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Articles from Life Extension (April 1, 2012)

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Activate self-renewing skin stem cells. Goldfaden, Gary; Goldfaden, Robert Report 1768
An intimate tete-a-tete - how probiotic lactobacilli communicate with the host. Brief article 218
Annurca apple Polyphenols have potent Demethylating activity and can reactivate silenced tumor suppressor genes in colorectal cancer cells. 264
Apple juice intervention modulates expression of are-dependent genes in rat colon and liver. Brief article 265
Apple polyphenol extracts prevent aspirin-induced damage to the rat gastric mucosa. Brief article 188
Apple polyphenols affect protein kinase c activity and the onset of apoptosis in human colon carcinoma cells. 293
Apple polyphenols and longevity. Randall, George Report 1888
Apple polyphenols and longevity. Randall, George Report 3782
Apple polyphenols modulate expression of selected genes related to toxicological defence and stress response in human colon adenoma cells. Brief article 263
Are you among the one percent? Dye, D. Brief article 205
Chemoprevention of intestinal polyps in Apcmin/+ mice fed with western or balanced diets by drinking Annurca apple polyphenol extract. 263
Chemopreventive properties of apple Procyanidins on human colon cancer-derived Metastatic sw620 cells and in a rat model of colon carcinogenesis. 278
Cloudy apple juice decreases DNA damage, hyperproliferation and aberrant crypt foci development in the distal colon of DMH-initiated rats. 348
Effects of chronic trimetazidine treatment on myocardial preconditioning in anesthetized rats. Abstract 254
Effects of metabolic modulation by trimetazidine on left ventricular function and phosphocreatine/adenosine Triphosphate ratio in patients with heart failure. Brief article 248
Effects of trimetazidine administration before thrombolysis in patients with anterior myocardial infarction: short-term and long-term results. Abstract 304
Effects of trimetazidine on in vivo coronary arterial platelet thrombosis. Abstract 225
Effects of trimetazidine on ischemic contracture in isolated perfused rat hearts. Abstract 258
Effects of trimetazidine on metabolic and functional recovery of postischemic rat hearts. Brief article 214
Effects of trimetazidine on myocardial preconditioning in anesthetized rats. Abstract 183
Fish oil may hold key to leukemia cure. Finkel, J. Brief article 194
GSTT2, a phase ii gene induced by apple polyphenols, protects colon epithelial cells against genotoxic damage. Brief article 212
Gut microbiota, probiotics, and vitamin d: interrelated exposures influencing allergy, asthma, and obesity? Brief article 218
Health choices: markets or government failure: to be written by John C. Goodman, PhD, Research Fellow, The Independent Institute President, National Center for Policy Analysis. Goodman, John C. 495
Higher plasma nutrient levels associated with increased brain volume. Dye, D. Brief article 169
Higher vitamin D levels correlated with less depression. Dye, D. Brief article 186
Impact of apple polyphenols on GSTT2 gene expression, subsequent protection of DNA and modulation of proliferation using LT97 human colon adenoma cells. Brief article 215
Improvement of long-term preservation of the isolated arrested rat heart by trimetazidine: effects on the energy state and mitochondrial function. Brief article 234
Indications for the use of probiotics in gastrointestinal diseases. Brief article 205
Influence of apple polyphenols on inflammatory gene expression. 320
Lethal shortages. Faloon, William Cover story 2511
Lethal shortages. Faloon, William Cover story 1355
Magnesium tied to lower stroke risk. Finkel, J. Brief article 186
Mechanisms of probiotic action: implications for therapeutic applications in inflammatory bowel diseases. Brief article 216
Microbes, intestinal inflammation and probiotics. Brief article 127
Modulation of fatty acids oxidation in heart failure by selective pharmacological inhibition of 3-ketoacyl coenzyme-a Thiolase. Brief article 175
Nobel prize winner sets sights on longevity. Laifer, Stephen 1024
Omega-3 improves peripheral nerve injury recovery. Dye, D. Brief article 173
Polyphenolic apple extracts: effects of raw material and production method on antioxidant effectiveness and reduction of DNA damage in caco-2 cells. Brief article 173
Probiotics and pharmabiotics: alternative medicine or an evidence-based alternative? Brief article 235
Probiotics and prebiotics in primary care for colon cancer. Brief article 211
Probiotics in the treatment of human inflammatory bowel diseases: update 2011. Brief article 172
Probiotics prevent the development of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH)-induced colonic tumorigenesis through suppressed colonic mucosa cellular proliferation and increased stimulation of macrophages. Brief article 242
Probiotics-host communication: modulation of signaling pathways in the intestine. Brief article 130
Procyanidins from apples (MALUS PUMILA MILL.) extend the life span of CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS. Brief article 210
Production of bioactive substances by intestinal bacteria as a basis for explaining probiotic mechanisms: bacteriocins and conjugated linoleic acid. Brief article 255
Protect yourself during a nuclear emergency. Wilkinson, Robert Report 3342
Regulation of tight junction permeability by intestinal bacteria and dietary components. Brief article 191
The antianginal drug trimetazidine shifts cardiac energy metabolism from fatty acid oxidation to glucose oxidation by inhibiting mitochondrial long-chain 3-ketoacyl coenzyme a thiolase. Report 428
The colonic microflora and probiotic therapy in health and disease. Brief article 163
The CR way[TM] to great glucose control. BMcGlothin, Paul; Averill, Meredith Report 1848
The effects of chronic trimetazidine treatment on mechanical function and fatty acid oxidation in diabetic rat hearts. Brief article 303
The overlooked role of probiotics in human health. Killian, Joyce Report 4849
The potential for probiotic manipulation of the gastrointestinal microbiome. Brief article 225
Trimetazidine-induced enhancement of myocardial glucose utilization in normal and ischemic myocardial tissue: an evaluation by positron emission tomography. Report 408
Trimetazidine: the heart drug you've never heard of. Peer Reviewed, Carl DeMarco; Strum, Stephen B. Report 5396
Vitamin B12 and folic acid improve memory in two year trial. Dye, D. Brief article 181
Vitamin D rejuvenates aging eyes in laboratory study. Dye, D. Brief article 204

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