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Consultant for Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Stones Ranch and Camp Niantic. Oct 22, 2014 130
Kruse Road Feasibility Study and Development. Report Oct 21, 2014 182
Belgium : Free movement of capital: Commission opens infringement procedure against Hungary on rights of cross-border investors to use agricultural land. Oct 17, 2014 310
Legal Counsel CEQA, NEPA and Land Use. Oct 8, 2014 160
Upgrading and joining former riksveg- and industrial land use with existing lawn area into one cohesive park and parking area. Oct 5, 2014 481
Validation of Land Use Change. Oct 4, 2014 450
development of multipurpose project evaluation, use and protection of land and produce maps of the value. Oct 1, 2014 114
Design of development planning documentation Correction of the master plan, the development of land use and development of the village. Correction notice Sep 29, 2014 103
Survey Plans Land use planning. Sep 24, 2014 102
Consultant for Classification of Commercial Land Use Study and Recommendation. Sep 19, 2014 145
Planning documentation of the master plan, the development of land use and development of the village. Sep 18, 2014 103
United States : Port Authority board approves sale of DYER Avenue development rights. Sep 18, 2014 449
Master planning, geometric design, pavement engineering, airfield navigational systems, drainage and stormwater engineering, air traffic forecasting and land use planning. Sep 16, 2014 129
Study of Land Use. Sep 16, 2014 159
Land Use Study. Sep 15, 2014 203
Sustainable land use-based alternatives in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon. Sep 15, 2014 225
Long Range Land Use Planning Study. Sep 13, 2014 143
Introducing Land-use Planning Tools to Reduce Climate Change Vulnerability. Sep 5, 2014 197
Reorganization of land use plan of the agreed administration community rottweil. Sep 3, 2014 224
Strengthening municipal land management. Sep 3, 2014 299
Ferndale sets bar with 'lot averaging': subdivision tool makes best use of land, helps homebuyers. Sep 1, 2014 1040
Spatiotemporal modeling of ozone levels in Quebec (Canada): a comparison of kriging, land-use regression (LUR), and combined bayesian maximum entropy-LUR approaches. Adam-Poupart, Ariane; Brand, Allan; Fournier, Michel; Jerrett, Michael; Smargiassi, Audrey Sep 1, 2014 6844
Land use planning and design, surveying and cadastral boundary set-up works real property. Sep 1, 2014 140
Purchase of temporary use of the land area. Aug 30, 2014 161
Research on Intensive and Economical Land Use Mode in Small and Medium-sized Cities and Small Towns. Aug 28, 2014 267
Control and mitigation of busfires and deforestation in Metuge through community engagement in sustainable land use. Aug 26, 2014 227
Despite Massive Lobbying by Clear Channel and JCDecaux, Coalition to Ban Alcohol Ads on Public Property in Los Angeles Urges City Planning and Land Use Management Committee to Say No to Outdoor Alcohol Ads at LAX. Aug 25, 2014 1041
Regional land-use allocation using a coupled MAS and GA model: from local simulation to global optimization, a case study in Caidian District, Wuhan, China. Yuan, Man; Liu, Yaolin; He, Jianhua; Liu, Dianfeng Aug 23, 2014 9091
Canada : First Nation Begins Land Use Planning Process. Aug 22, 2014 214
Attorney Victor Manougian of York, Maine, has joined the McLane Law Firm as an associate in the Land Use Practice Group. Brief article Aug 22, 2014 107
Urban planning services. Aug 16, 2014 274
Continual improvement and transferring of the cultivating models of effective land and water resource use to maintain efficient sustainable commercial production of onions. Aug 16, 2014 257
Continual improvement, upgradation and transferring of sustainable and effective management models of sloping midland region through the sustainable use of land, water and biodiversity. Aug 16, 2014 253
Further model improvement and transferring of sustainable use of land, water and biodiversity for alkaline lands. Aug 16, 2014 265
Coordination Of Small Island Developing States Responses To Cities And Other Human Settlements Coping With Climate Change And Sustainable Land Use. Aug 16, 2014 450
Canada : Gahcho Kue joint venture welcomes issuance of land use permit and water licence. Aug 13, 2014 290
Gahcho Kue Joint Venture Welcomes Issuance of Land Use Permit and Water License. Aug 12, 2014 735
Gahcho Kue Joint Venture Welcomes Issuance of Land Use Permit and Water License. Aug 12, 2014 706
United Kingdom : Durkan rejects Tamboran s proposals for exploratory drilling under permitted development rights. Aug 12, 2014 342
Reducing Pressures on Natural Resources from Competing Land Use in Non-irrigated Arid Mountain, Semi-desert and Desert Landscapes. Aug 8, 2014 187
Festival gets use of land, but it still needs money. Aug 6, 2014 413
Commercial lawsuits. Aug 1, 2014 551
Impacts of landform, land use and soil type on soil chemical properties and enzymatic activities in a Loessial Gully watershed. Hao, Yajun; Chang, Qingrui; Li, Linhai; Wei, Xiaorong Report Aug 1, 2014 7665
Development of a master plan and changes in land use and development (risus). Jul 28, 2014 101
Redevelopment and municipal land use law and real estate law. Jul 28, 2014 121
Project for the development of a private plan land use heyvaert. Jul 26, 2014 233
Canada : Government expands conservation areas, protects watersheds and native grasslands in southern Alberta. Jul 24, 2014 428
Parcels of land formation and conversion projects, the land use plan preparation services. Jul 23, 2014 256
Achieving Biodiversity Conservation through Creation and Effective Management of Protected Areas and Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Planning. Jul 23, 2014 129
Burleson LLP's Michael Vennum Presents Continuing Education Program on Land Use Issues in Oil & Gas Development. Jul 22, 2014 568
Provision of services for the preparation of planning documentation "Correction of the master plan, land use and development. Correction notice Jul 19, 2014 111
Map details development rights. Jul 16, 2014 375
Australia : ANSTO s Regional Cooperation on controlling the impact of land-use practices on land degradation. Jul 16, 2014 372
Implementation planning documentation The master plan, land use and development of the village and Biyanka planning project on 10 acres[beaucoup plus grand que]. Jul 16, 2014 130
works on development planning documentation The master plan, land use and development of the village Vozdviz and project planning area of ??9 hectares. Jul 16, 2014 129
Perform scientific - research work on the preparation of the draft master plan and design changes in land use and development of urban settlements. Jul 14, 2014 114
Enhancing climate change adaptation and sustainable use of water and land resources among rural farmers in Makpele Chiefdom. Jul 14, 2014 290
Consultant Services - Land Use Planning Services. Jul 11, 2014 110
Sustainable Land Use Management in the Drylands of North-west Argentina. Jul 10, 2014 165
Development of land use planning documents (aerial photographic work with the creation of digital orthophotos, s. Jul 9, 2014 131
Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Regulation and Management at the Municipal Scale. Jul 9, 2014 183
REALTORS from Boston visited Beacon Hill to Push for Copper Pipe Theft Prevention and Changes to Proposed Land Use Reform Legislation. Jul 2, 2014 653
Land Use & Zoning Regulations Rewrite. Jul 1, 2014 218
Effects of soil structural properties on saturated hydraulic conductivity under different land-use types. Jiang, Yanli; Shao, Mingan Report Jul 1, 2014 6553
sustainable land use management: women, men and youth empowerment project. Jun 28, 2014 109
Promotion of sustainable land use practices amongst vulnerable tribal communities in and around Karlapat wildlife sanctuary in Kalahandi district of Odisha to prevent loss of biodiversity and strategy for climate change mitigation (Promotion of susta. Jun 28, 2014 457
Report gives insight into use of land. Jun 27, 2014 152
Design work on the master plan and land use and rural settlement. Jun 25, 2014 103
Perform "Work on keeping up to date the project land use and development. Jun 23, 2014 116
Fortune Minerals receives final Land Use Permit and Water Licence approvals to construct and operate the Nico mine. Jun 20, 2014 1524
Land use pattern changed in Abu Hail, 
Al Bida'a. Jun 19, 2014 187
Land use advisers evaluate hospital property. Boynton, Donna Jun 18, 2014 855
United States : Agreement on indirect land-use change directive at the Energy Council. Jun 18, 2014 130
Zoning star solves city's land use conundrums. Putzier, Konrad Jun 18, 2014 638
Around town: events seminars meetings talks. Calendar Jun 18, 2014 1042
Perform work on amending the General Plan and Land use and development of the municipal. Jun 16, 2014 112
Consulting services with the preparation of zoning and land-use planning. Jun 13, 2014 194
Campaign to preserve Raouche: Property rights not equivalent to real estate development rights Rauche area is a national heritage. Jun 8, 2014 207
55 - VOLANTE Visions Of LANd use Transitions in Europe. Jun 7, 2014 103
The use of degraded lands to grow seedlings of wild-fruit trees and shrubs for further soil erosion control on slopes of Zhetyssu Alatau. Jun 7, 2014 308
Execution of works known as project "Land use Multicultural Old Mine Park" in the context of the investment task. "Revitalization and adaptation for cultural former KWK Julia - Task 1 of the project P. Jun 7, 2014 235
Rules for use of land to be adjusted in Kazakhstan. Jun 2, 2014 158
Agricultural land-use change in Qazvin plain between 1987 and 2002 by GIS and RS. Khaghani, Roghayeh; Mahmoodi, Shahla; Pazira, Ebrahim; Masihabadi, Mohammad Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 4263
Planning Consultant for Land Use Ordinance to the City. May 24, 2014 117
Consultancy services related to land use and transport cooperation. May 23, 2014 176
Implementation of the land use 9 yards in Gdansk vacationers in the area revitalized neighborhood. May 23, 2014 390
School Community Landscape Rehabilitation through replanting and sustainable land use management. May 22, 2014 272
Land Use Planning Consultant. May 21, 2014 209
Showdown on the range: the issues that caused the standoff between the federal BLM and a Nevada rancher are being clouded by deliberated misinformation from government officials and the media. Jasper, William F. Cover story May 19, 2014 3790
Feds vs. the West. Jasper, William F. Cover story May 19, 2014 2789
PR focusing on plans for better use of railway land: minister. May 13, 2014 175
Oman ministry puts freeze on building plans. May 7, 2014 353
Canada : City of Toronto hosting public meetings on implementation of Eglinton Connects Planning Study. May 6, 2014 431
An agronomic test to manage phosphorus environmental risk from pastures with good grazing management. Hart, M.R.; Cornish, P.S. Report May 1, 2014 4275
Variation in soil microbial biomass in the dry tropics: impact of land-use change. Singh, Mahesh Kumar; Ghoshal, Nandita Report May 1, 2014 6417
Further consultation with Aboriginal groups for southern land-use plan. May 1, 2014 130
Can Land Use Plans and Transportation Policies Help Improve Health? Apr 15, 2014 1122
Research for the Study On District Administration of Land Use. Apr 11, 2014 474
United States : Land-use deal should boost ALASKA's SUSITNA-WATANA dam project. Apr 9, 2014 141
Watershed evaluation for sustainable use of sloping agricultural land in the southern Philippines. Apr 9, 2014 370
Oman : Criteria set for land use in north and south Batinah. Apr 8, 2014 469
Water conservation and land use protection on park lands project. Apr 8, 2014 335
Further consultation with Aboriginal groups for southern land-use plan. Narine, Shari Apr 1, 2014 121
Consultancy Services for Georeferencing and Digitisation work for Preparation of Cadastral based Land use maps. Mar 31, 2014 114
Project assistance related to roll-over of integrated land-use- and transport strategy for the Oslo region. Mar 31, 2014 131
Design of Software for land use plans and zoning plans in conjunction with road and street projects. Mar 31, 2014 178
Service for the development of the advertising campaign contract "galicia~s economy as the main driver of development and use of land recognized as" galicia calidade "in 3 areas: internationalization,. Mar 29, 2014 125
Land use within the framework of the first phase of routes university in bydgoszcz. Mar 29, 2014 267
Farm preservation evolves with times; Agreement on land-use decisions. Knothe, Alli Mar 27, 2014 565
Senegal - Technical assistance to land use and economic development of the niayes region. Mar 26, 2014 269
Is the scramble for land in Africa foreclosing a smallholder agricultural expansion strategy? Jayne, Thomas S.; Chapoto, Antony; Sitko, Nicholas; Nkonde, Chewe; Muyanga, Milu; Chamberlin, Jordan Report Mar 22, 2014 8307
In context of sale of partial interest, highest and best use of land may be used to determine fair market value. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 489
United States : CREATIVE SOLAR wins exclusive rights to solar use on land in BARTOW. Mar 20, 2014 136
Land use in the Fofal River Command Area Development Project. Mar 20, 2014 441
United States : OTTER signs bill boosting land use around airports. Mar 19, 2014 156
Integrated modelling of the relationships between land use, water and energy in Brazilian biofuel programmes. Mar 19, 2014 178
Chelan County Commissioners propose excellent changes to certain land-use codes. Mar 1, 2014 170
Spatio-temporal dynamics along the terrain gradient of diverse landscape. Ramachandra, T.V.; Bharath, Settur; Bharath, Aithal Report Mar 1, 2014 8298
Printing 6834 forms bond paper rolls to ink, measures 76 "* 76" for use in the general land registry. Feb 27, 2014 102
Community action to reduce pressure on forests through sustainable land use & Local Biodiversity Management around the Protected areas in tribal belts of Seoni District. Feb 26, 2014 386
Development of a particular land use plan and report on the environmental impacts for the "act" area encompassing the islands. Feb 7, 2014 119
Land use compatibility study under way at grissom. Feb 1, 2014 307
Changes in soil total C and N contents at three chronosequences after conversion from plantation pine forest to dairy pasture on a New Zealand Pumice Soil. Sparling, G.P.; Lewis, R.; Schipper, L.A.; Mudge, P.; Balks, M. Report Feb 1, 2014 6921
An integrated GIS-based Analytic Network Process to land suitability evaluation for forest park location, case study: Badreh country, Ilam, Iran. Karami, Omid; Maleknia, Rahim; Piran, Heshmat Report Feb 1, 2014 4335
Advance gets okay for transit village development. Jan 15, 2014 504
Project Rokiskio district land forming detailed plans of the buildings owned by the municipality, by identifying the main purpose of land use, method of use and the nature of them, or changing the "de. Jan 15, 2014 184
Partnership agreement concerning the European Topic Centre on Urban, land use and soil 2015-2018. Jan 13, 2014 344
The new exclusionary zoning. Mangin, John Jan 1, 2014 14354
New Hampshire's regional planning commissions. Directory Dec 30, 2013 713
Register of Pre Qualified Suppliers - Strategic Planning and Land Use Policy Consultancy Services. Dec 27, 2013 443
Reorganization of land use plan of the neighborhood association reutlingen-tE-bingen. Dec 24, 2013 219
Sustainable Land Use Semi-Arid Reg. Dec 17, 2013 212
Bulgaria Mulls Setting Up Agency to Restrict Land Use by Foreigners. Dec 7, 2013 280
Providing land use planning, and technical/feasibility analysis services. Dec 6, 2013 103
Land use planning, scoping and coordination for 319 acres of DLNR lands at Pulehunui. Dec 6, 2013 122
Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board Approves Gahcho Kue Pioneer Land Use Permit. Dec 3, 2013 807
Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board Approves Gahcho Kue Pioneer Land Use Permit. Dec 3, 2013 831
Brazil Can Use Land More Efficiently to Simultaneously Grow Agricultural Production and Protect Natural Resources. Dec 2, 2013 766
Brazil Can Use Land More Efficiently to Simultaneously Grow Agricultural Production and Protect Natural Resources. Dec 2, 2013 772
Relative importance of productivity, land expansion, demand for palm oil and global price changes on the directions of biofuel and Indonesia economic performance. Oktaviani, Rina; Arfin, Bustanul; Siregar, Hermanto; Sugema, Iman; Madelan, Sugiyono; Syarifah Report Dec 1, 2013 7221
Australia : Transport and land use plan consultation extended. Nov 28, 2013 330
Australia : 500th Queensland Indigenous Land Use Agreement registered. Nov 26, 2013 409
Australia : Landmark regional planning legislation introduced. Nov 22, 2013 423
Noida to introduce mixed land use policy. Nov 20, 2013 179
Land use EZ pass now NYC norm. Nov 13, 2013 638
Dear EarthTalk: while working to protect public land from resource extraction and development seems to be the focus of many environmental groups, what is being done to preserve and protect private property--the majority of our land--across the country? Friedland, Jim Nov 10, 2013 607
Authority to oversee use of state land and property. Nov 7, 2013 315
GERMANY - Land use change: assessing the net climate forcing, and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation. (LUC4C). Nov 4, 2013 334
Wogan: Young women use their looks to land TV jobs; ...SO THEY SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN LATER WHEN THEY ARE REPLACED SAYS LEGEND; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 3, 2013 464
Wogan: Young women use their looks to land TV jobs; ...SO THEY SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN LATER WHEN THEY ARE REPLACED; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 3, 2013 464
Wogan: Young women use their looks to land TV jobs; ...SO THEY SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN LATER WHEN THEY ARE REPLACED. Nov 3, 2013 468
Land use and water management (SAGE) of the watershed of the charente. Oct 24, 2013 158
Facebook use lands former sex offender back in prison. Oct 22, 2013 383
irvintu district municipality natural framework of special land-use plan and the irvintu streets red lines special plan for purchases. Oct 21, 2013 168
Hong Kong : No plans to change military land use: TK Lai. Oct 10, 2013 372
After Sandy: A New Urban Land Institute Report Looks At Mitigating Climate Change Through Land Use, Offers Recommendations On Strengthening Community Resiliency. Report Oct 9, 2013 1378
Land use and management influences on surface soil organic carbon in Tasmania. Cotching, W.E.; Oliver, G.; Downie, M.; Corkrey, R.; Doyle, R.B. Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 13859
Relationship between environmental and land-use variables on soil carbon levels at the regional scale in central New South Wales, Australia. Badgery, Warwick B.; Simmons, Aaron T.; Murphy, Brian M.; Rawson, Andrew; Andersson, Karl O.; Lonerg Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 9944
Capacity for increasing soil organic carbon stocks in dryland agricultural systems. Hoyle, F.C.; D'Antuono, M.; Overheu, T.; Murphy, D.V. Report Oct 1, 2013 8803
Land-use and historical management effects on soil organic carbon in grazing systems on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. Wilson, Brian R.; Lonergan, Vanessa E. Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 8559
Coolum Integrated Land Use and Transport Study. Sep 25, 2013 280
SCOTLAND FOR SALE; LAIRDS ALMIGHTY CAMPAIGNERS ASK WHY JUST 432 OWN HALF OF SCOTLAND'S COUNTRYSIDE Revealed Escalating calls for land reform to protect and boost rural communities. Sep 22, 2013 1522
Canada : DOMINION DIAMOND submits application for land use permit and WATER LICENSE. Sep 19, 2013 133
Jordan - Water aspects in land-use planning. Sep 12, 2013 267
Evaluating long-term impact of land use on selected soil physical quality indicators. Abu, S.T. Report Sep 1, 2013 5004
Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia : Land-use planning and sustainable biomass production for climate protection. Aug 31, 2013 179
U.N. weapons inspectors relating to alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, landed at Rotterdam. Aug 31, 2013 108
Serbia : Sustainable Transport in Belgrade. Aug 27, 2013 169
Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options. Aug 23, 2013 204
India : WEST BENGAL to use available land and assets to promote medical education. Aug 20, 2013 141
Land use board decisions: the appeals process. Baldwin, Carolyn Aug 9, 2013 553
Draft Spatial and settlement pattern of open cities (Master Plan) Municipal Domnistas. Aug 6, 2013 264
The new fiscal role in land-use planning. Lawton, Stephen Aug 1, 2013 1274
Land in conflict; managing and resolving land use disputes. Book review Aug 1, 2013 304
Corn creates nesting nightmare: booming grain production is destroying the duck factory. Hart, David Aug 1, 2013 1047
Amendment on the Soil Conservation and Land Use Law. Jul 1, 2013 565
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi within agroforestry and traditional land use systems in semi-arid Northeast Brazil/Fungos micorrizicos arbusculares em sistemas agroflorestais e sistemas tradicionais de uso da terra no semi-arido do nordeste do Brasil. Sousa, Carla da Silva; Menezes, Romulo Simoes Cezar; Sampaio, Everardo Valadares de Sa Barreto; Lima Jul 1, 2013 5823
Australia : Land use priorities set in draft Darling Downs regional plan. Jun 28, 2013 421
Land beyond use to be considered property of state: CJP. Jun 6, 2013 580
Land beyond use to be considered property of state: CJP. Jun 6, 2013 580
Romanian authorities intend to ban photovoltaic parks on agricultural land,. Jun 5, 2013 1042
Malaria vector population dynamics in highland and lowland regions of western Kenya. Omukunda, Elizabeth; Githeko, Andrew; Ndonga, Millicent F.; Mushinzimana, Emmanuel; Atieli, Harrison Report Jun 1, 2013 5320
Effect of land use and land cover modification on distribution of anopheline larval habitats in Meghalaya, India. Srivastava, Atin K.; Kharbuli, B.; Shira, D.S.; Sood, A. Report Jun 1, 2013 3602
Land-use monitoring by topographic data analysis. Kruger, Tobias; Meinel, Gotthard; Schumacher, Ulrich Report Jun 1, 2013 4406
Evaluation of landscape ecological aesthetics of green spaces in Latvian large cities/Latvijos didziuju miestu zaliuju erdviu krastovaizdzio ekologines estetikos vertinimas. Jankevica, Maija Report Jun 1, 2013 4795
Allen Matkins Continues to Expand its Land Use Practice with Addition of Partner Fernando Villa in Los Angeles. May 8, 2013 1273
Use land wisely to solve city's housing crisis; viewpoint. May 2, 2013 211
Medical marijuana: a crossroads between land use planning and environmental health. Zemel, Felix I. May 1, 2013 1351
City unplanning. Schleicher, David May 1, 2013 24121
Suburban development mixes it up. Brief article May 1, 2013 131
Sino Harbour Successfully Secures Premium Commercial Land Use Rights in Hangzhou, the PRC. Apr 25, 2013 470
ICBA and EAD publish books on soil. Apr 25, 2013 605
Review of land use from gold coast rapid transit. Apr 22, 2013 115
Make use of land; You Say Apr 19, 2013 154
Australia : New report helps guide farmers through new land use on their properties. Apr 17, 2013 436
Best laid plans; You can often make your home bigger and far better without getting planning permission by using permitted development rights, says JULIA GRAY, so start drawing up that loft conversion. Apr 6, 2013 491
Best laid plans; Best laid plans You can often make your home bigger and far better without getting planning permission by using permitted development rights, says JULIA GRAY, so start drawing up that loft conversion. Apr 6, 2013 491
Best laid plans; You can often make your home bigger and far better without getting planning permission by using permitted development rights, says JULIA GRAY, so start drawing up that loft conversion. Apr 6, 2013 489
HOW TO USE ... development rights; You can often make your home bigger and better without getting planning permission by using its permitted development rights, says Julia Gray. Apr 4, 2013 622
Transforming cities with transit; transit and land-use integration for sustainable urban development. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 127
Misuse of medication is abuse: inappropriate use of psychotropic drugs lands former DON in prison, others plead 'no contest'. Horowitz, Alan C. Apr 1, 2013 1250
Catholic school sees land-use victory in San Diego. Clark, Monica Mar 29, 2013 431
Australia : Cairns Airport Land Use Plan cleared for take-off. Mar 28, 2013 367
Land use planning, municipal engineering design and consultancy services framework 2013-2014. Mar 26, 2013 102
Wyman-Gordon is the `destination'; Developer makes official pitch to use Green Island land for slots. Mar 25, 2013 1450
United Kingdom,United States : SKYBUS not to use LAND S END AIRPORT this weekend due to poor weather conditions. Mar 23, 2013 158
Land grabbing: a new Colonialism. Broughton, Alan Mar 22, 2013 2921
Germany : Grontmij to draft land-use plan for developing Gemini wind park cable routes. Mar 12, 2013 197
United Kingdom,United States : LAGOS selects DIAMOND BANK as collector of land use charge in the state. Mar 8, 2013 108
Canada : Prophecy Obtains Power Plant Land Use Rights. Mar 6, 2013 360
United States - Early Implementation of the Eastgate Subarea Plan/I-90 Land Use & Transportation Project. Mar 5, 2013 135
Krispy Kreme Awards Franchise Development Rights For Taiwan. Mar 4, 2013 1002
Expropriation of unproductive land. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 168
Douglas County ordinance deserves challenge. Mar 1, 2013 557
California general plans: what they mean for legacy pipeline management. Hoang, Tan; Burns, Tom Mar 1, 2013 1734
China HGS to Receive Land Use Right or Cash Compensation Awarded By Local Government. Feb 21, 2013 803
Lease cancelled for flouting land use norm. Feb 20, 2013 353
Leading Land Use and Real Estate Lawyer Boosts Marten Law's Oregon Presence. Feb 19, 2013 417
Australia : Bill passed to simplify use of public land. Feb 15, 2013 310
American Bar Association Selects Chapter by Mintz Levin Attorney Kelly L. Frey for Collection of Best Commentary on Land Use Law. Feb 8, 2013 361
Miami Zoning, Land Use and Environmental Law Firm Bercow Radell & Fernandez Promotes Partner Melissa Tapanes Llahues to Shareholder. Jan 31, 2013 444
Climate change and coastal land use a game changer for the business of city building: ULI. Jan 30, 2013 875
Property specialist. Jan 24, 2013 342
Provision of land use plan / Master Plan development and maintenance. Jan 22, 2013 166
Turkish CHP Leader: Allowing Extremists to Use Land against Syria by Governemnt Would Increase Tension. Jan 13, 2013 200
Plan to turn Al-Shamal into a tourist destination. Jan 3, 2013 650
United Kingdom : Land Use Change, Environment and Society: a integrated framework for economic assessment. Jan 2, 2013 315
FSIN suggests use of PFRA land. Narine, Shari Jan 1, 2013 181
No dept. can use private land, says judge. Dec 26, 2012 148
Profits greener within the belt; Views of the North. Dec 22, 2012 108
Water resources, use of land important for development. Dec 21, 2012 405
Herrick, Feinstein's Real Estate Group Expands Land Use and Environmental Practice. Dec 19, 2012 554
Council to study taking of land; Citywide vote to address gaming. Dec 19, 2012 713
Policy offers region a big opportunity; Views of the North. Dec 17, 2012 242
Australia : Murray Darling to benefit from water efficiency projects. Dec 11, 2012 419
HCRD: Land use on the rise. Dec 7, 2012 358
Recruitment of Indigenous Australians with linguistic and numeric disadvantages. Pearson, Cecil Report Dec 1, 2012 8592
Green open space in large scale housing estates: a place for challenge. Treija, Sandra; Bratuskins, Ugis; Bondars, Edgars Report Dec 1, 2012 4596
Neighbors appeal golf course permit. Nov 16, 2012 869
A fair deal on restrictive covenants. Nov 16, 2012 339
Raymond D. Cotton to Speak at Annual Meeting of Association of Public and Land Use Universities. Nov 12, 2012 311
McCall spins in grave over land use 'reforms'. Nov 7, 2012 981
Taking care over land covenants; Your house is not always yours to do with as you please. Property law expert Claire Simmons looks at restrictive covenants. Nov 3, 2012 521
Talks underway to end park row. Nov 2, 2012 476
Ecophilanthropy, neoliberal conservation, and the transformation of Chilean Patagonia's Chacabuco Valley. Jones, Charmaine Report Nov 1, 2012 8693
Right to hunt crosses provincial borders, says lawyer. Narine, Shari Nov 1, 2012 843
Digital age mapping: First Nation using GIS data to map cultural values. Kelly, Lindsay Nov 1, 2012 692
Baseline Time Accounting Significantly Improves the Climate Impact Assessment of Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC). Nov 1, 2012 932
Goodwin Procter Selected for 65 Tier 1 National and Metropolitan Practice Rankings in U.S. News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" 2013 Survey. Nov 1, 2012 565
NY-Based Law Firm Abrams Fensterman Taps NYC Council's Acting General Counsel Christian Hylton To Launch Land Use Practice. Oct 29, 2012 713
CAIR-MN Welcomes DOJ Probe Into Rejection of Planned Islamic Center. Oct 29, 2012 887
St. George Library news. Oct 26, 2012 536
Investor and state interests in conflict over government land-use proposal. Oct 21, 2012 351
Economic benefits through conservation. Hashange, Hilma Oct 19, 2012 324
Krispy Kreme Awards Franchise Development Rights For Singapore. Oct 4, 2012 498
Industrial upgrade, employment shock, and land centralization in china. Song, Shunfeng; Wang, Chengsi; Zheng, Jianghuai Report Oct 1, 2012 6753
Analysis reveals potential rangeland impacts if Williamson Act eliminated. Wetzel, William C.; Lacher, Iara L.; Swezey, Daniel S.; Moffitt, Sarah E.; Manning, Dale T. Report Oct 1, 2012 4324
Converting oak woodland or savanna to vineyards may stress groundwater supply in summer. Grismer, Mark; Asato, Caitlin Report Oct 1, 2012 5897
Land use intensification; effects on agriculture, biodiversity and ecological processes. Book review Oct 1, 2012 160
Kimberley and the cowboys: in the land of the lucky the cowboys are primed to cash in their chips. Fulker, Tabatha Oct 1, 2012 944
Israeli Forces Work on Palestinian Land for Settlers' Use. Sep 26, 2012 162
An appraiser's reservations about assumptions for highest and best use of undeveloped land will not render the appraiser's valuation testimony irrelevant. Weinberger, Alan M. Column Sep 22, 2012 572
CERCLA, institutional controls, and the legacy of urban industrial use. Fox, Sarah Sep 22, 2012 22504
Hong Kong : NT project aims to meet local need - CS. Brief article Sep 21, 2012 298
For neighbors, UO golf course plan raises many issues. Sep 20, 2012 527
Let's get public land in use to help kickstart economic growth; David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, assesses the state of the marketplace. Sep 20, 2012 769
Final chance to have a say on town plans. Sep 20, 2012 445
Aeromexico, Delta Airlines abandon facility at Guadalajara airport because of land-use uncertainty, will construct huge maintenance site in Queretaro state. Navarro, Carlos Sep 12, 2012 915
Skyline Equities Realty Completes Sale of Development Rights for SkyPalace, Proposed Residential Tower In Miami's Mary Brickell Village. Sep 6, 2012 490
Final LAR Plan ignores ACFN recommendations. Narine, Shari Sep 1, 2012 776
Part 1: complete case summaries in alphabetical order. Case overview Sep 1, 2012 20397
Court affirms land use decision. Aug 31, 2012 480
United States : TOWN appoints community development director. Aug 30, 2012 259
Preventia Announces Prototype Development Right on Schedule. Aug 30, 2012 539
Take a look-see at how city is speeding land use process. Spinola, Steven Aug 29, 2012 634
Councils powerless; Your say. Aug 28, 2012 213
Industry mourns land use veteran. Barbarino, Al Obituary Aug 22, 2012 464
ELULS updates its Environmental and Land Use Law Treatise. Aug 15, 2012 533
Ukraine : In Volyn region, 32,746 land titles have been issued for six months. Aug 14, 2012 119
Israeli Bulldozers Raze Land, Destroy Water Well. Aug 13, 2012 121
Change of Land-Use Charges. Aug 5, 2012 132
Oregon plans; the making of an unquiet land use revolution. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 123
Settlement, subsistence, and change among the Labrador Inuit; the Nunatsiavummiut experience. Book review Aug 1, 2012 140
Soil series and land use impacts on major soil properties: a quantitative comparison. Zhang, Wentai; Weindorf, David C.; Zhu, Yuanda; Haggard, Beatrix J.; Bakr, Noura Report Aug 1, 2012 4002
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Chinese vanishing act: six years after the Chinese had been offered a large piece of land on which to establish one of the five special economic zones it says it wants in Africa, nothing of substance has taken place. Both the Mauritian government and people are running out of patience. Nasseem Ackbarally reports from Port-Louis. Ackbarally, Nasseem Jul 1, 2012 923
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