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Lacty the low calorie sweetener.

Lacty the Low Calorie Sweetener

Lacty is a low calorie, lactose-derived sweetener. Introduced early last year, its major advantage over sugar is that it contains only half the calories and is non cariogenic. Its bulking properties make it suitable for us in baked goods, and bakery products made with it have essentially the same texture, specific volume and shelf life as those based on sugar.

Using Lacty as a sugar substitute offers certain benefits in comparison with other artificial sweeteners. Its use ensures lasting crispness in products such as biscuits, meringues, sponge fingers and cookies. Being available in both crystalline and liquid form it can be used as a mixture to suit some applications.

As Lacty is non hygroscopic, the addition of a small amount of humectant, when making soft bakery products, gives a smooth mouthfeel without having any effect on the structure and texture achieved by using it. Unlike some artificial sweeteners, Lacty has no after-taste but its energy uptake is only 2kcal per gram, so it can be used in slimming or reduced calorie products. It is also perfectly suitable for use in diabetic food because it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels.
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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