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Limitations on the U.S. District Courts' discretion: immediate review of post-Aerospatiale discovery decisions. English, Robyn R. Jun 22, 2013 14796
Por favor, get your bulldozer away from my villa: an analysis of the nascent European Land Registry Association's Cross-Border Electronic Conveyancing project. Griffin, Christine E. Jan 1, 2013 11246
Not everything is as easy as a French press: the dangerous reasoning of the Seventh Circuit on proof of foreign law and a possible solution. Hall, Frederick Gaston Jun 22, 2012 13114
A neu Neumeier: the need for a more flexible framework for choice of law in the state of New York. Salamon, Elie Jan 1, 2012 15391
The repressible myth of Shady Grove. Clermont, Kevin M. Jul 1, 2011 25915
Shedding light on Shady Grove: further reflections on the Erie doctrine from a conflicts perspective. Bauer, Joseph P. Jul 1, 2011 23636
Intellectual property rights and exclusive (subject matter) jurisdiction: between private and public international law. Ubertazzi, Benedetta Jun 22, 2011 39408
International contract law - choice-of-law analysis applies when signatory nations adopt opposing oral contract provisions under the CISG - Forestal Guarani S.A. v. Daros Int'l., Inc. Sedgwick, Jeannette Jan 1, 2011 5049
Tax claims in transnational insolvencies: a "revenue rule-approach". Weiss, Jonathan M. Jun 22, 2010 28474
The sometimes surprising practical implications of revised UCC article 1: article 1 of the Uniform Commercial Code articulates the principles that underlie the remaining articles - it is the basic or "meta" article, in other words - and Illinois recently adopted revised article 1. As the author explains, that change has important and sometimes surprising practical implications for all lawyers whose practice touches upon the UCC. Vaziri, Pasha Apr 1, 2010 3612
State extraterritorial powers reconsidered. Rosen, Mark D. Mar 1, 2010 9729
The non-uniformity of uniform laws. Kobayashi, Bruce H.; Ribstein, Larry E. Jan 1, 2010 14351
The uses and abuses of party autonomy in international contracts. Walsh, Catherine Jan 1, 2010 9582
Party autonomy and choice of law: is international arbitration leading the way or marching to the beat of its own drummer? Karton, Joshua D.H. Jan 1, 2010 10698
"After the storm: the impact of the financial crisis on private international law": jurisdiction. McEvoy, John P. Jan 1, 2010 11074
The problem of parallel actions: the softer alternative. Edinger, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2010 10067
Reformulating a real and substantial connection. Pitel, Stephen G.A. Jan 1, 2010 4432
Opening the door for bias: the problem of applying transferee forum law in multidistrict litigation. Hill, Mark A. Nov 1, 2009 11127
Emerging scholars series: cross-border injunctions in U.S. patent cases and their enforcement abroad. Trimble, Marketa Jun 22, 2009 17068
Mandatory rules. Dodson, Scott Oct 1, 2008 17130
Banning class action bans: class action limitations, embedded in contracts for cars to phones to jobs, amount to a 'get out of jail free' card for corporations. By building a strong factual record and choosing the right legal strategy, you can battle the ban - and win. Bland, F. Paul, Jr.; Alpert, Tami Sep 1, 2008 3181
Liberating the individual from battles between states: justifying party autonomy in conflict of laws. Lehmann, Matthias Mar 1, 2008 26903
Choice of law and predictability of decisions in products liability cases. Ena, Michael Oct 1, 2007 18141
The uncertainty factor in Canadian private international law. Castel, Jean-Gabriel Sep 22, 2007 7711
Common law, civil law, and the administrative state: from Coke to Lochner. Morag-Levine, Noga Sep 22, 2007 25539
II. Place of infringement and questions of choice of law. Barbosa, Roberto Garza Jan 1, 2007 5430
VI. Probable extraterritorial effects and a public choice democracy perspective. Barbosa, Roberto Garza Jan 1, 2007 3793
Harnessing the costs of international tax arbitrage. Rosenzweig, Adam H. Jan 1, 2007 33157
Justice Iredell, choice of law, and the constitution - a neglected encounter. Collins, Michael G. Jun 22, 2006 6853
CERCLA choice-of-law: insurers' attempts to escape their own quagmires. Peterson, Jack Mar 22, 2006 16175
Globalization in art law: clash of interests and international tendencies. Jayme, Erik Oct 1, 2005 7002
A choice-of-law rule for conflicts involving stolen cultural property. Symeonides, Symeon C. Oct 1, 2005 10426
Against foreign law. Delahunty, Robert J.; Yoo, John C. Sep 22, 2005 16487
L'exercice de la competence juridictionnelle internationale des tribunaux au Quebec: une crise des valeurs? Commentaire sur Spar Aerospace Itee c. American Mobile Satellite Corp. Lussier, Louise Jun 1, 2005 16713
A new approach to corporate choice of law. Dammann, Jens Jan 1, 2005 29325
International implications: the elephant in the living room in Public Citizen v. Department of Transportation. Shirey, Katharine G. Jun 22, 2004 20320
Observations about mandatory rules imposed on transatlantic commercial relationships. Erauw, Johan Jan 1, 2004 8216
The defamation of choice-of-law in cyberspace: countering the view that the restatement (second) of conflict of laws is inadequate to navigate the borderless reaches of the intangible frontier. Davis, Philip Adam Mar 1, 2002 10817

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