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Letter: Remember the glory days of Hoddly and Waddly?

Byline: Tom Kelly People named Tom Kelly include:
  • Tom Kelly (baseball) (born 1950), former manager of the American baseball team the Minnesota Twins.
  • Tom Kelly (basketball) (born 1924), played in 27 games for the Boston Celtics in the 1948-49 NBA season.

AS SOMEONE who occasionally watches sport in France The French "national" sport is football (soccer). The most-watched sports in France are football (soccer), handball, basketball, rugby union, cycling, sailing and tennis.

Sport is encouraged in school, and local sports clubs receive financial support from the local governments.
, I was amused by the claim of Pierre Dupre and Jacques Faugeron (Letters, March 11) that "in France, all presenters try to pronounce English names correctly".

Strictly speaking Adv. 1. strictly speaking - in actual fact; "properly speaking, they are not husband and wife"
properly speaking, to be precise
, I suppose Oh Ga Ra (O'Gara) and Oh Driz Call (O'Driscoll), heard just a couple weeks ago on French television, are Irish. But what about Hoddly and Waddly some years back, when Glenn Hoddle played for Monaco and Chris Waddle for Marseille?

As for English having ten times more words than French, why is it, then, that my French friends take twice as long as we Brits to say almost anything, even though they speak at twice the speed?

Tom Kelly



Hoddly and Waddly: the French got to share in their footballing skills - but the Brits had their pop career all to themselves!
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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