules, who value these audiobooks not just as entertainment but as a time-management tool that allows them to read when their eyes are otherwise busy."

About Illinois Library Systems

Illinois Library Systems are membership-based, regional organizations consisting of academic, public, school, and special libraries. Illinois is served by thirteen library systems, each providing services to participating libraries in its region. Statewide, more than 2,500 libraries of all types and sizes are members of library systems. ListenIllinois was initiated by the Suburban Library System (, which provides services for more than 500 libraries in Chicago's south and west suburbs.

Funding for Illinois Library Systems is provided through the Illinois State Library and the Secretary of State with funds appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly The Illinois General Assembly is the legislative branch of the government of the state of Illinois in the United States, created by the first constitution adopted in 1818. It works beside the executive branch led by the state governor and the judicial branch led by the supreme .

About NOLA Regional Library System

The NOLA Regional Library System ( is a multitype library agency that coordinates and facilitates the development of services of its member libraries for all of their constituents. NOLA is a membership-driven organization that seeks to strengthen library services and to promote the continued improvement of libraries in Ohio. Membership in NOLA currently consists of 93 libraries. The libraries are diverse in collections, staff and operations.

About Audible, Inc.:

Audible(R) ( is the Internet's leading premium spoken audio source. Content from Audible is downloaded and played back on personal computers, CDs, or AudibleReady(R) computer-based mobile devices. Audible has more than 34,000 hours of audio programs and more than 135 content partners that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers and business information providers. is's and the Apple iTunes Music Store's pre-eminent pre·em·i·nent or pre-em·i·nent  
Superior to or notable above all others; outstanding. See Synonyms at dominant, noted.

[Middle English, from Latin prae
 provider of spoken word products for downloading or streaming via the Web. Additionally, the Company is strategically aligned with Random House, Inc. in the first-ever imprint to produce spoken word content specifically suited for digital distribution, Random House Audible. Among the Company's key business relationships are Apple Corp., Gateway, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation (company) Microsoft Corporation - The biggest supplier of operating systems and other software for IBM PC compatibles. Software products include MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Microsoft Access, LAN Manager, MS Client, SQL Server, Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), MS Mail, , palmOne, Inc., PhatNoise Inc., RealNetworks, Inc., Roxio, Inc., Sony Electronics Sony Electronics Inc., headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is the largest component of Sony Corporation of America, the U.S. holding company for Sony's U.S.-based electronics and entertainment businesses. , Texas Instruments See TI.

(company) Texas Instruments - (TI) A US electronics company.

A TI engineer, Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit in 1958. Three TI employees left the company in 1982 to start Compaq.
 Inc., and VoiceAge Corp.

Audible,, Otis, and AudibleReady are registered trademarks of Audible, Inc. and all are part of the family of Audible, Inc. trademarks.

Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

This press release contains information about Audible, Inc. that is not historical fact and may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements forward-looking statement

A projected financial statement based on management expectations. A forward-looking statement involves risks with regard to the accuracy of assumptions underlying the projections.
 about the company. Actual results may differ materially from those anticipated in any forward-looking statements as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, Audible's limited operating history, history of losses, uncertain market for its services, and its inability to license or produce compelling audio content and other risks and uncertainties detailed in the company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
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