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Lesson reaches beyond cooking.

--Huntsville Times, March 17, 2008

What's the correlation between science and cooking a cake? Daniel Adamek and Judy Brown, ACTE ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education (formerly American Vocational Association)
ACTE Association of Corporate Travel Executives
ACTE Approvals Committee for Terminal Equipment
ACTE Anodal Closure Tetanus
 Teacher of the Year, have developed a lesson called, "Savory savory, name for any plant of the genus Satureja, aromatic herbs and subshrubs of the family Labiatae (mint family). Commonly cultivated as border ornamentals or potherbs are two species of the Mediterranean region and surrounding areas: summer savory (S.  Science," which is a new hands-on professional development workshop for science, family and consumer sciences (FACS FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons


fluorescence-activated cell sorter.
) and agriscience teachers on the science of cooking. The video was broadcasted on ACCESS to teachers across Alabama Alabama, indigenous people of North America
Alabama (ăləbăm`ə), indigenous people of North America whose language belongs to the Muskogean branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).

The video showcases Brown and Adamek conducting a science experiment using an ordinary cake recipe, and cooking it 14 different ways with different ingredients.

The video provides teachers with new methods on how to teach advanced science concepts to their students. Brown works for the Alabama State Department of Education and tries to develop innovative ways to integrate career education into core academic courses. Adamek, who works with AZ Technologies in Huntsville, wrote the script for the ACCESS broadcast and helped write a lesson plan for teachers to use in the classroom. Vanessa Chandler Chandler, city (1990 pop. 90,533), Maricopa co., S central Ariz., in the Salt River valley; inc. 1920. It is both a residential community and a center for research and technology. Tourism is also important, and the San Marcos Golf Resort is in Chandler. , a FACS teacher at Lee High, enjoyed the cooking lesson--especially how math and science was integrated in the video.

"The generation these kids live in is hands-on," Chandler said. "If you keep them in the classroom and don't show them (how things work), you lose them."
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