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Legislative briefs.

legislative briefs

* The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (SN: 10/25/86, p.264) became law on Oct. 22. In addition to providing timetables and standards for dealing with asbestos in some 35,000 schools, it requires the Environmental Protection Agency not only to assess over the next year the extent to which asbestos-containing materials in public and commercial buildings threaten public health, but also to determine whether a program for inspection and remedial action -- similar to that now in place for schools--should be developed.

* President Reagan used his pocket veto on Nov. 2 to kill the proposed National Energy Conservation Act of 1986, a bill that would have set federal energy efficiency standards for consumer appliances.

* The President also pocket vetoed the Clean Water Act Reauthorization on Nov. 6. He wanted the bill to authorize only $6 billion for sewage treatment over 4 years, not the bill's proposed $18 billion over 9 years. The bill would also have set up a new program to control the runoff of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, from such non-industrial sources as farms and construction sites. "It's astounding that a concern at the top of the public environmental agenda would be ignored by the White House," says Sharon Newsome of the National Wildlife Federation, which lobbied for the bill's passage. The bill had also won unanimous House and Senate approval (SN: 10/25/86, p.264).
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Title Annotation:recent legislative action on energy and environment
Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 15, 1986
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