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Cognetyx Announces Launch of "Ambient Cognitive Cyber Surveillance" to Help Safeguard Medical Information. Jun 27, 2016 1626
Consumer Watchdog Opposes Proposed LA Home Sharing Law That Violates Privacy. Jun 15, 2016 652
Netskope Report Reveals 75 Percent of Cloud Apps Not Ready for EU General Data Protection Regulation. Jun 9, 2016 1957
United States : Obama Govt. looks to revise surveillance law to give FBI explicit authority. Jun 9, 2016 178
NYU Researchers Find Weak Spots in Europe's "Right to be Forgotten" Data Privacy Law. Jun 7, 2016 1117
British lawmakers pass new digital surveillance law. Jun 7, 2016 102
31 States introduce student data privacy bills. DeNisco, Alison Jun 1, 2016 228
GDPR: A global game changer? Brief article Jun 1, 2016 132
FCC's Set-top Box Plan Would Increase Competition And Cut Costs, But Should Not Be Enacted Unless Pandora's Box Of Privacy Issues Are Solved, Consumer Watchdog Says. May 24, 2016 625
New Zealand : Inspecting electronic devices a potential privacy threat. May 21, 2016 208
New EEOC Regulations Greatly Weaken Healthcare Privacy, Potentially Harmful Medically, and Trigger Heavy Financial Penalties on Employees and Families. May 20, 2016 730
Consumer Groups Back FCC Rulemaking On Internet Privacy Protections. May 11, 2016 481
Canada : Ontario Passes Legislation to Protect Patient Privacy and Improve Transparency. May 6, 2016 349
Drones grounded: UAV restrictions. Suderman, Peter Brief article May 1, 2016 205
"We all deserve protection when we are vulnerable": in campaigning to change NSW laws on privacy and voyeurism, Brieana Rose gave evidence to a NSW Legislative Council inquiry into remedies for breaches of privacy. May 1, 2016 581
Call for privacy law reform after not so smart phone abuse: A Sydney woman is winning public support for changes to laws on privacy and voyeurism after a nurse took an unauthorised photograph of her genitals and showed it to others. May 1, 2016 923
IAITAM: U.S. Companies Need To Gear Up Now For New EU Data Privacy Regulations. Apr 28, 2016 1178
United States : CompTIA and 26 Tech Councils Commend House Passage of Email Privacy Act. Apr 28, 2016 366
United Kingdom : GSMA welcomes new EU data protection rules and review of e-privacy law. Apr 15, 2016 227
Privacy of residential areas preserved. Apr 13, 2016 395
Bloomberg LAW-IAPP Survey Reveals Growing Market for Outside Legal Counsel on Privacy and Data Security Issues. Apr 5, 2016 1022
Civil society criticized proposed Cyber Crime Bill. Apr 2, 2016 291
Consumer Watchdog Praises FCC Action To Protect Broadband Customers' Privacy. Mar 31, 2016 441
Privacy Ref Offers New Accountability Implementation Service(TM). Mar 31, 2016 704
Insider Threat Management Hosts Insider Threat Law: Balancing Privacy and Protection Webinar. Mar 29, 2016 667
BDA State of the Market 2016 - A Blueprint for Governments, Enterprises, and Consumers. Mar 24, 2016 721
BDA State of the Market 2016 - A Blueprint for Governments, Enterprises, and Consumers. Mar 24, 2016 761
Privacy And Data Security Experts Weigh In On Major Industry Trends In Video Recap Of Recent Bloomberg Law Events. Mar 24, 2016 669
Feds propose update to substance use privacy rules. McKnight, Whitney Mar 1, 2016 399
The 'witch hunt' circular, the profiling bill and Islamo-fascism. Feb 26, 2016 1262
Encryption cleared: Paris attacks. Shackford, Scott Brief article Feb 26, 2016 204
A guide to cyber insurance. Feb 1, 2016 879
Bloomberg Law Hosting Live Events In Washington, D.C. And San Francisco Spotlighting Major 2016 Privacy Trends. Jan 29, 2016 880
Consumer Watchdog Joins Call For FCC To Enact Strong Broadband Privacy Rules. Jan 20, 2016 602
Global Email Encryption Market 2015-2020 - Adoption of Standards and Privacy Regulations, Growing Demand for Cloud-Based Services& Rising Concern About Internal Theft Among Users. Jan 6, 2016 754
Global Email Encryption Market 2015-2020 - Adoption of Standards and Privacy Regulations, Growing Demand for Cloud-Based Services& Rising Concern About Internal Theft Among Users. Jan 6, 2016 760
Data protection across the pond: the implications of the EU's new data privacy law. Piper, Arthur Jan 1, 2016 1960
Study: no expectation of privacy in Massachusetts schools. Jan 1, 2016 366
EU privacy regulations' impact on information governance. Schoch, Teresa Pritchard Jan 1, 2016 2532
Pursue privacy roles to propel your career. Dmytrenko, April Jan 1, 2016 1864
How to protect yourself from medical identity theft: tips from the DON CIO. Jan 1, 2016 1313
Processing personal data by cookies. Maxim, Marioara Jan 1, 2016 5575
Nursing students' use of electronic and social media: law, ethics, and e-professionalism. Westrick, Susan J. Jan 1, 2016 6086
Bill eliminates annual appraiser privacy notice obligation. Jan 1, 2016 117
NAFCU Calls for Privacy Notice Guidance. Dec 21, 2015 427
New DMV Robot Car Rules Prioritize Safety; Follow Consumer Watchdog's Call To Require Steering Wheel And Pedals; Privacy & Cybersecurity Also Addressed. Dec 16, 2015 605
Consumer Watchdog Joins Coalition Opposing Data Security Bill That Would Weaken Consumer Protections. Dec 7, 2015 551
Privacy Notice Bill Clears Senate. Dec 3, 2015 494
EU wants to give national privacy regulators more clout in new U.S. data pact. Nov 27, 2015 151
Our View: AKEL using pretext of human rights to protect wrongdoers. Nov 25, 2015 548
CISA passes Senate, threatens liberty and privacy. Nov 23, 2015 339
Canada : New bill to require Liberal Govt. to set and impose standards for cyber security and privacy protection for Ontario's smart grid. Nov 14, 2015 212
Legislators trying to keep pace with changing methods of communication; Whether you're a spy or a staunch defender of privacy, the revamp of laws covering snooping powers has been a long time coming, writes Hayden Smith. Nov 5, 2015 465
50% Of American Businesses Aren't Aware Or Preparing For The Most Significant Data Privacy Change In 20 Years. Nov 5, 2015 1012
Policies and processes for protecting information. Chiaiese, Beth Nov 1, 2015 3675
OverPlay VPN Secures Online Privacy Amidst New Australian Data Retention Laws. Oct 28, 2015 669 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Under Strong Opposition. Oct 27, 2015 567
Bloomberg Law And Paul Hastings Hosting Complimentary Webinar October 16 On Implications Of Overturn Of U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Accord. Oct 14, 2015 701
Intention to Proceed on a sole source basis on an academic study on foreign fighters and human rights. Oct 1, 2015 408
Google's Waze Crowdsourced Traffic and Navigation App is a Hit, But How Does It Impact Privacy, the Law...and Google Maps? Oct 1, 2015 538
Developing a cyberbreach strategy. Tuttle, Hilary Oct 1, 2015 3049
Forty-sixth selected bibliography on computers, technology and the law: (January 2014 through December 2014). Sep 22, 2015 9943
Navigating student data privacy laws. Holcomb, Carolyn Sep 1, 2015 1101
Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era. Book review Sep 1, 2015 211
We're still waiting for encryption standards: consumers are responsible for ensuring the data they share is secure. Chaffee, Devon Aug 21, 2015 800
Fairness needed for privacy rules. Aug 17, 2015 209
TRUSTe Fall/Winter Privacy Insight Series to Tackle Hot Privacy Issues for Businesses. Aug 12, 2015 695
Google's Waze Crowdsourced Traffic and Navigation App is a Hit, But How Does It Impact Privacy, the Law and Google Maps? Jul 23, 2015 412
Google's Waze Crowdsourced Traffic and Navigation App is a Hit, But How Does It Impact Privacy, the Law and Google Maps? Jul 23, 2015 452
HRW: Kuwait DNA Tests Violate Right to Privacy. Jul 21, 2015 247
Consumer Watchdog Backs Consumer Privacy Protection Act Introduced By Rep. Cicilline. Jul 8, 2015 460
To sniff or not to sniff: making sense of past and recent state and federal decisions in connection with drug-detection dogs - where do we go from here? Zanello, Lindsay N. Jun 22, 2015 15054
Consumer Watchdog Opposes San Francisco Home Sharing Law That Violates Privacy. Jun 9, 2015 673
Renowned Defender of Internet Privacy and Civil Liberties, Jennifer Granick, to Keynote Black Hat USA 2015. Jun 4, 2015 994
Orange Jordan CEO asks govt to avoid over-regulation on privacy issues. Jun 2, 2015 175
Data privacy in our federalist system: toward an evaluative framework for state privacy laws. Glosson, Tony Jun 1, 2015 10277
Draconian Data Retention Law Spurs Uptick in FlashRouters Sales in Australia. May 7, 2015 785
Consumer Watchdog Challenges Proponents Of San Francisco Home Sharing Regulation Ballot Initiative To Withdraw Measure's Privacy Flaws That Violate City's Core Values. May 4, 2015 928
UN makes right to privacy a priority. Brief article May 1, 2015 183
Consumer Watchdog Backs Consumer Privacy Protection Act Introduced By Sen. Leahy. Apr 30, 2015 372
New Oman Information Law to secure privacy. Apr 28, 2015 448
California Sen. McGuire's SB 593 Would Provide 'Blank Search Warrant' To Cities, Invading Privacy Of Consumers Using Home Sharing Websites, Says Consumer Watchdog. Apr 20, 2015 700
Uncle Sam wants your Fitbit: the fight for Internet freedom gets physical. Thierer, Adam Apr 18, 2015 2942
French Privacy Advocates Protest New Spying Laws. Apr 14, 2015 394
California Privacy Advocates Urge Defeat of Federal Data Breach Notice Bill. Apr 14, 2015 422
CipherCloud Responds to Cloud Security Opportunities Created by Stricter Privacy Laws in the Dutch Market. Mar 26, 2015 890
Obama proposes federal student digital privacy act. Williams, Lauren Mar 1, 2015 351
Google and UK call a truce on privacy policy. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 228
Proposed customer data retention sounds alarm in Australia. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 285
The cookie trail: Why IG pros must follow the crumbs. Grysiuk, Mark Mar 1, 2015 2542
Social stumbling blocks: most in-house counsel understand U.S. social media discovery, but what about discovery abroad? Warren, Zach Feb 1, 2015 1209
APEC Member Economies Unanimously Approve TRUSTe's Renewal as Accountability Agent for Cross Border Privacy Rules System. Jan 27, 2015 636
Consumer Watchdog Warns Obama Not To Undercut Strong State Data and Privacy Laws. Jan 12, 2015 316
You have the power to control what aspects of your medical history may be shared, and with whom. Learn what the laws are and how to protect yourself. Adelman, Beth Dec 22, 2014 1672
Mobile apps are still collecting a lot of personal information on children. Flaherty, Anne Dec 9, 2014 507
Apple phones violate privacy laws in Taiwan. Dec 7, 2014 247
The challenges of third-party: data privacy protection. Matney, Angela R.; Fannin, Brian W. Dec 1, 2014 1960
The EU-US data privacy bridge takes shape. Hodge, Neil Dec 1, 2014 1297
New laws strengthen protection of student data. DeNisco, Alison Dec 1, 2014 507
Identity hack! Is your company next? Mulig, Elizabeth; Smith, L. Murphy; Stambaugh, Clyde T. Dec 1, 2014 3457
Beware of employee personal data privacy laws. Downs, Tiffany Dec 1, 2014 116
A tale of two agencies: exploring oversight of the National Security Administration by the Federal Communications Commission. Healey, Audra Dec 1, 2014 11722
PRIVO Unveils Important Online Privacy Protection Tools at Chicago Toy and Game Fair to Make Parents' Lives Easier and Help Businesses Comply with Federal Regulations. Nov 21, 2014 615
FNC members seek legislation to protect patients' privacy. Nov 7, 2014 473
Concerns about private drone use. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article Nov 1, 2014 199
EU accuses Google of distorting privacy rule. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 279
Study highlights implications of e-discovery in Asia. Nov 1, 2014 461
Microsoft privacy case has cloud industry on edge. Nov 1, 2014 323
The study of rules governing the privacy of individuals using the satellite in Iran's law and international standards. Abdollahalameifar; Pour, Ali Jani Oct 1, 2014 8080
Colorado law might threaten donor privacy. Levey, Richard H. Oct 1, 2014 906
Obtaining, retrieving & protecting clinical records. Nye, Sandra G. Oct 1, 2014 519
New Cloud Security Alliance Survey Reveals Emerging International Data Privacy Challenges. Sep 23, 2014 943
Forty-fifth selected bibliography on computers, technology, and the law. Sep 22, 2014 8834
U.S. PIRG and CDD urge Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to issue regulations and safeguards for mobile and digital financial services and privacy. Sep 10, 2014 844
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule: Strengthening Kids Privacy Live Webcast. Sep 6, 2014 288
Losing the veil of confidentiality. Free, Jason Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2014 503
Playing Russian roulette: the impact of HIPAA and HITECH on healthcare data governance. Grossman, Chris Sep 1, 2014 1340
U.S. and European lawmakers scrutinize Facebook. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 272
Europe turns up the heat on Google's privacy policy. Sep 1, 2014 370
The Sedona Conference[R] adds data security working group. Conference news Sep 1, 2014 209
Privacy and security risks. Schirick, Edward A. Sep 1, 2014 1611
United States : QUINN inks GPS privacy bill sponsored by BISS. Aug 30, 2014 421
How to stay ahead of the FTC in M&A, data privacy issues. Aug 28, 2014 827
Consumer Privacy Groups Urge Obama To Propose Strong Privacy Law. Aug 6, 2014 440
UK accused of rushing through surveillance laws. Jul 11, 2014 629
Four in ten organisations obstruct our access to our data. Jul 1, 2014 1357
Avoid the breach: put data security measures in place. Zamosky, Lisa Jul 1, 2014 1622
Getting tough on health records privacy. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 222
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Virginia. Jun 11, 2014 582
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Los Angeles. Jun 11, 2014 585
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Nevada. Jun 11, 2014 582
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in New Hampshire. Jun 11, 2014 587
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Georgia. Jun 11, 2014 582
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Colorado. Jun 11, 2014 580
New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Privacy Reform in Arkansas. Jun 11, 2014 582
House passes curbs on NSA phone spying. Dilanian, Ken May 23, 2014 806
United States : DOT Tentatively Approves IATA s Data Transmission Standard, Adds Measures to Protect Privacy and Address Other Consumer and Industry Concerns. May 22, 2014 411
The official US position on NSA is still unlimited eavesdropping power. May 15, 2014 774
Celesq[R] Announces Upcoming CLE Re Important Legal Developments in Employment Law and Privacy and Data Security; Plus New Trial/Litigation Programs. Apr 29, 2014 606
Human Rights Watch: My-T law opens door to abuse. Apr 29, 2014 2224
AgeCheq Helps Mobile Ad Networks Comply With Strict New COPPA Child Privacy Rules. Apr 22, 2014 1045
The menace of secret government: Obama's proposed intelligence reforms fail to safeguard civil liberties. Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 17, 2014 1195
Celesq[R] Announces Upcoming CLE re Major Legal Developments in Corporate, Securities, White Collar; DOMA; Employment Law; IP; Privacy and Data Security. Mar 27, 2014 815
FTC disagrees with Facebook's argument of 'no state interference' in online teen privacy. Mar 22, 2014 257
President Atambayev signs law guaranteeing right to privacy of postal, telegraphic and electronic messages. Mar 17, 2014 122
Consumer Watchdog Tells CA DMV New Driverless Car Regulations Must Protect Privacy. Mar 11, 2014 894
Security spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior : personal information in security authorities-supervised records are subject to legal controls to protect privacy. Mar 10, 2014 270
Security spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior : personal information in security authorities-supervised records are subject to legal controls to protect privacy. Mar 10, 2014 517
Cloud can complicate discovery. Mar 1, 2014 324
Protecting information privacy per U.S. federal law. Jones, Virginia A. Cover story Mar 1, 2014 3023
An international perspective on protecting personal information. Beckles, Cherri-Ann Mar 1, 2014 2202
Belgium : EDPS: Enforcing EU data protection law essential for rebuilding trust between EU-US. Feb 22, 2014 389
States look to rein in federal surveillance. Duara, Nigel Feb 6, 2014 393
Bloomberg BNA Launches Enhanced Privacy & Data Security Law Resource Center. Feb 3, 2014 781
California Senate Approves Online Credit Card Privacy Bill. Jan 30, 2014 448
Focus on client privacy in new telecom policy. Jan 16, 2014 413
Revealing personal flight information a crime, analysts say. Jan 13, 2014 795
Revealing personal flight information a crime, analysts say. Jan 13, 2014 795
Is data speech? Bambauer, Jane Jan 1, 2014 9232
Enhanced liability insurance with your ADAA membership. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 194
The affordable care act destroys privacy. Brase, Twila Essay Dec 22, 2013 5484
Spain slaps $1.23mln fine on Google for breaching privacy laws. Dec 20, 2013 182
Fresh laws needed to ensure client privacy, information safety: Dy. Governor SBP. Dec 11, 2013 510
Insurance Commission Proposes New Rules for Health Navigators. Dec 3, 2013 949
Extensive Covert Surveillance Programme Harms EU Perceptions of U.S. And Could Put TTIP Negotiations at Risk. Dec 2, 2013 1590
Sexting and the law in Canada. Slane, Andrea Report Dec 1, 2013 5126
Google breaks data law, says Dutch watchdog. Nov 30, 2013 283
Dutch watchdog claims Google 'spins invisible data web', violates privacy law. Nov 29, 2013 240
Privacy concerns debated as FAA lays out rules for US drone operations. Nov 27, 2013 411
The EU general data protection regulation: toward a property regime for protecting data privacy. Victor, Jacob M. Nov 1, 2013 7024
Another state increases social media privacy protection. Nov 1, 2013 224
Lobbying Bill is a shocking intrusion on the privacy of union members; BUSINESSTALK Steve Howell. Oct 28, 2013 712
File EU summit. Oct 24, 2013 613
Becker, Harris and Cunningham Law Group Protecting Client Privacy. Oct 22, 2013 331
Privacy push wins backing. Oct 21, 2013 216
Stringent anti-corruption, personal privacy laws soon. Oct 20, 2013 506
Oz to ban bosses from accessing job seekers' Facebook accounts. Oct 12, 2013 199
Australia : ALRC seeks input into Serious Invasion of Privacy law reform. Oct 9, 2013 472
Privacy law allows financial abuse reporting. Oct 2, 2013 326
The 113th Congress and the dangers of Doing Nothing. Kramer, Robert Oct 1, 2013 692
Lesser-known social media legislation. Quackenboss, Robert T. Oct 1, 2013 1231
HP announces Data Privacy Services. Sep 29, 2013 483
Clouded computing: the foggy application of the Fourth Amendment in technology. Giordano, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2013 6280
Turn Off Your Computers and Throw Away Your Phones. Sep 7, 2013 632
Child privacy rights: a 'Cinderella' issue in HIV-prevention research. Strode, A.; Slack, C. Report Sep 1, 2013 3183
NSA leak shrouds EU-U.S. trade, privacy discussions. Sep 1, 2013 321
HHS's Leon Rodriguez Delivers Keynote at HIMSS Privacy & Security Forum. Aug 20, 2013 897
Documents reveal NSA breached privacy rules 1000 times each year since 2008. Aug 16, 2013 273
NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year -- report. Aug 16, 2013 614
McDonald Hopkins submits statement for the record to a congressional committee regarding state data breach notification laws. Aug 8, 2013 982
Do you need a privacy policy? Lesonsky, Rieva Brief article Jul 26, 2013 267
Feds read your email: privacy rules ignored. Tuccille, J.D. Brief article Jul 23, 2013 252
EU Calls for Stronger Cloud Privacy Standards Underscores Need for Organizations to Act Immediately to Secure Cloud Application Data. Jul 17, 2013 854
EU Calls for Stronger Cloud Privacy Standards Underscores Need for Organizations to Act Immediately to Secure Cloud Application Data. Jul 17, 2013 859
Hong Kong : Laws balance privacy, press freedom. Jul 4, 2013 170
Privacy vs. security: a balancing act. Jul 1, 2013 459
Australian privacy commissioner: get ready now. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 206
Apple's privacy headache intensifies. Jul 1, 2013 454
Clearing the hurdles of international technology implementations. Phillips, John T. Cover story Jul 1, 2013 2573
France, Spain to probe Google's privacy laws over suspected data breaches. Jun 21, 2013 281
French watchdog tells Google to change privacy policy. Jun 20, 2013 351
Should employers care about the final HIPAA rule? Stevens, Charla Bizios Jun 14, 2013 733
Safeguards needed to protect privacy, free speech in India: HRW. Jun 7, 2013 555
House Judiciary Committee Breaks Promise to Asbestos Victims and Fast Tracks Bill that Delays Payment for Medical Bills and Threatens Patient Privacy. May 20, 2013 1024
Final HIPAA Omnibus rule expands law's impact on firms: the final rule extends the scope of the privacy and security portions of HIPAA to business associates and their subcontractors. Freedman, Linn Foster; O'Connell, W. Scott May 3, 2013 864
Shred-it Helps Businesses Stay Informed About Information Security Laws. May 1, 2013 958
4 Camera shy. Brief article May 1, 2013 198
U.S. Electronic Communications Privacy Act amendments proposed. Brief article May 1, 2013 197
Apps that violate privacy laws popular. Apr 16, 2013 802
Families in psychiatry: advancing treatment and respecting privacy. Heru, Alison M. Apr 1, 2013 1075
Greater online privacy for kids. Ngo, Sheiresa Brief article Apr 1, 2013 116
An introduction to intelligence oversight and sensitive information: the Department of Defense rules for protecting Americans' information and privacy. Kapitan, Kevin W. Apr 1, 2013 32453
Privacy and data protection in business; laws and practices. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 180
The pursuit of privacy in a world where information control is failing. Thierer, Adam Mar 22, 2013 18635
Ending the zero-sum game: how to increase the productivity of the Fourth Amendment. Simmons, Ric Mar 22, 2013 8782
Ending the zero-sum game: how to increase the productivity of the Fourth Amendment. Simmons, Ric Mar 22, 2013 13523
House OKs privacy bill. Anderson, Heather Mar 20, 2013 375
International Basket Abandonment and Remarketing Specialist Ve Interactive Introduces VeCompliance. Mar 12, 2013 668
Steven Tyler Act Passes Hawaii Senate: Privacy Bill Spearheaded By Aerosmith Singer Limits Paparazzi. Mar 6, 2013 566
Australia passes new privacy law. Mar 1, 2013 369
Georgia Congressman tackles health security. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 229
EU Watchdogs Promise 'Repressive Action' against Google over Privacy Row. Feb 19, 2013 428
ictQatar's information privacy law on cards. Feb 15, 2013 510
Bill would protect workers' social media privacy. Feb 14, 2013 548
CISPA Bill: Will The White House Support The Internet Privacy Bill Coming Before Congress Again In 2013? Feb 9, 2013 741
PRIVACY EUROPE Meeting on the EU Regulation in Milan. Feb 8, 2013 403
PRIVACY EUROPE Meeting on the EU Regulation in Milan. Feb 8, 2013 396
Email armor: electronic privacy reform. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Feb 6, 2013 321
Stateline. Feb 1, 2013 1401
Protecting privacy: the stories insidecounsel covers often continue developing long after we write about them. Here are the latest updates. Byrne, Alanna Feb 1, 2013 159
WhatsApp comes under scanner over 'privacy practices'. Jan 29, 2013 232
New rule protects patient privacy, secures health information. Jan 17, 2013 635
Florida Sheriff Wants Drones to Monitor Civilians. Jan 15, 2013 617
US states enact Web privacy laws. Jan 2, 2013 229
Singapore passes data protection act. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 220
Data retention vs. privacy. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 133
New IGRM version recognizes value of privacy, security. Jan 1, 2013 337
Google's regulatory woes continue in EU, U.S. Jan 1, 2013 561
Mass procedures as a form of "regulatory arbitration"- Abaclat v. Argentine Republic and the international investment regime. Strong, S.I. Jan 1, 2013 33511
The idea of privacy law: Jones v. Tsige and the limits of the common law. Aylward, Stephen Jan 1, 2013 11013
Balance between privacy y and security lost on Government; viewpoint. Dec 20, 2012 219
FTC strengthens online children's privacy rules. Dec 20, 2012 715
Research and Markets: Data Privacy and Security: A Review of Global Regulatory Developments. Dec 19, 2012 510
Zero privacy is not the answer. Dec 4, 2012 731
Privacy liability and new world risks: the costs of privacy incidents are significant and can no longer be overlooked. Timmel, L. Spencer Dec 1, 2012 1334
Online Privacy Laws Put Children at Greater Risk of Predators, Phishing. Nov 30, 2012 863
Support for revising 'email privacy law' increases in US. Nov 28, 2012 363
Facebook's new privacy policy conflicting with European law concerns regulators. Nov 24, 2012 254
From Political Campaigns To Your Favorite Holiday Shopping Sites, Online Tracking Is At An All-Time High. Nov 8, 2012 1272
CRIME TIME TV BUST-UP; Privacy laws block prison cameras bid. Nov 7, 2012 222
Privacy in Canada. Normey, Rob Nov 1, 2012 3469
Privacy issues in criminal law. Davison, Charles Nov 1, 2012 1817
Cookies cost Google record-breaking $22.5m fine. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 169
My two cents. Serafini, Dom Nov 1, 2012 631
Bloomberg Vault Deploys Local Cloud Service for Global Data Privacy. Oct 17, 2012 646
Bloomberg BNA Launches Privacy & Data Security Law Resource Center. Oct 1, 2012 703
The European Commission geo-location cookie monster--friend or foe? Gallego, Ramses Oct 1, 2012 1443
Google's Driverless Car Law Poses Threat to Californians' Safety and Privacy. Sep 25, 2012 428
Can we legally pay people for being good? A review of current federal and state law on wellness program incentives. Klautzer, Lisa; Mattke, Soeren; Greenberg, Michael Sep 22, 2012 6404
CCAGW Supports Senate Efforts to Protect Online Privacy. Sep 19, 2012 377
Canadian pharmaceutical legislation ignites privacy fears. Sep 1, 2012 308
'Internet of things' sparks privacy concerns. Sep 1, 2012 406
A health strategy? It's just what the doctor (and privacy laws) ordered. Aug 1, 2012 1559
Oz govt websites hacked by Anonymous over 'changes to privacy laws'. Jul 24, 2012 211
TRUSTe Selected to Present at Prestigious Privacy Event. Company overview Jul 3, 2012 741
Strong Voter Support for California Medical Privacy Law. Jul 2, 2012 471
Google continues to come under fire for privacy issues. Jul 1, 2012 382
New UK cookie law now in effect. Legislation Jul 1, 2012 333
Catherine D. Meyer, Counsel, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP to Speak at KC's Data Privacy Emerging Issues: A 2012 Update Live Webcast. Jun 28, 2012 731
Hundreds of Participants Kick Off 2nd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy. Jun 6, 2012 1011
Dislike: regulating Facebook. Suderman, Peter Brief article Jun 2, 2012 282
UN websites neglected privacy, legal issues while signing up for social media: Report. May 17, 2012 371
Research and Markets: Internet and Online Privacy: A Legal and Business Guide. May 16, 2012 409
The FTC's consumer privacy framework and next steps. Krasnow, Melissa J. May 1, 2012 1309
Watchdogs criticize new Google privacy policy. May 1, 2012 529
Search firms to mine tweets. Brief article May 1, 2012 167
White House proposes consumer bill of rights. May 1, 2012 565
Companies must be careful 'cookie law' won't make them crumble; BUSINESSTALK RICHARD HOUDMONT. Apr 30, 2012 690
National Patients' Rights Association Opposes Privacy Change to Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. Apr 17, 2012 754
Unified protections: with its newly proposed data protection regulation, the EU gets an Internet-age privacy update. Maleske, Melissa Apr 1, 2012 1274
Privacy: The Impact of ARRA, HITECH, and Other Policy Initiatives. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 111
Articles target trash pickers; Privacy, neatness concerns cited. Mar 28, 2012 676
FTC Issues Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy. Mar 26, 2012 1438
2011 year in review: constitutional developments in Canadian criminal law. Gibson, Marc; Sheffield, Kai Mar 22, 2012 11606
Featured Participants for 2012 Health Privacy Summit at Georgetown University Announced. Mar 21, 2012 878
Chinese regulators call for legislation to protect online privacy. Mar 9, 2012 229
MaaS360 Delivers New BYOD Privacy Settings to Protect Personally Identifiable Information. Mar 5, 2012 1030
MaaS360 Delivers New BYOD Privacy Settings to Protect Personally Identifiable Information. Mar 5, 2012 1037
Google privacy policy breaches European law. Mar 4, 2012 163
Google privacy policy breaches European law. Mar 2, 2012 163
Can I monitor my employees using hidden cameras? McDaniel, Beth; McDaniel, Steve Mar 1, 2012 355
Privacy aware recommender service using multi-agent middleware --an IPTV network scenario. Elmisery, Ahmed M.; Botvich, Dmitri Report Mar 1, 2012 12367
Google agrees to Wi-Fi opt out. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 318
Canada sets guidelines for online tracking. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 284
Facebook punished for privacy shortcomings. Mar 1, 2012 701
Europe to investigate new Google privacy policy. Mar 1, 2012 553
Commissioner Reding Slams Google Privacy Changes Too. Mar 1, 2012 216
CFPB to examine originators. Schneider, Howard Mar 1, 2012 810
The evolving world of privacy and data protection: businesses should be aware of the legal ramifications of breaches. Wilkinson, Jon Feb 24, 2012 777

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