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Large charitable deduction ok when donor "substantially complied" with qualified appraisal rules.

In 1986 the Bonds donated two blimps to a charitable organization. An appraiser concluded their value was $60,000, which the Bonds claimed as a charitable deduction on their 1986 tax return.

Special substantiation regulations (regulations section 1.170A13) apply to charitable deductions in which donated property is claimed to be worth more than $5,000. The regulations require donors to

* Obtain a qualified appraisal for the donated item.

* Attach an appraisal summary to the return.

* Include certain information on the return. Further, the regulations require the donor to have received a qualified appraisal before the due date of the tax return on which the deduction is claimed.

The appraiser properly completed and signed the relevant parts of the appraisal summary on the Bonds' Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions. The Bonds complied with most of the regulation's other requirements. However, the appraiser did not furnish the Bonds with a separate written appraisal, either before the due date of the 1986 tax return or afterward.

The IRS audited the Bonds' 1986 return and assessed a deficiency. In the Tax Court, the IRS claimed the charitable deduction should not be allowed because the Bonds did not obtain a qualified appraisal.

Result: For the Bonds. The regulatory requirements are procedural and not substantive. Therefore, the "doctrine of substantial compliance" applies. Since the Bonds did substantially comply with the regulations, they are entitled to the charitable deduction.

* Bond, 100 TC No. 4.
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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