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Life Transitions of Learning Disabled Adults: Perspectives from Several Countries.

Life Transitions of Learning Disabled Adults: Perspectives from Several Countries. Garnett, Katherine and Gerber, Paul (Editors). (1985) Life Transitions of Learning Disabled Adults: Perspectives from Several Countries. New York: World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc., 64 pp., $3.00 (paper).

This is the second in a series of reviews on the monograph of the World Rehabilitation Fund's (WRF) program, the "International Exchange of Experts and Information on Rehabilitation." The three monographs discussed here concentrate on types of service as provided in various foreign countries.

The first discusses community mental health services for people with chronic mental illness. This monograph presents discussions of community mental health services in Great Britain, Australia, Sweden, and Canada.

This is a well balanced monograph which explores unique solutions to the problems of community based services. As usual with the monographs of WRF, it takes the time to relate quality direct services to policy. This paper is recommended for the rehabilitationists at all levels (direct service, planning, policy analysis) as a guide for good programming.

The second monograph on independent living focuses on Sweden. It discusses policy, the services available to people with disabilities and an evaluation of them, and poses research questions pertaining to these services. As with most WRF monographs, this one has been circulated prior to publication to professionals for commentary. In the comments following the main body, there is a lively debate on the importance of consumer-controlled services delivery. This debate and the main section is must-reading for planners and advocates of the independent living movement.

Finally, the monograph on life transitions for adults with learning disabilities looks at programs in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. This paper presents the opinions of professionals from the five foreign countries and discusses in context the needs of the U.S. as the learning disabled field continues its shift.

This monograph and the others WRF has published are representative of the basic knowledge and information exchange fostered by WRF. Its efforts and publications have formed the basic knowledge base of the rehabilitation profession.
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Author:Kontosh, Larry G.
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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