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Brown abroad: an empirical analysis of foreign judicial citation and the metaphor of cosmopolitan conversation. Lyke, Sheldon Bernard Jan 1, 2012 24699
Abandoning law reports for official digital case law. Martin, Peter W. Mar 22, 2011 26106
Can you cite to unpublished opinions? In Illinois state court, no. In Illinois-based federal district courts, yes. Jun 1, 2010 833
Re-engineering sources of law for unaided litigants. Leith, Philip Jan 1, 2010 4130
Bush Administration abusing "secret law". Aug 1, 2008 560
Citation form: keeping up with the times. Fox, Susan W.; Loquasto, Wendy S. Jan 1, 2007 4714
Local council rejects expansion plan for London's Stansted. Brief article Nov 30, 2006 109
'Shoplifters must face option of jail'. Brief article Nov 4, 2006 156
The death penalty and the debate over the U.S. Supreme Court's citation of foreign and international law. Segal, Yitzchok Nov 1, 2006 13390
Foreign and international law sources in domestic constitutional interpretation. Pryor, William H., Jr. Sep 22, 2006 1078
A snapshot of briefs, opinions, and citations in federal appeals. Reagan, Robert Timothy Sep 22, 2006 8416
Use of learned treatises on cross examination: practical considerations. Trentalange, Mike Jul 1, 2005 2605
Acas releases new free online learning package for managing redundancies. Brief Article Nov 30, 2004 104
Federal and state court rules governing publication and citation of opinions: an updated. Serfass, Melissa M.; Cranford, Jessie Wallace Sep 22, 2004 11607
Ensuring tax exemption when licensing association lists. Arend, Thomas E. Mar 1, 2004 1008
No-citation rules under siege: a battlefield report and analysis. Barnett, Stephen R. Sep 22, 2003 11202
Anastasoff, unpublished opinions, and federal appellate justice. Tobias, Carl Jun 22, 2002 5830
Precedent, judicial power, and the constitutionality of "no-citation" rules in the federal courts of appeals. Laretto, Kenneth Anthony May 1, 2002 9507
From Anastasoff to Hart to West's Federal Appendix: the ground shifts under no-citation rules. Barnett, Stephen R. Mar 22, 2002 10926
Classical citation. Coale, David S. Sep 22, 2001 3823
Will The ALWD Citation Manual v. The Bluebook be the trial of the century? Good, C. Edward Sep 1, 2001 2617
Will the Bluebook sing the blues? Good, C. Edward Bibliography Jan 1, 2001 2496
Eighth Circuit declares citation ban unconstitutional. Magnuson, Carolyn Jan 1, 2001 606
Unclutter the text by footnoting citations. Garner, Bryan A. Nov 1, 1997 1875
'The Cathedral' at twenty-five: citations and impressions. Krier, James E.; Schwab, Stewart J. May 1, 1997 6690
Vendor-neutral citation system is gaining popularity. Hellwege, Jean Jun 1, 1996 544

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