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Launch48 event sees the start of new sites.

Two brand new web businesses have been launched after 40 web experts spent an intense weekend creating internet applications from scratch.

The Launch48 event, held at Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA), brought together web development, design, marketing and management professionals from the region.

Between them they created two new web businesses - Twitballot, an application that allows users to quickly set up a voting system Noun 1. voting system - a legal system for making democratic choices
electoral system

legal system - a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws
 on Twitter A Web site and service that lets users send short text messages from their cellphones to a group of friends. Launched in 2006, Twitter ( was designed for people to broadcast their current activities and thoughts.  and HereToNetwork, a site which helps people network better when they go to events.

Launch48 was hosted and sponsored by Entrepreneurs for the Future (E4F) at BSPA, a programme to help the next generation of technology entrepreneurs in the West Midlands deliver commercial success.

Simon Jenner, manager of E4F, said: "Achieving what seems like an impossible challenge - creating not one but two fully formed applications within just 48 hours - demonstrates the wealth of digital talent we have here in the West Midlands.

"High tech, high growth businesses in IT, digital media, clean/green tech, medical technology and bio technology are essential for the region's future prosperity, so initiatives like Launch48 which encourage experts in these areas to meet and collaborate are fantastic.

Experienced mentors from established companies such as Paypal, Dennis Publishing Dennis Publishing Ltd. is one of the world’s leading independent publishers. Founded in 1974, the group consists of a number of operating companies in both the UK and USA, with a turnover exceeding £200 million a year. , Majestic 12 and Talis were on hand to ensure projects were supported with robust business plans.

Mentor Mark Hales, a Birmingham venture capitalist Venture Capitalist

An investor who provides capital to either start-up ventures or support small companies who wish to expand but do not have access to public funding.

Venture capitalists usually expect higher returns for the additional risks taken.
 who invests in SMEs, said: "It's hugely exciting to see a new generation of bright young entrepreneurs in the West Midlands working together to create new ideas."
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Date:Apr 8, 2010
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