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Latest Message from Water: Is Dr. Emoto a Spiritual Madoff?

Byline: Stephen Kiesling


Ten years ago this magazine received an advance copy of Dr. Masaru Emoto's book Messages from Water, with its dramatic photographs of ice crystals said to be shaped by words, music, or prayer. Emoto's message seemed compelling: human intention could alter the crystal structure of water - love creates beautiful crystals and hatred creates ugly crystals. Our problem was that scientific discoveries tend to be announced To be announced (TBA)

A contract for the purchase or sale of an MBS to be delivered at an agreed-upon future date but does not include a specified pool number and number of pools or precise amount to be delivered.
 in peer-reviewed papers rather than in self-published books. We inquired about Dr. Emoto's methods, got no response, and ignored the book, thinking it would go away.


By 2005, Dr. Emoto had three best-sellers and still no significant science to back up his photographs. As veteran science writer Jill Neimark Jill Neimark is an American writer.

Neimark has written one adult novel, a thriller titled Bloodsong,[1][2], which was published in both hardcover and paperback and translated into German, Italian, and Hebrew.
 observed in this magazine, "He is a scientific experiment of one, and for all we know, he is selecting crystals that confirm his natural bias and discarding the rest." Worse, Dr. Emoto's Ph.D. came from Open International University in India, where such degrees can be purchased for less than $500, and a photo essay from a scientific journal that came with his new press materials identified him at Masaru Emoto, M.D.


In 2006, however, "Masaru Emoto, B.A." was listed as a coauthor of a pilot study by Dean Radin Dean Radin is a researcher and author in the field of parapsychology. He is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Petaluma, California, USA, on the Adjunct Faculty at Sonoma State University, on the Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School , Ph.D., published in the journal Explore , titled "A Double-Blind Test of the Effect of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation." For this study, Mr. Emoto had 2,000 of his followers followers

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 in Tokyo focus gratitude on bottles of water placed in an electromagnetically shielded room at the Institute of Noetic no·et·ic  
Of, relating to, originating in, or apprehended by the intellect.

[Greek no
 Science in Petaluma, California Petaluma is a city in Sonoma County, California, in the United States. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 54,538. As of 2005, Petaluma's population is 56,721. [link was dead) contains the Rancho Petaluma Adobe, a National Historic Landmark. . Unbeknownst to Emoto, Dr. Radin had two other bottles of water to serve as controls. When 100 people were asked to judge a beauty contest between photographs of crystals from the "treated" water and the controls, the treated water was rated significantly more beautiful. So perhaps Mr. Emoto was right: human intention did alter the formation of ice.


But a better-controlled "triple-blind" follow-up study published this winter in the Journal of Scientific Exploration The Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE) is a quarterly publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration (founded in 1982). According to its mission statement, this publication "was established in 1987 to provide a professional forum for the presentation, scrutiny and  didn't work out so well.


This time, more than 1,900 of Mr. Emoto's followers focused gratitude on water bottles in the vault "In the Vault" is a short story by American horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft, written on September 18, 1925 and first published in the November 1925 issue of the amateur press journal Tryout.  over a period of three days. Then the water was frozen and compared to two different sets of controls in a very elaborate protocol.


Interestingly, the crystals, both "treated" and not, on average were not particularly beautiful (scoring 1.7 on a scale of 0 to 6, where 6 was very beautiful). And while the treated crystals were rated slightly more beautiful than one set of controls, they were rated ever-so-slightly less beautiful than the other set of controls. An objective comparison of contrast did not reveal any significant differences among the samples.


Both studies used Emoto's followers, his procedures, and his lab to create and photograph the crystals, so they were effectively testing the validity of the dramatic photos in his best-sellers. While intension in·ten·sion  
1. The state or quality of being intense; intensity.

2. The act of becoming intense or more intense; intensification.

3. Logic The sum of the attributes contained in a term.
 may or may not affect water, the results speak volumes. Perhaps Emoto is an evangelist who values the message of his images more than the particulars of science; nevertheless, this spiritual teacher might focus his future practice less on gratitude and more on honesty.
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Charles Philip (Member): Triple-Blind Follow Up Was FAULTY! 6/2/2010 2:32 AM
Any knowledgeable Spiritual individual (i.e. a Buddhist Monk or a Yogi) can tell you that it takes more than simple INTENT to influence the water. Ancient WISDOM states that one musts "first" be at a deep meditative state. Then one's gratitude can actually start to transmit onto the water.

After all, does a Buddhist Monk ever bless water at a normal "conscious" state?? NEVER!!! IT WOULD NOT WORK!!!! He musts always first bring himself at a DEEP MEDITATIVE state!
Charles Philip (Member): Well written article (I only disagree with content) 6/2/2010 2:51 AM
I want to apologize for giving a bad rating in my previous post, This was a well written article, I only disagreed with some of the content itself!

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