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Linear Motor X-Y Base

Alinear stepper step·per  
1. One that steps, especially in a fast or spirited manner.

2. Informal A dancer.

Noun 1.
 X-Y positioning base made by Baldor Electric Co. (Fort Smith, AR) is described as providing machinery builders with a competitive alternative to traditional solutions such as rotary motors and ballscrews or belts.

Built using a honeycomb-structured composite material composite material or composite, any material made from at least two discrete substances, such as concrete. Many materials are produced as composites, such as the fiberglass-reinforced plastics used for automobile bodies and boat hulls, but the , the HoneyComb honeycomb

a mosaic of closely packed units with depressed centers giving a honeycomb appearance.

honeycomb ringworm
see favus.

honeycomb stomach
 series X-Y bases come in a choice of seven standard sizes, with square or rectangular working areas ranging from 375 ? 375 mm to 750 ? 1500 mm. These new X-Y bases are said by the manufacturer to be capable of move speeds as high as 1.5 m/sec at resolutions to 2.5 um, and a repeatability better than 2 urn. They also offer frictionfree mechanics with zero backlash and no windup.

Floating on an air bearing, the base's moving element, the forcer, integrates two linear stepper motors mounted at right angles so as to form a right angle or right angles, as when one line crosses another perpendicularly.

See also: Right
 to each other to provide X and Y directional thrust. The forcer is available in six sizes and in two or four-phase configurations, depending on the application's force and resolution requirements. Maximum static holding force is up to 134 N. Bases are flat to within 14. pm in 300 mm.

forcers can be mounted on the same base with overlapping trajectories if required. A high level of attractive force (up to 1780 N) also means that the base can be applied vertically or face down if the application demands such an orientation. The base's composite honeycomb Composite honeycomb is a material used as a core material in Sandwich structured composite structures.

Composite honeycomb takes its name from its visual resemblance to a bee's honeycomb - a hexagonal sheet structure.
 structure simplifies such applications, as the weight of the positioning system is reduced by up to 70% compared with previous Baldor models. Complete base weights with platen and forcer reportedly start at less than 10 kg.

The RoHS-compliant bases are supplied ready to use. All the user needs to supply is power to the forcer and an air supply to the bearing system. Custom-size bases are available on request. Circle 204

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