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Limitorque, a member of the Flowserve Flow Control Division and global leader in the design and manufacture of actuation ac·tu·ate  
tr.v. ac·tu·at·ed, ac·tu·at·ing, ac·tu·ates
1. To put into motion or action; activate: electrical relays that actuate the elevator's movements.

 solutions, has introduced the Limitorque Master Station II--a next-generation master station designed and manufactured specifically for use with the Limitorque line of DDC-100 field units. The virtually maintenance-free, plug-and-play solution provides complex control and diagnostics (1) Software routines that test hardware components (memory, keyboard, disks, etc.). Diagnostics are often stored in ROM chips and activated on startup.

(2) Error messages in a programmer's source code that refer to statements or syntax that the compiler or assembler
 of Limitorque field units through a simple touch-panel operator interface. Designed for power, oil and gas, petrochemical petrochemical, any one of a large group of chemicals derived from a component of petroleum or natural gas. The cracking processes for manufacturing gasoline produce vast quantities of gaseous hydrocarbons. , water and wastewater applications, the Master Station II supports all Limitorque DDC-100 field units including the MX, L120, and LY, and is a single-source controller for up to 250 (MOVs) actuators. Circle #220

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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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