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Latest cabling/wiring products.

Twist preservation

PANDUIT CORP. has produced a comprehensive package of information on its Giga-Channel next-generation cabling technology. The material includes several easy-to-use reference pieces, a technical paper, and a CD-ROM. Giga-Tx is a breakthrough cable-pair, twist-preservation technology within the jack and plug. It retains critical conductor pair twists to provide a precisely tuned jack-and-plug interface. When used with next-generation cable, Giga-Channel provides channel performance exceeding proposed Category 6 requirements, including power sum NEXT, power sum ELFEXT, attenuation, and return loss. This assures the seamless transmission of gigabit data rates by extended bandwidth applications such as Gigabit Ethernet.

--Panduit Corp.

Circle 314 for more information

Central office coax

LARGE SELECTION OF DS-3 AND DS-4 coax cable is available for high-speed interconnect and cross-connect applications. Belden Wire & Cable offers coax that is fully compatible with standard connector offerings, reducing the need for 90 [degrees] connectors. This Belden coax line-Belden Series 720A, 735A, 734A, 734D, and 728A--is designed for interconnecting DS-3 (44.736 Mbps) and DS-4 (274.176 Mbps) transmission equipment and digital signal cross-connect (DSX) systems. Belden cables meet multiple telecom needs: DSX to multiplexer, DSX to lightwave system, digital radio to multiplexer, and between patch panels, transmitters, receivers, and telephone switches.

--Belden Wire & Cable Co.

Circle 316 for more information

Reusable connector

NEW COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY allows fast, simple termination and reusability that reduces field-connector waste. Leviton's Telcom Unit has launched the Thread-Lock SC Connector fiber products featuring a reusable SC fiberoptic connector. Typically 5-25% of epoxied or crimped SC connectors tested after installation must be discarded because of broken or misaligned fibers. However, Thread-Lock connectors use special compression-holding the fiber without ruining the connector so that it can be used to reterminate the fiber, yielding 100% on the job site. Performance remains consistent at .2 dB insertion loss, meeting all TIA specifications for performance and tensile strength.

--Leviton Manufacturing Co.

Circle 315 for more information

Versatile cabinets

RITTAL CORP. has developed a cost-effective, easy-to-install enclosure. Its QuickRack can be configured or modified in a variety of heights. The standard QuickRack package includes a front glass viewing door, a vented rear steel door, 19" mounting angles, and front and rear horizontal rail supports. For a more complex network cabinet, QuickRack Power Pack includes the standard features, plus an eight-outlet power strip and a roof with fan tray.

All cabinets are available with or without sidewalls, slide rails, and component shelves. In addition to fast assembly, the Rittal product offers a high level of stability through a multifolded vertical profile and four leveling feet.

--Rittal Corp.

Circle 317 for more in formation

Optical fiber octopus

EXTEND AIR-BLOWN FIBER SYSTEM to the desk with harness designed in a zone configuration to serve six workstations. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp. has developed a line of connectors, harnesses, and tubes to facilitate installation of its FutureFlex Air-Blown Fiber. The FutureFlex fiber system employs compressed air to blow lightweight optical-fiber bundles through multicelled tube cables at speeds of 150 feet per minute. Moves, adds, and changes are accommodated quickly. The connector designs support Sumitomo's 12- and two-fiber ribbons that are blown in slice-free, stress-free runs to fiber termination units at workstation clusters or to individual workstation wall plates. Conhectors can be specified for 50 micron or 62.5 micron multimode or single-mode fiber.

--Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.

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Laser-optimized multimode fiber

CORNING HAS DESIGNED its InfiniCor CL series, including InfiniCor CL 1000 and InfiniCor CL 2000, to operate in network link lengths that are longer than anything previously spedfled. For Gigabit Ethernet-compliant links, InfiniCor CL 1000 fiber is guaranteed to transmit up to 500 meters at 850 nanometers (nm) and 1,000 meters at 1300 nm, while InfiniCor CL 2000 fiber is guaranteed to transmit up to 600 meters at 850 nm and 2,000 meters at 1300 nm.

The InfiniCor CL series includes two advanced multimode optical-fiber products that will improve the performance and design of local area networks (LANs). In addition to extraordinary link lengths, InfiniCor CL fiber eliminates the need for a mode-conditioning patch cord. Corning Inc.

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