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NHRC and SQU Mark International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Mar 21, 2016 286
United States : Governor Cuomo Announces New York State Real Estate Board Approval of Regulations to Strengthen Fair Housing Enforcement Efforts. Feb 26, 2016 679
'LAST' test. Brief article Jul 16, 2015 125
Farage ignites a new race storm. Mar 13, 2015 456
'Divisive' Farage under attack for race laws stance. Mar 13, 2015 464
Racial classification and ascriptive injury. Gowder, Paul Feb 1, 2015 9310
Racial classification and ascriptive injury. Gowder, Paul Feb 1, 2015 24262
The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Brown, Paulette Feb 1, 2015 9754
Australia At Risk Of Paris-Like Terror Attacks; Liberal MP Urges Gov't To Amend Racial Discrimination Act. Jan 12, 2015 364
Unethical intrusion: the disproportionate impact of law enforcement DNA sampling on minority populations. Cox, Rachel Jan 1, 2015 10880
Sick and tired of being sick and tired: putting an end to separate and unequal health care in the United States 50 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Yearby, Ruqaiijah Jan 1, 2015 12941
Affirmative action ending? Certain legal cases have left experts speculating where race-conscious admissions are headed. Davis, Kimberly Oct 9, 2014 1644
The battle over voter IDs: as more states adopt voter identification laws, college students are the latest group to cry foul. Potenza, Alessandra Oct 6, 2014 1663
Social housing and the LGBT communities; Repealing discriminatory laws was just the first step toward legal protection and equality for all. Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, explains. Sep 18, 2014 651
Australia PM Tony Abbott Strengthens Terror Laws, Junks Reforms to Racial Discrimination Act. Aug 6, 2014 372
Blind injustice: the Supreme Court, implicit racial bias, and the racial disparity in the criminal justice system. Clemons, John Tyler Jun 22, 2014 12330
The unrelenting libertarian challenge to public accommodations law. Bagenstos, Samuel R. Jun 1, 2014 17434
Hundreds of Australians Protest Reforms to Race Laws as Labour Prepares to Block Changes. May 26, 2014 342
Most in U.S. Support Laws to Crack Down on Weight Discrimination. May 5, 2014 1106
Linn Washington Jr.: Racism Infecting So Many Sectors of American Society. Apr 21, 2014 2248
Legal landscape: the legal environment has ebbed and flowed in its support of advancing diversity. Freedman, Eric Mar 13, 2014 1638
Holder, Duncan Unveil race-based school discipline guidelines. Feb 3, 2014 357
The Supreme Court's perversion of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Graglia, Lino A. Jan 1, 2014 3399
The odd evolution of the civil rights state. Melnick, R. Shep Jan 1, 2014 8261
Originalism and the colorblind Constitution. Rappaport, Michael B. Nov 1, 2013 11564
Originalism and the colorblind Constitution. Rappaport, Michael B. Nov 1, 2013 19524
Mandatory sentencing and racial disparity: assessing the role of prosecutors and the effects of Booker. Starr, Sonja B.; Rehavi, M. Marit Oct 1, 2013 10147
Mandatory sentencing and racial disparity: assessing the role of prosecutors and the effects of Booker. Starr, Sonja B.; Rehavi, M. Marit Oct 1, 2013 22830
Locking up racial bias: States continue to look for ways to reduce disparities in the juvenile justice system. Brown, Sarah Oct 1, 2013 1112
Post-Zimmerman, Blacks More Concerned About Civil Rights; Even before verdict, blacks less upbeat than whites about civil rights gains. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 26, 2013 1726
African Americans Compare Treatment of Palestinians to US Segregation Laws. Jul 2, 2013 398
Blackness as delinquency. Butler, Cheryl Nelson Jul 1, 2013 7682
Blackness as delinquency. Butler, Cheryl Nelson Jul 1, 2013 21108
The vanguard of equality: the Iowa Supreme Court's journey to stay ahead of the curve on an arc bending towards justice. Cady, Mark S. Jun 22, 2013 5430
Race and the disappointing right to counsel. Chin, Gabriel J. Jun 1, 2013 10844
Next-generation civil rights lawyers: race and representation in the age of identity performance. Alfieri, Anthony V.; Onwuachi-Willig, Angela Apr 1, 2013 13440
Next-generation civil rights lawyers: race and representation in the age of identity performance. Alfieri, Anthony V.; Onwuachi-Willig, Angela Apr 1, 2013 18234
Showing agency on the margins: African American Railway Workers in the South and their Unions, 1917-1930. Kelly, Joseph Essay Mar 22, 2013 12239
Ideological orientation of professors and equity policies for racialized minorities. Nakhaie, Reza Essay Mar 22, 2013 10943
The 82ND session of the United Nations. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 272
Islamophobia demands law, equality as anti-Semitism -- OIC. Sep 26, 2012 953
United States : Meyer Tool will pay $325,000 to 60 African-American applicants to settle US Labor Department allegations of racial discrimination at Cincinnati plant. Sep 18, 2012 420
The 1969 African Refugee Convention: innovations, misconceptions, and omissions. Sharpe, Marina Sep 1, 2012 14072
"A horrible fascination": segregation, obscenity & the cultural contingency of rights. Walker, Anders Jul 1, 2012 19838
Reimagining criminal prosecution: toward a color-conscious professional ethic for prosecutors. Murray, Justin Jun 22, 2012 20594
Soul-searching for racial justice. Mikulich, Alex May 25, 2012 977
Northeastern students face racial discrimination, says Mukul Sangma. Apr 30, 2012 257
Chile: equal rights bill fast-tracked following beating death of gay man. Witte-Lebhar, Benjamin Apr 20, 2012 1626
Rights and votes. Levinson, Daryl J. Apr 1, 2012 33140
Grand Chief "obligated" to share plight of Aboriginal people with UN. Narine, Shari Apr 1, 2012 542
Racial inclusion, exclusion and segregation in constitutional law. Adams, Michelle Mar 22, 2012 13784
Redistricting in today's shifting racial landscape. Thernstrom, Abigail Mar 22, 2012 22949
Democrats at DOJ: why partisan use of the Voting Rights Act might not be so bad after all. Katz, Ellen D. Mar 22, 2012 8357
The folly - and faith - of Furman. Blume, John H.; Johnson, Sheri Lynn Mar 22, 2012 2219
A sober second thought. Schapiro, Andrew H. Mar 22, 2012 5518
The abyss of racism. Sullivan, J. Thomas Mar 22, 2012 12036
Insult or honor? Indian-themed mascots are a tradition for thousands of school and pro sports teams in the U.S. But many Native Americans find the imagery offensive. Majerol, Veronica Cover story Feb 20, 2012 1557
UN body criticizes Israel''s discriminatory practices. Feb 17, 2012 672
Arizona Senate Bill 1070, Brignoni, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: has the United States complied with its treaty obligations, and should it in the future? Erwin, Anna C. Jan 1, 2012 11224
The future of the Voting Rights Act: lessons from the history of school (re-)segregation. Faircloth, Frances E. Jan 1, 2012 6117
The "other" side of Richardson v. Ramirez: a textual challenge to felon disenfranchisement. Hinchcliff, Abigail M. Oct 1, 2011 17970
Life cycles of American legal history through Bob Dylan's eyes. Serafino, Laurie Oct 1, 2011 15597
Implementing Grutter's diversity rationale: diversity and empathy in leadership. Lee, Rebecca K. Sep 22, 2011 25373
Racial profiling - separate and unequal keeping the minorities in line - the role of law enforcement in America. Walker, April Jun 22, 2011 18917
Why we cannot ask why: ethical independence and voter intent. Taylor, Tim Jun 22, 2011 7077
SEEMO Concerned over Growing Restrictions on Press Freedom in Bulgaria. Apr 19, 2011 553
Xerox Corporation Employee Wins $804,214 in Employment Claim for Unlawful Retaliation. Apr 8, 2011 1035
Comment tu dis 'racism'? Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Mar 31, 2011 123
Neighbor-on-neighbor harassment: does the Fair Housing Act make a federal case out of it? Schwemm, Robert G. Mar 22, 2011 37710
The politics of hate speech: a case comment on Warman v. Lemire. Agarwal, Ranjan K. Mar 22, 2011 5897
Protecting religions from "defamation": a threat to universal human rights standards. Leo, Leonard A.; Gaer, Felice D.; Cassidy, Elizabeth K. Mar 22, 2011 6434
Lethbridge sets fight against racism, discrimination as priority. Pogorzelski, Roy Mar 1, 2011 457
Does the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee equal justice for all? Calabresi, Steven G. Jan 1, 2011 3088
The proper remedy for a lack of Batson findings: the fall-out from Snyder v. Louisiana. Burgess, William H.; Smith, Douglas G. Jan 1, 2011 12980
Hysteria and discrimination: Canada's harsh response to refugees and migrants who arrive by sea. Neve, Alex; Russell, Tiisetso Jan 1, 2011 3526
The first generation of Muslim intellectuals and the 'rights of man'. Bigdeli, Sadeq Z. Jan 1, 2011 14176
Deconstructing transnationalism: conceptualizing metanationalism as a putative model of evolving jurisprudence. Enriquez, Paul Nov 1, 2010 33429
A Herculean leap for the hard case of post-acquisition claims: interpreting Fair Housing Act section 3604(b) after Modesto. Pennisi, Mary Oct 1, 2010 31081
The argot of equality: on the importance of disentangling "diversity" and "remediation" as justifications for race-conscious government action. Krotoszynski, Ronald J., Jr. Sep 1, 2010 36814
Rediscovering Oyama v. California: at the intersection of property, race, and citizenship. Villazor, Rose Cuison Sep 1, 2010 30429
CERD welcomes Morocco's adoption of laws on racial discrimination. Aug 27, 2010 195
Complimentary discrimination and complementary discrimination in faculty hiring. Onwuachi-Willig, Angela Jul 1, 2010 18694
Racial and ethnic disparity and criminal justice: how much is too much? Crutchfield, Robert D.; Fernandes, April; Martinez, Jorge Jun 22, 2010 11444
One hundred years of race and crime. Butler, Paul Jun 22, 2010 8068
Class-based affirmative action: creating a new model of diversity in higher education. Goldsmith, Neil Jun 22, 2010 14332
The reverse-Batson: wrestling with the habeas remedy. Tetelbaum, Elina May 1, 2010 4584
Race, religion and nationality in immigration selection: 120 years after the Chinese exclusion case. Orgad, Liav; Ruthizer, Theodore Mar 22, 2010 24201
Cities as emergent systems: race as a rule in organized complexity. Lord, Charles; Norquist, Keaton Mar 22, 2010 22647
Proms and other racial ephemera: the positive social construction of African Americans in the "post"-civil rights era. Wanzo, Rebecca Mar 22, 2010 12080
How the biological/social divide limits disability and equality. McCluskey, Martha T. Mar 22, 2010 18939
Militant covering. Paradise, Brandon Mar 22, 2010 20994
The Alien Tort Statute and the limits of individual accountability in international law. Wallach, David Jan 1, 2010 28640
Title VII's conflicting "twin pillars" in Ricci v. DeStefano. DeAngelo, Kathy Jan 1, 2010 6013
Title VII, voluntary compliance and Ricci: rescuing municipalities from a legal 'backdraft'. Stueckle, Jared D. Jan 1, 2010 9411
The Internet is for discrimination: practical difficulties and theoretical hurdles facing the Fair Housing Act online. Wholey, Matthew T. Jan 1, 2010 19771
Colorblind diversity: the changing significance of "race" in the post-Bakke era. Baldwin, Bridgette Dec 22, 2009 12439
Cultural inversion and the one-drop rule: an essay on biology, racial classification, and the rhetoric of racial transcendence. Post, Deborah Waire Dec 22, 2009 9972
Computer games, racial pleasure, and discursive racial spaces. Gotanda, Neil Dec 22, 2009 3259
Transnational dimensions of race in America. Lewis, Hope Dec 22, 2009 12232
On account of race or color: race as corporation and the original understanding of race. Oh, Reginald Dec 22, 2009 5311
Defining race through law: enforcing the social norms of power and privilege. Young, Donna E. Dec 22, 2009 2480
Laying down the law: post-racialism and the deracination project. Halewood, Peter Dec 22, 2009 2505
Shattered: afterword for defining race, a joint symposium of the Albany Law Review and the Albany Journal of Science and Technology. Farley, Anthony Paul Dec 22, 2009 9939
Understanding race: the evolution of the meaning of race in American Law and the impact of DNA technology on its meaning in the future. Lowe, William Q. Dec 22, 2009 12818
Created in its image: the race analogy, gay identity, and gay litigation in the 1950s-1970s. Konnoth, Craig J. Nov 1, 2009 25195
DOJ celebrates 45th anniversary of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Mann, Bonnie Brief article Aug 3, 2009 308
Racial exhaustion. Hutchinson, Darren Lenard Jul 1, 2009 23966
Disappearing without a case - the constitutionality of race-conscious scholarships in higher education. Elson, Alexander S. Jul 1, 2009 24091
Flawed arguments and omitted truths a commentary of the "ELIAMEP thesis" on the "name issue". Misev, Vladimir; Vitkov, David Jul 1, 2009 4813
Unfinished business: the Bush Administration and racial preferences. Clegg, Roger Jun 22, 2009 9675
Racial classification in assisted reproduction. Fox, Dov Jun 1, 2009 26287
Niger slavery case at ECOWAS court. Brief article May 1, 2009 314
NHS 'failing' on race equality promotion. Brief article May 1, 2009 164
Racing the closet. Robinson, Russell K. Apr 1, 2009 38459
The high cost of segregation: exploring racial disparities in high-cost lending. Been, Vicki; Ellen, Ingrid; Madar, Josiah Apr 1, 2009 12408
Race, drugs, and law enforcement in the United States. Fellner, Jamie Mar 22, 2009 18091
R. v. Kapp: new directions for section 15. Moreau, Sophia Mar 22, 2009 7196
Shades of the American dream. Brown, Dorothy A. Mar 1, 2009 22503
Getting real about race and prisoner rights. Mushlin, Michael B.; Galtz, Naomi Roslyn Jan 1, 2009 11525
A tale of two debtors: bankruptcy disparities by race. Van Loo, Rory Jan 1, 2009 9294
"Arms in the hands of Jews are a danger to public safety": Nazism, firearm registration, and the night of the broken glass. Halbrook, Stephen P. Jan 1, 2009 14244
Mexican Americans on border denied passports. Lovato, Roberto Oct 17, 2008 565
Dignity restored. Welch, Morgan E. Sep 1, 2008 1065
"Nigger": a critical race realist analysis of the N-word within hate crimes law. Parks, Gregory S.; Jones, Shayne E. Jun 22, 2008 19262
Effective warnings before consent searches: practical, necessary, and desirable. Phillips, Matthew Jun 22, 2008 13281
Firing based on interracial relationship is illegal, Second Circuit says. Walters, Cecily Jun 1, 2008 587
The evolving federal role in bias crime law enforcement and the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007. Lawrence, Frederick M. Mar 22, 2008 16202
Race and democratic contestation. Kang, Michael S. Mar 1, 2008 30396
Employment issues. Feb 6, 2008 418
Affirmative action or passive participation in perpetuating discrimination? The future of race-based preferences in government contracting. Bradley, Patricia C. Feb 1, 2008 11545
Leveling the playing field: can Title VII work to increase minority coaching hires in NCAA athletics? Maravent, Bram; Tario, Ben Oct 1, 2007 4504
Race-based school assignments after Parents Involved in Community Schools: in one of the most talked-about and contentious rulings of its 2007 term, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the race-based plans for assigning students to public schools in Seattle and Louisville. But what kinds of plans pass constitutional muster? Wojcik, Mark E. Oct 1, 2007 4110
Just Americans: how Japanese Americans won a war at home and abroad. Wrachford, Jason S. Sep 1, 2007 3116
Research and Markets: Caste-based Discrimination in International Human Rights Law. Aug 14, 2007 418
Undermining individual and collective citizenship: the impact of exclusion laws on the African-American community. Mitchell, S. David Apr 1, 2007 22462
Disability Law Is an Increasingly Important Area in Combating Disability Discrimination; This New Book Provides Readers With a Better Understanding of Inequality. Mar 12, 2007 446
City governments and predatory lending. Entin, Jonathan L.; Yazback, Shadya Y. Mar 1, 2007 12289
The second-order structure of immigration law. Cox, Adam B.; Posner, Eric A. Feb 1, 2007 25331
"A nation of minorities": race, ethnicity, and reactionary colorblindness. Haney Lopez, Ian F. Feb 1, 2007 37800
An essay for Keisha (and a response to Professor Ford). Flagg, Barbara J. Jan 1, 2007 13415
Gender performance over job performance: body art work rules and the continuing subordination of the feminine. Gillan, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2007 28409
Testing the limits of antidiscrimination law: the business, legal, and ethical ramifications of cultural profiling at work. Roberts, Darryl D. Jan 1, 2007 19295
The hair dilemma: conform to mainstream expectations or emphasize racial identity. Dumas, Tracy L. Jan 1, 2007 7549
Governing racist content on the Internet: national and international responses. Akdeniz, Yaman Jan 1, 2007 20655
Legal experts await Supreme Court's ruling on race-conscious admissions in public schools. Asquith, Christina Dec 28, 2006 734
Turning up the heat on affirmative action policies: Asian American student claims his race kept him out of Princeton. Galuszka, Peter Dec 14, 2006 782
Racial discrimination in nightclubs. McKay-Panos, Linda Nov 1, 2006 905
A dialogue. Amar, Akhil Reed; Rubenfeld, Jed Jun 1, 2006 9395
Foreword: "separate but equal" in prison: Johnson v. California and common sense racism. Robertson, James E. Mar 22, 2006 26774
Johnson v. California: the Supreme Court invades the States' authority to establish criminal procedures. Smith, Jacob Mar 22, 2006 14437
Prison time, fines, and federal white-collar criminals: the anatomy of a racial disparity. Schanzenbach, Max M.; Yaeger, Michael L. Jan 1, 2006 14386
Testamentary conditions in restraint of religion in the twenty-first century: an Anglo-Canadian perspective. Grattan, Sheena; Conway, Heather Nov 1, 2005 22205
New data tells an old story of disparities in health care. Jablow, Valerie Nov 1, 2005 1013
Disparity: the normative and empirical failure of the federal guidelines. Alschuler, Albert W. Oct 1, 2005 15311
Court looks again at race and peremptory challenges. Bradley, Craig M. Oct 1, 2005 2390
Not necessarily in conflict: Americans can be both united and culturally diverse. Braceras, Jennifer C. Sep 22, 2005 2110
News for the libertarians: the moral tradition already contains the libertarian premises. Arkes, Hadley Sep 22, 2005 5246
Reber. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 222
To insure prejudice: racial disparities in taxicab tipping. Ayres, Ian; Vars, Fredrick E.; Zakariya, Nasser May 1, 2005 26887
"Press prudence," Nazi student orders, and Jim Crow. Pollak, Louis H. Dec 1, 2004 3596
The conception of Brown. Carter, Robert L. Dec 1, 2004 2980
The judicial betrayal of blacks - again: the Supreme Court's destruction of the hopes raised by Brown v. Board of Education. Jones, Nathaniel R. Dec 1, 2004 8215
Addressing urban transportation equity in the United States. Bullard, Robert D. Oct 1, 2004 11534
Ninth Circuit lets minority company sue for racial discrimination. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Aug 1, 2004 466
Under the radar: political correctness never died. Young, Cathy Jul 1, 2004 1289
Second Circuit makes 'workfare' more fair. Sileo, Carmel May 1, 2004 631
The social and moral cost of mass incarceration in African American communities. Roberts, Dorothy E. Apr 1, 2004 16075
In defense of deference. Fuentes-Rohwer, Luis; Charles, Guy-Uriel E. Mar 22, 2004 17220
The dark side of Grutter. Spann, Girardeau A. Mar 22, 2004 13068
Secrecy and dishonesty: the Supreme Court, racial preferences, and higher education. Thernstrom, Abigail; Thernstrom, Stephan Mar 22, 2004 9473
International human rights law perspective on Grutter and Gratz. Weissbrodt, David Mar 22, 2004 4785
Denying convicts the right to vote may violate due process. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Mar 1, 2004 638
Race as mission critical: the occupational need rationale in military affirmative action and beyond. Leach, Bryan W. Mar 1, 2004 22669
Merchant's racial slurs violated customer's civil rights, N.J. court says. Moen, Christian Harlan Jan 1, 2004 854
Juries and race in the nineteenth century. Forman, James, Jr. Jan 1, 2004 22859
European ethnic groups win protection from bias in jury selection. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Nov 1, 2003 531
After 9/11, an assault on civil liberties: the worst terrorist attack on American soil jolted a populace complacent about national security. It also sparked an unprecedented backlash against Arab-Americans and restrictions on long-cherished rights. Now critics ask: has the government gone too far? Oct 1, 2003 3177
Metamorphosis: from statistics into cockroaches, a response to Professor Cohen's a study of invidious racial discrimination in admissions at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: Monty Python and Frank Kafka meet a probit regression. Domenech, Daniel A. Sep 22, 2003 2046
Straw men, fibs, and other academic sins. Cohen, Lloyd Sep 22, 2003 6602
The diversity lie. Fitzpatrick, Brian T. Sep 22, 2003 5063
State and local responsibilities under federal acts and laws: two instances. (Legal Briefs). Sikora, Vincent A. Jul 1, 2003 1429
Striking a balance on hate speech. Chemerinsky, Erwin Jul 1, 2003 1524
White supremacy in the movement against the prison-industrial complex. Appel, Liz Jun 22, 2003 3285
From victims to victors; A Chinese contribution to American law: Yick Wo versus Hopkins. McClain, Laurene Wu Jan 1, 2003 9513
Equality in the workplace: Senate passes federal anti-discrimination legislation. (Washington Report). Hocker, Cliff Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 589
Increased use of 1866 law seen in race bias cases. Scarlett, Thomas Jan 1, 2002 568
Keeping the Constitution's promise: an argument for greater judicial scrutiny of federal alienage classifications. Boyd, Tamra M. Nov 1, 2001 14633
Archer Tells Senate Panel to End Racial Profiling. Rigsby, Deborah Aug 6, 2001 1125
The changing scope of the fundamental principle of equality? Barnard, Catherine Aug 1, 2001 10684
Congress Resumes Efforts To End Racial Profiling. Rigsby, Deborah Jun 11, 2001 1048
Supreme Court Limits Scope of Civil Rights Suits. Otero, Juan Apr 30, 2001 1216
Ashcroft Pledges An End to Racial Profiling. Hogan, Cyndy Liedtke Brief Article Mar 19, 2001 929
Hundreds of Cities Pass `Undoing Racism' Proclamations. Oct 2, 2000 1182
Safeguarding equal protection rights: the search for an exclusionary rule under the equal protection clause. Holland, Brooks Jun 22, 2000 17813
House Judiciary Committee Passes Bill Aimed at Racial Profiling. Rigsby, Deborah Brief Article Mar 6, 2000 542
Scapegoats. MELLEMA, GREGORY Jan 1, 2000 5254
Performing whiteness: naturalization litigation and the construction of racial identity in America. Tehranian, John Jan 1, 2000 14799
Police and Racial Profiling. Brief Article Sep 6, 1999 456
Black Codes and broken windows: the legacy of racial hegemony in anti-gang civil injunctions. Stewart, Gary May 1, 1998 14892
Reassessing the paradigm of domestication: the problematic of indigenous treaties. Schulte-Tenckhoff, Isabelle Jan 1, 1998 20854
Discrimination by proxy. Alexander, Larry; Cole, Kevin Dec 22, 1997 4209
Principled limitations on racial and partisan redistricting. Pildes, Richard H. Jun 1, 1997 28809
Moving on ... with a little help. Apr 1, 1996 1030
Protecting immigrants against discrimination. Ancheta, Angelo N. Feb 1, 1996 2865
The Tower of Babel: bridging the divide between critical race theory and "mainstream" civil rights scholarship. Brown, Eleanor Marie Nov 1, 1995 17562
Affirmative action and the persistence of racism. Stein, Nancy Sep 22, 1995 7412
Cooked books. Zycher, Benjamin Nov 1, 1994 2328
Justice Blackmun and racial justice. Hair, Penda D. Oct 1, 1994 8097

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