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Largest U.S. ILEC continues to roll out NHC Communications' ControlPoint(TM) solutions for its network-automation plan with additional $4 million in orders.

NHC Communications Inc. , the first vendor to ship solutions in the automated main distribution frame market, announces that it has received an order from one of its North Eastern U.S. Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC), customer No. 2, to ship additional units of its ControlPoint(TM) solutions valued at $4.4 million.

To date, NHC has fulfilled close to half of the orders totalling $16.3 million received from the ILEC, customer No. 2, since September 2002. Those orders are part of this customer's 2002 budget for the ControlPoint(TM) solutions.

The new set of orders from this ILEC includes two interlinked ControlPoint(TM) CP 5400 solutions to be installed in a larger unmanned central office to manage over 5,000 telephone lines. This represents a new application for the ControlPoint(TM) solutions that was not initially targeted by this ILEC at the time of their recent contract award to NHC. NHC's ILEC customer no. 1 has already validated this application in three of their central offices. Surpassing their original request for proposal with this new application suggests additional opportunity for the application of ControlPoint(TM) solutions within this ILEC. NHC is also exploring additional new applications and business models with its current ILEC customers and other prospects, developing ControlPoint(TM) solutions to automate every aspect of their networks.

"The future is looking bright for the Company," said NHC President and CEO Sylvain Abitbol. "Expanding our opportunities within this ILEC's network opens the door to automate almost their entire network."

Given the rate at which the ILEC customer no. 2 is deploying NHC's ControlPoint(TM) solutions, the Company expects this largest U.S. ILEC to continue to place orders for ControlPoint(TM) solutions over the term of their multi-year contract with the company.


NHC ( is a leading provider of carrier class test access and deployment solutions for the copper-based telecommunications and Internet access markets and of remotely controlled physical layer cross-connect solutions for established and next-generation voice/data networks. With a unique range of technologies, NHC is at the core of today's corporate enterprise service market and the telecommunications industry. NHC maintains offices in Montreal, Quebec; Paris, France; and Manassas, Virginia. NHC's ControlPoint(TM) solution is an integrated Element Management System (EMS) controlling an automated, true any-to-any copper cross-connect switch capable of performing the four functions fundamental to all operations performed by incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, multiple-tenant units and multiple-dwelling units: loop qualification, deployment and provisioning, fallback switching and service migration of DSL, ISDN, E1/T1 and POTS. "ControlPoint(TM)" is a trademark of NHC Communications Inc. NHC may be contacted through its web site:
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CONTACT: Sylvain Abitbol, President and CEO, NHC Communications Inc.,, 1-800-861-1965, Fax: (514) 735-8057; Marvin Garellek, Marketing Director, NHC Communications Inc.,, 1-800-861-1965, Fax: (514) 735-8057
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Date:Nov 19, 2002
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