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Lean maintenance.


Lean maintenance.

Levitt, Joel Joel, book of the Bible
Joel, prophetic book of the Bible. It is a collection of the oracles of an otherwise unknown prophet, dated variously from the 9th to the 3d cent. B.C., though a date in c.400 B.C. is likely.

Industrial Press


240 pages




Levitt, a leading trainer trainer Vox populi One who trains or instructs a person in improving that person's performance in a particular activity. See Athletic trainer, Personal trainer.  of maintenance professionals, applies lean principles to the field by stressing smaller environmental footprints through the reduction of waste. Written for corporate supervisors, engineers and managers, this guide shows step-by-step strategies for identifying waste in paperwork, computer systems and warehouses. Checklists and forms are also provided for every type of lean project, emphasizing how the contributions of every employee are needed for the best results, and how these results can be obtained in as little as one hour after reading the book.

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Portland, town (1991 pop. 12,945), Dorset, S England. It is on the Isle of Portland, a small rocky peninsula. Portland stone has been used in St. Paul's Cathedral and other important London buildings. Lobsters and crabs are harvested.
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