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Lifelike replicas, dinosaur fossils: two Berkeley locations.

Lawrence Hall of Science. From Allosaurus to Stegosaurus, seven touchable dinosaurs up to 15 feet tall welcome you to Dinosaur Days, from March 1 through June 1. The half-size to full-size replicas with silicon-on-foam skin are Japanese imports; computer-controlled bursts of compressed air simulate reptilian movement. Children can also climb up into a duckbill dinosaur's nest.

In the Dinosaur Den, you can touch real fossils, see how bones are excavated, and play dinosaur-related computer games. The den will be open from 10 to 4 Saturdays through Mondays.

Lawrence Hall of Science, on Centennial Drive above the UC Berkeley campus, is open 10 to 4:30 daily, until 9 Thursdays; for directions, call (415) 642-5133. Admission is $3 adults, $2 ages 7 through 18, $1 ages 2 through 6; free on first Thursday of each month after 4 P.M.

UC Museum of Paleontology. On March 15 and 16 from 1 to 4, a free open house will feature the latest discoveries from the museum's researchers, including dinosaur finds from Alaska. Visitors can search for tiny fossils in material excavated from a Montana site. The fossil remains of the world's oldest dinosaur, 3-foot-long "Gertie," will be on display before they move permanently to the Lawrence Hall; museum staff discovered the remains last summer in Arizona.

The museum, in the Earth Sciences Building on the north side of campus, is open, free, 8 to 5 weekdays (and 1 to 4 weekends during the school year; telephone (415) 642-1821. You can park free in the lot off Hearst Avenue below Euclid.
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Title Annotation:Lawrence Hall of Science; UC Museum of Paleontology
Date:Mar 1, 1986
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