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Human Rights Watch urges Tunisia to reform drug policy. Feb 3, 2016 217
Dr. Sessi Inaugurates Branch of National Commission for Human Rights in Al-Fasher. Feb 2, 2016 136
Civilians Under Fire: Restore Respect for International Humanitarian Law. Feb 1, 2016 1249
Minister launches work on Human Rights department. Dec 30, 2015 199
Minister launches work on Human Rights department. Dec 30, 2015 253
NIHR hosts lecture themed human rights, international law. Dec 29, 2015 301
More legislation required on human rights: says Gillani. Dec 28, 2015 154
Monitoring international humanitarian law in areas using satellite imagery. Dec 22, 2015 213
Kuwait respects international humanitarian law - Amb. Dec 21, 2015 311
Sudan expresses commitment to international humanitarian law. Dec 10, 2015 367
Human rights bodies can observe Dec. 12 civic polls. Dec 9, 2015 370
Diversity management in Sudan legislation. Saeed, Sami Abdelhalim Dec 1, 2015 3705
Human Rights Watch hails amended Saudi labour law. Nov 22, 2015 250
Belgium : Child rights in European law: new practical guide from the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe. Nov 20, 2015 394
Canada : Province to strengthen human rights legislation. Nov 20, 2015 351
Human Rights laws work for terrorists. Nov 18, 2015 179
Australia : Legal services recognised for human rights work. Nov 17, 2015 405
Human Rights Watch commends UAE\ s 2016 labour law. Nov 8, 2015 462
Marri calls for joint effort to protect human rights. Conference notes Nov 4, 2015 315
Human rights groups warn "root cause" of violence is injustice. Oct 23, 2015 1212
National Human Rights Group Pledges to Continue Combating Coercive Measures against Sudan. Oct 13, 2015 401
An integrative approach to social policy in Romania: review of the special protection of persons with disabilities. Radu, Roxana; Belu, Loredana Oct 1, 2015 4859
Enhancing the Status of Human Rights Protection and Systems of Good Governance in Ethiopia. Sep 28, 2015 294
Philippines : DSWD extends non-monetary reparations for Martial Law human rights abuse victims. Sep 26, 2015 240
TORIES RISK DOING UK A GREAT WRONG; Sturgeon vows to fight bid to scrap Human Rights Act. Sep 24, 2015 490
Khartoum has no will to respect human rights, Sudanese activists tell EU lawmakers. Sep 23, 2015 814
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission - Institutional Support 2015-2018. Sep 14, 2015 378
Due Diligence Assessments for Private Partners in the dimensions Environment, Human Rights, Labour Law and Governance. Sep 9, 2015 120
NA body on Law, Justice and Human Rights meets. Sep 4, 2015 271
Higher Education Ministry discusses with ICRC propagating international humanitarian law in academic circles. Jul 29, 2015 198
A STRIKE TO THE HEART; DEATH OF DEMOCRACY Tories' brutal plan to shackle trade unions & kill off worker rights DEATH OF DEMOCRACY TORIES LAUNCH WORST ATTACK ON UNIONS SINCE THATCHER A vindictive & unfair attack on workers' human rights ' human rights STUC slam laws that will make it almost impossible to take action. Jul 16, 2015 775
Human Rights Council condemns Israeli war crimes. Jul 4, 2015 622
"We respect human rights of every individual" -- Kuwait. Jun 26, 2015 506
Protecting vulnerable environments in armed conflict: deficiencies in international humanitarian law. Halpern, Michaela Jun 22, 2015 14073
Wrongful conceptions: reproductive rights in Uzbekistan. Snyder, Maddie Jun 22, 2015 1902
Domesticating human rights norms in the United States: considering the role and obligations of the federal government as litigant. Kysel, Ian M. Jun 22, 2015 6759
Domesticating human rights norms in the United States: considering the role and obligations of the federal government as litigant. Kysel, Ian M. Jun 22, 2015 22729
NGOs petition Human Rights Council over S. Sudan atrocities. Jun 13, 2015 1072
NCHR submits human rights report to Al-Sisi. May 13, 2015 255
Human Rights Commission Urges Stop to Crimes in Yemen. May 5, 2015 658
Human rights measures in Bahrain hailed. Apr 30, 2015 161
National Committee for International Humanitarian Law denounces assaults on Habila,Rahmaniya and Dilling areas in South Kurdofan. Apr 20, 2015 169
MPs finish human rights body bill. Apr 6, 2015 200
GCC Human Rights officials meet. Apr 5, 2015 136
GCC officials meet in Riyadh on human rights. Apr 5, 2015 109
Human Rights Commission backs action in Yemen. Apr 2, 2015 332
Strengthening the Capacity of Human Rights Commission. Apr 2, 2015 149
EU warns security package measures must adhere to universal human rights. Mar 30, 2015 1229
Kuwait adheres to int'l human rights laws -- MP. Mar 30, 2015 158
Course on international humanitarian law concludes at ICUP. Mar 28, 2015 290
Human Rights Council considers bill to ban gay propaganda as discrimination, but it is not so, Deputy Foreign Minister says. Mar 27, 2015 105
Indigenous rights: the hidden cost of arctic development. Forgeron, Daryn Mar 22, 2015 2912
Shariah guaranteed human rights long before Magna Carta. Mar 19, 2015 553
Turkish minority stages mass rally in Istanbul. Brief article Feb 8, 2015 144
UAE plans wide-ranging reforms to fully comply with International Humanitarian Law. Jan 20, 2015 511
United Arab Emirates : The National Commission on International Humanitarian Law. Jan 20, 2015 314
Egyptian judiciary violates human rights: German official. Jan 17, 2015 1044
Human rights challenge to Stormont law on abortions. Jan 7, 2015 184
Kuwait's constitution inspired by Universal Declaration of Human Rights - academic. Jan 6, 2015 686
Automating the right stuff? The hidden ramifications of ensuring autonomous aerial weapon systems comply with international humanitarian law. DeSon, Jason S. Dec 22, 2014 18439
MPs ponder on human rights body bill. Dec 15, 2014 133
Professional policing within the law and with consideration for human rights. Dec 14, 2014 2468
Offices to be set up at district level to protect human rights:minister. Dec 11, 2014 467
Offices to be set up at district level to protect human rights:minister. Dec 11, 2014 467
Govt making all out efforts to address issue of human rights, NA told. Dec 2, 2014 252
Study the jurisprudential basics of security right (article iii of the universal declaration of human rights). Bayati, Gholamreza; Rezaee, Jamal Report Dec 1, 2014 4963
Human rights concerns raised over new anti-terrorist laws. Nov 27, 2014 221
Mehleb updated on UN human rights review. Nov 9, 2014 357
309 Human Rights Groups Call on EU to Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes in Gaza. Nov 4, 2014 536
Procedural abortion rights: Ireland and the European Court of human rights. Erdman, Joanna N. Report Nov 1, 2014 6535
Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the sustainable development goals and the post-2015 development agenda: less than a year to go. Haslegrave, Marianne Report Nov 1, 2014 3960
Sexual and reproductive health and rights of older men and women: addressing a policy blind spot. Aboderin, Isabella Report Nov 1, 2014 3811
Lessons from the first cycle of the universal Periodic Review: from commitment to action. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 315
Global databases on health, human rights and the law. Website overview Nov 1, 2014 308
Human rights organisations launch civil society awareness campaign. Oct 27, 2014 489
Human rights organisations condemn protesters' conviction. Oct 27, 2014 608
America to collaborate more with Interpol: with Obama's blessing, Interpol will coordinate tracking and deterring foreign fighters and terrorists, though Interpol does not have a good track record with human rights. Newman, Alex Oct 20, 2014 2027
Bills on foreign agents, gay propaganda means to distract societal attention from corruption -- human rights defenders. Oct 16, 2014 212
Human rights organisations urge South Sudanese president to reject "abusive" security bill. Oct 15, 2014 839
5,297 human rights abuses reported in country during 2013: Law Ministry. Oct 13, 2014 468
Clients'resilence bolsters lawyer's human rights work. Mcconahay, Mary Jo Interview Sep 26, 2014 1932
UNHCR, Human Rights Ministry sign refugee and IDP protection agreement. Sep 7, 2014 521
Women's health and human rights. Burton, R.; Acquah, L. Editorial Sep 1, 2014 1289
Human rights group collaborate to fight against Egyptian NGO law. Aug 31, 2014 692
Greater respect for international humanitarian law needed -- 150 years after Geneva Convention. Aug 24, 2014 946
Switzerland, ICRC call for greater respect for international humanitarian law. Aug 22, 2014 993
Consultant to support UNDP s work on HIV, Human Rights and the Law. Aug 22, 2014 388
Justice and Prison Reform for Promoting Human Rights and Preventing Corruption. Aug 21, 2014 461
Revoke suspension of rights in Islamabad: Human Rights Watch. Aug 9, 2014 446
SLAP FOR IRELAND; U.N. REPORT BLASTS OUR HUMAN RIGHTS; Govt told to ban parents from smacking their children; OK abortion for rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities; Prosecute doctors who carried out cruel surgeries; Properly look into abuse at mother and baby homes. Jul 25, 2014 944
"World Trade Organization" performance and right to health. Tarazkohi, Hossein Sharifi; Bagheri, Mahmoud; Cheshmehkhavar, Sayed Salaheddin Report Jul 23, 2014 8259
TORIES ARE HEADBANGERS; REFORMS CAMERON MAULED BY LIB DEM LEADER OVER PLANS TO QUIT CONVENTION Deputy PM Clegg FINALLY realises the truth about his chums in the Coalition as he accuses them of lining up with 'Putin and other tyrants' over human rights laws. Jul 18, 2014 588
Civil society draft law would 'throttle' NGOs: Human Rights Watch. Jul 14, 2014 369
European Human Rights Organizations: "Deportation Contradicts International Law". Jun 21, 2014 303
Pakistan to protect human rights: Masood Khan. Jun 12, 2014 455
Korea Republic of : First company in Korea to define respect for human rights as a defining part of its internal regulations. Jun 11, 2014 439
National Commission for Human Rights Visits Saddiq Al-Mahdi at Kober Prison. Jun 2, 2014 240
King forms panel on international humanitarian law. May 16, 2014 390
Human Rights Commission called to stop artillery and air bombing on residential areas in Fallujah and Ramadi. May 15, 2014 271
Human Rights Organisations Urge Palestine to Accede to Rome Statute. May 11, 2014 355
Human Rights Organisations Urge Palestine to Accede to Rome Statute. May 10, 2014 354
The effects of international human rights law on the legal interoperability of multinational military operations. Fussnecker, Jerrod May 1, 2014 12321
Human rights-based family planning programmes: evidence and framework for delivery. Brief article May 1, 2014 275
Draft terrorism law 'won't make the country safer': Human Rights Watch. Apr 28, 2014 554
Development of an m & e framework to measure unct performance in mainstreaming human rights. Apr 26, 2014 187
Human rights groups alarmed over 'proposed' anti-terrorism legislation during Brazil WC. Apr 20, 2014 226
Morocco : Spain Welcomes Measures Taken By Morocco On Respect For Human Rights, MFA. Apr 18, 2014 140
Human rights groups ask Nepal to reject draft TRC Bill. Apr 17, 2014 535
National group for human rights: international campaign against unilateral coercive measures. Apr 7, 2014 131
Shura Human Rights Committee convenes. Mar 30, 2014 242
Pakistan : United Nation s Human Rights Council Adopts Pakistan Sponsored Resolution on Armed Drones. Mar 29, 2014 302
Kazakh Ombudsman, UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary forms of slavery discuss activities of human rights commission in Kazakhstan. Mar 28, 2014 125
Human Rights Watch urges withdrawal of bill prohibiting propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations from Kyrgyz parliament. Mar 28, 2014 193
Ashgabat hosts meeting of Interdepartmental Commission on human rights and international humanitarian law. Mar 24, 2014 166
Autonomous weapons and human responsibilities. Beard, Jack M. Mar 22, 2014 8583
Restrictions on emergency contraception in Latin America challenged at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Mar 21, 2014 252
Dr. Al-Aiban briefs Human Rights Council on Saudi Arabia's achievements in the field of enhancing and protecting human rights 4 Geneva. Mar 20, 2014 1517
Ashrawi: Negotiations Provided Israel with a Cover to Violate International Law and Human Rights. Mar 19, 2014 308
Amendments to Criminal Executive Code of Kazakhstan to positively impact human rights - expert. Mar 14, 2014 127
Senate body declares PPO anti-human rights. Mar 2, 2014 383
The research ethics evolution: from Nuremberg to Helsinki. Dhai, A. Mar 1, 2014 3222
Determining which human rights claims "touch and concern" the United States: Justice Kennedy's Filartiga. Steinhardt, Ralph G. Mar 1, 2014 12105
UN Human Rights Paper Details Devastating Impact of Sieges in Syria. Feb 20, 2014 867
I am confident that the Commission will propose a new law on water as a human right as a result of this campaign. Feb 11, 2014 506
TERROR SUSPECT ON OUR STREETS; ...but you can't know where he is Human rights laws protect fanatic said to have played key role in airline bomb plot. Feb 9, 2014 652
Charter aimed at those Rohani cannot control. Feb 7, 2014 491
Honduras' new President Juan Orlando Hernandez pledges to respect human rights while providing security. Rodriguez, George Feb 6, 2014 1447
Rights groups say Peru's new law protects "trigger happy" police, military. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Jan 31, 2014 1512
Human rights laws let 600 crooks stay in uk; Foreigners avoid boot because of family ties; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 29, 2014 540
Over 20 masked men came from an Israeli settlement and smashed the windows of teachers' cars and threw rocks at classroom windows; DIARY OF A HUMAN RIGHTS MONITOR ULSTER WOMAN REVEALS HORRORS OF LIFE IN WEST BANK WAR ZONE. Jan 19, 2014 1116
Mehrangiz Kar says Rohani Charter hollow. Jan 17, 2014 479
Amnesty: Bulgaria's New Law Threat to Human Rights Activists. Jan 16, 2014 296
Official: U.N. to stop updating Syria death toll. Brief article Jan 7, 2014 194
Aspects concerning the phenomenon of discrimination from the perspective of the equal rights principle. Bogdan, Adrian Jan 1, 2014 4975
Brief considerations on the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Romanian civil trial. Balasoiu, Adriana-Florina Jan 1, 2014 5046
Beyond prejudice: structural xenophobic discrimination against refugees. Achiume, E. Tendayi Jan 1, 2014 5789
Beyond prejudice: structural xenophobic discrimination against refugees. Achiume, E. Tendayi Jan 1, 2014 20475
Human Rights Affairs Minister praises HM the King's call to promote tolerance and respect the law. Dec 30, 2013 280
Law on National Institution for Human Rights hailed. Dec 29, 2013 254
US should stand up for Western Sahara's self-determination. Zunes, Stephen Dec 20, 2013 1014
Media role in promoting human rights culture important: Balakrishnan. Dec 19, 2013 716
World Human Rights Day: NCA Presidency for enacting decree laws 115 and 116. Dec 10, 2013 209
Human Rights Organizations Call for Israeli Accountability. Dec 10, 2013 336
Assailants torch human rights archives as pressure against El Salvador's amnesty law mounts. Witte-Lebhar, Benjamin Dec 5, 2013 1130
Any nuclear deal must not overlook the nation's human rights. Behbudi, Behrooz Dec 1, 2013 1372
Criminal evidence and human rights; reimagining common law procedural traditions. (reprint, 2012). Book review Dec 1, 2013 210
Bahrain keen on compatibility of its human rights laws with international agreements. Nov 30, 2013 218
Parliamentary committee approves amnesty for some prisoners to mark 65th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nov 26, 2013 214
Human rights groups slam Egypt's new law banning public protests as 'repressive'. Nov 25, 2013 229
UN General Assembly passes a resolution drafted by Saudi Arabia on the state of human rights in Syria, calling for enhancing human rights in Syria. Nov 20, 2013 172
New Draft Police Act Threatens Human Rights in Bulgaria - Activists. Nov 18, 2013 219
Dictionary of International Human Rights Law. Book review Nov 1, 2013 113
Dictionary of International Human Rights Law. Book review Nov 1, 2013 113
Research Handbook on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Book review Nov 1, 2013 161
Zimbabwe : Support to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission. Oct 29, 2013 157
Draft protest law violates international human rights law: ANHRI. Oct 25, 2013 393
Human rights: Here comes the noisy grasshoppers. Oct 24, 2013 828
Around the world, nurses stand together. Oct 1, 2013 660
May: We'll get rid of Human Rights laws. Oct 1, 2013 180
Dictionary of international human rights law. Book review Oct 1, 2013 109
DEPORTING OF FOREIGN CRIMINALS FALLS 15%; Human Rights Act blamed for drop; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 27, 2013 382
The sovereign Charter: security, territory and the boundaries of constitutional rights. Ceric, Irina Sep 22, 2013 12402
MERCOSUR unveils new trove of files on South American dictatorships. Gaudin, Andres Sep 13, 2013 1481
Little progress in reparations for victims of Peru's political violence. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Sep 13, 2013 1475
Vice President of human Rights Commission Meets with British Deputy Ambassador. Sep 12, 2013 199
Call to request powers over human rights law; CONCERN THAT LAW COULD GO IN WALES IF ENGLAND REPEALS IT. Aug 29, 2013 590
UN cmte adopts measures to reinforce human rights efforts. Aug 17, 2013 265
Minister of Human Rights' Affairs invites rights' NGOs to be at the forefront of supporters of enforcing the law in the State of institutions and the law. Aug 6, 2013 282
Resources few for autistic children Yemeni law fails to guarantee rights of persons with disabilities. Jul 29, 2013 838
Missing Persons Case: Do the intelligence agencies stand exempted from human rights, Questions SC. Jul 13, 2013 723
MoI department working to incorporate human rights regulations, says Nuaimi. Jul 10, 2013 286
Egyptian photographer Ahmed Assem films his own death. Brief article Jul 10, 2013 113
May in call for clarity over human rights law. Jul 9, 2013 652
Human Rights committee: We reject using SWAT as a tool by the decision-makers. Jul 7, 2013 176
Journalists, human rights associations praise verdict. Jul 3, 2013 536
Reconciling the carbon market and the human right to water: the role of suppressed demand under clean development mechanism and the gold standard. Williams, Mark; Murthy, Sharmila Jun 22, 2013 21228
US House passes amendment tying human rights with aid to Pak. Jun 16, 2013 260
US House passes amendment tying human rights with aid to Pak. Jun 16, 2013 260
Iranian Human Rights Activist Condemns US, West for Worldwide Injustice. Jun 11, 2013 470
Parliamentary committee discusses with the Dutch ambassador, human rights conditions in Iraq. Jun 11, 2013 103
Human rights league asks to be consulted for advice about human rights laws. Jun 11, 2013 130
New law and ethics in mental health advance directives; the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the right to choose. Book review Jun 1, 2013 186
Research handbook on human rights and humanitarian law. Book review Jun 1, 2013 167
Shame in the Security Council. Mohamed, Saira Jun 1, 2013 9002
Shame in the Security Council. Mohamed, Saira Jun 1, 2013 21225
Female genital mutilation in the Sudan--a human rights issue. Magied, Ahmed Abdel Jun 1, 2013 3131
Human Rights Watch Tells Libyan General National Congress Reject Political Isolation Law. May 5, 2013 761
Losing the forest for the trees: Syria, law, and the pragmatics of conflict recognition. Blank, Laurie R.; Corn, Geoffrey S. May 1, 2013 7668
Losing the forest for the trees: Syria, law, and the pragmatics of conflict recognition. Blank, Laurie R.; Corn, Geoffrey S. May 1, 2013 17883
Civil actions for acts that are valid according to religious family law but harm women's rights: legal pluralism in cases of collision between two sets of laws. Shmueli, Benjamin May 1, 2013 9890
Civil actions for acts that are valid according to religious family law but harm women's rights: legal pluralism in cases of collision between two sets of laws. Shmueli, Benjamin May 1, 2013 30244
National Committee for international humanitarian law incriminates assault on Um-Rawaba. Apr 29, 2013 141
Australia : Comcare welcomes Human Rights Commission publication. Apr 18, 2013 144
PNGO, Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Call Gaza Government to End Application of Education Law. Apr 11, 2013 714
Is it time to ditch human rights law? Mailbag. Letter to the editor Apr 8, 2013 515
Campaigners fear draft Egyptian law would restrict work of human rights groups, NGOs. Apr 6, 2013 244
EU lauds Turkey''s progress on human rights. Apr 5, 2013 188
GCC draft human rights document, part of Kuwait''s interest on matter -official. Apr 1, 2013 288
Uruguay's Supreme Court overturns law allowing prosecution of human rights violators. Gaudin, Andres Mar 22, 2013 1569
Updating the law of information privacy: the new framework of the European Union. Rotenberg, Marc; Jacobs, David Mar 22, 2013 16994
EU Strengthens Sanctions Against Iran. Brief article Mar 18, 2013 246
Marking Arab Human Rights Day, Dr. Salah stresses that Bahrain is a State of Institutions, Law, and Human Rights. Mar 15, 2013 619
Full Text of Iran's Reply to UN Human Rights Report. Mar 12, 2013 2265
Committed to Speedy Reform, HM King Mohammed VI Welcomes New Recommendations From Morocco's Human Rights Council. Mar 7, 2013 914
Saudi to execute seven for crimes committed as juveniles. Brief article Mar 5, 2013 237
Spokesman Underlines Iran's Commitment to Int'l, Internal Human Rights' Regulations. Mar 3, 2013 363
Human rights groups condemn Morsi's 'authoritarian trends'. Mar 1, 2013 644
NGO concerned over human rights in Egypt. Feb 25, 2013 390
United Kingdom : Human Rights Beyond Borders: The extraterritorial application of international human rights law - comparative legal, historical and theoretical approaches. Feb 19, 2013 331
Protest law will infringe on human rights. Feb 18, 2013 696
HRW Praises New Libyan Government for Efforts to Uphold Human Rights, Says More Need to be Done. Feb 7, 2013 743
Islam and human rights; key issues in the debates; 2v. Book review Feb 1, 2013 250
HRW stresses rights gap, torture in Lebanon. Feb 1, 2013 734
Human Rights Watch releases annual report on Human rights-MENA. Jan 31, 2013 586
Human Rights Watch condemns state of emergency. Jan 30, 2013 310
Libya Should Ensure Political Isolation Law Respects Rights, HRW Says. Jan 23, 2013 719
Turkey's New Spin On Human Rights: They Can Be Used To Recover Art. Jan 14, 2013 982
Germany : Human Rights Commissioner appalled by execution in Saudi Arabia. Jan 11, 2013 253
HRW lauds UK Police move to arrest Nepal torture suspect. Jan 4, 2013 543
ECtHR rules Turkish Internet law contrary to human rights convention. Jan 1, 2013 437
Unveiling inequality: burqa bans and nondiscrimination jurisprudence at the European Court of Human Rights. Jan 1, 2013 6699
Returning sovereignty to the people. Ludsin, Hallie Jan 1, 2013 10204
Returning sovereignty to the people. Ludsin, Hallie Jan 1, 2013 24633
Children's Commissioner reform in England: human rights concerns. Report Jan 1, 2013 331
The private military company complex in Central and Southern Africa: the problematic application of international humanitarian law. Kincade, Mathew, III Jan 1, 2013 4785
U.S. Senate fails to approve United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Jan 1, 2013 393
The impact of the new Civil Code upon the fundamental rights defended by the European Convention on Human Rights. Gherghe, Cosmin Lucian Jan 1, 2013 1973
The marriage of human rights codes and section 15 of the Charter in pursuit of equality: a case for greater separation in both theory and practice. MacKay, A. Wayne Jan 1, 2013 20805
No shadows in the fog: personal reflections on the working to make the promise of equality a lived reality. Buckley, Melina Jan 1, 2013 4250
The legal status of in vitro fertilization in Latin America and the American Convention on Human Rights. Hevia, Martin; Vacaflor, Carlos Herrera Jan 1, 2013 17296
Human Rights Watch: Palestinian Rockets Unlawfully Targeted Israeli Civilians. Dec 24, 2012 395
Philippines passes law on enforced disappearances. Dec 23, 2012 554
Envoy Deplores West's Hostile Stance on Iran's Human Rights. Dec 21, 2012 207
Human rights panel approved. Dec 19, 2012 344
Sultanate Joins the World in Marking Human Rights Day. Dec 10, 2012 307
UN Chief Highlights the Right to participate on Human Rights Day. Dec 9, 2012 423
United Spinal Statement: Senate Vote on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Treaty. Dec 4, 2012 601
LEVESON AIDE: PRESS CONTROL IS ILLEGAL; Plans 'breach human rights'; Liberty boss rejects new law. Dec 3, 2012 469
LEVESON AIDE: PRESS CONTROL IS ILLEGAL; Plans 'breach human rights' Liberty boss rejects new law. Dec 3, 2012 468
Abou Faour: projects to preserve rights of persons with disabilities on the go. Dec 3, 2012 217
Nujaifi, UNDP discuss human rights in Iraq. Dec 2, 2012 114
A quagmire of one's own making? If Harare can't convince the South African Constitutional Court that it was within its rights to confiscate white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, its own properties in South Africa will be seized and auctioned off. Report by Tom Nevin. Nevin, Tom Dec 1, 2012 1152
Human Rights Official: Torture Banned in Iran Legally, Religiously. Nov 27, 2012 231
Human Rights Watch warns against Taliban amnesty. Nov 26, 2012 318
Australia : Commission welcomes National Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill. Nov 21, 2012 319
Lineage and the rights of cloned child in the Islamic jurisprudence. Moeinifar, Mohaddeseh; Ardebeli, Faezeh Azimzadeh Report Nov 17, 2012 7223
Human Rights Watch calls on Colombia to toughen domestic violence laws. Nov 15, 2012 678
Human Rights Association hails 'Wadima's Law. Nov 15, 2012 195
Panel to update rights laws. Nov 13, 2012 291
Statute a recourse for the oppressed: supreme court can defend human rights by upholding 1789 law. Privett, Stephen A. Viewpoint essay Nov 8, 2012 980
Human rights experts concerned over delay of legislation on immigrants. Nov 7, 2012 413
Criminals turn to human right laws to avoid deportation from UK. Nov 2, 2012 353
Dynamics of healthcare reform: bitter pills old and new. Roberts, Christopher N.J. Nov 1, 2012 18657
EU human rights report biased, ill-informed, says UAE official. Oct 28, 2012 320
Iranian Speaker Urges UN to Stop Politically-Tainted Human Rights Reports. Oct 24, 2012 340
Law centre launches campaign against torture. Oct 10, 2012 449
Amnesty: Egyptian President Must Go Beyond Decree and Carry Out Greater Human Rights Reform. Oct 10, 2012 763
Human Rights Watch condemns new constitution. Oct 8, 2012 713
An international law perspective on the protection of human rights in the TRIPS agreement; an interpretation of the TRIPS agreement in relation to the right to health. Book review Oct 1, 2012 160
Imagining the homeland from afar: community and peoplehood in the age of the diaspora. Addis, Adeno Oct 1, 2012 32471
Historical and comparative view on human dignity in constitutional law. Bratiloveanu, Izabela Report Oct 1, 2012 5197
Ukraine : In November and December, the justice authorities will be clarifying to citizens of their rights for free. Brief article Sep 29, 2012 165
PCHR Submits Written and Oral Statement to the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council. Sep 25, 2012 373
Ethiopia Human Rights Commission set to investigate detention facilities. Sep 18, 2012 422
UN criticizes Syrian regime over Human Rights, war crimes. Sep 17, 2012 835
Ministry of Human Rights - Statement. Sep 2, 2012 367
Reservations on General Amnesty Law, Human Rights Ministry. Sep 2, 2012 135
The 1969 African Refugee Convention: innovations, misconceptions, and omissions. Sharpe, Marina Sep 1, 2012 8723
UN Human Rights Envoy To Palestinian Territories Condemns Corrie Verdict. Aug 30, 2012 204
Human Rights Center Condemns Israeli Amendment of Civil Liability Law. Aug 26, 2012 226
International - Vatican nuncio: Both parties of Syrian conflict flouted international humanitarian law. Aug 22, 2012 139
Syria: Severe Internal Displacement Crisis Due to Disregard for human rights and Humanitarian Law - UN Expert Says. Aug 10, 2012 532
Severe internal displacement crisis due to disregard for human rights in Syria. Aug 10, 2012 558
Sudan : Norway to continue supporting peace in South Sudan. Brief article Aug 8, 2012 297
S. Sudan's VP urges investigations into allegations of human rights abuse. Aug 7, 2012 545
Europe of rights; a compendium on the European Convention of Human Rights. Book review Aug 1, 2012 177
United Kingdom : "UNSC Resolution gives the Syrian regime one last opportunity to live up to its commitments". Brief article Jul 21, 2012 220
Unveiling the veil ban dilemma: Turkey and beyond. Piatti-Crocker, Adriana; Tasch, Laman Report Jul 1, 2012 7918
Between global fears and local bodies: toward a transnational feminist analysis of conflict-related sexual violence. Dewey, Susan; St. Germain, Tonia Report Jul 1, 2012 7374
Yemen, AI discuss issues of human rights. Jun 27, 2012 172
NSHR commends PVPVC for its efforts to enhance human rights. Jun 26, 2012 210
There is no human right to democracy. But may we promote it anyway? Lister, Matthew Jun 22, 2012 12547
Caution in what you wish for: the consequences of a right to democracy. Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin; Diehl, Paul F. Jun 22, 2012 15999
Taking stock of the responsibility to protect. Mohamed, Saira Jun 22, 2012 12107
Stateless in Shangri-La minority rights, citizenship, and belonging in Bhutan. Ferraro, Matthew F. Jun 22, 2012 15478
Aung San Suu Kyi: A Little More Disdain for Burma Military and a Little Less Love for UK, Please. Jun 22, 2012 855
Human rights debate: an examination of Amartya Sen's countervailing power: public reasoning as a social instrument. Saha, Santosh C. Report Jun 22, 2012 14309
Resurrection ecology and the evolution of the corporate alien tort movement. Drimmer, Jonathan Jun 22, 2012 4532
Some functions of Alien Tort Statute litigation. Keitner, Chimene I. Jun 22, 2012 1143
Remarks on the GJIL symposium on corporate responsibility and the Alien Tort Statute. Curran, Vivian Grosswald Jun 22, 2012 3444
Economic implications of the Alien Tort Statute. Reinsch, William A. Jun 22, 2012 2815
The Alien Tort Statute, federal common law, and corporate human rights litigation. Metlitsky, Anton Jun 22, 2012 3662
Corporate liability under customary international law. Dodge, William S. Jun 22, 2012 2676
Human rights litigation and international trade and investment: deterring destructive engagement and rewarding good behavior. Simons, Marco Jun 22, 2012 2713
If the shoe does not fit: why the ATS does not work. Sjovoll, Kirsten Jun 22, 2012 3671
Accepting Sosa's invitation: did Congress expand the subject matter jurisdiction of the Alien Tort Statute in the Military Commissions Act? Morison, Samuel T. Jun 22, 2012 10534
Accepting Sosa's invitation: did Congress expand the subject matter jurisdiction of the Alien Tort Statute in the Military Commissions Act? Morison, Samuel T. Jun 22, 2012 26974
Europe in need of a New Deal: on federalism, free market, and the right to strike. Fabbrini, Federico Jun 22, 2012 12496
Europe in need of a New Deal: on federalism, free market, and the right to strike. Fabbrini, Federico Jun 22, 2012 24776

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