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LIVERPOOL COMEDY FESTIVAL REVIEW Gina Yashere/ Skinny Bitch/ Royal Court Theatre.


GINA YASHERE doesn't tour the UK as much as she used to, having moved to LA to further her career. At first, it seemed something of an absurd move for the brash Londoner, but last night there was no reason to doubt she has what it takes to make it over there.

It's a shame that many of her strongest lines in her latest show have been picked up on by the media already, because it took a certain anticipation away from the material

It's her delivery that is possibly her strongest point. She has a natural talent for making practically every word she says funny, and together with the incredible energy she puts in to performing, has a remarkable stage presence. There's something more polished about it too, since her Stateside move - a little sprinkle of that American confidence, pacing the stage Chris Rock style, serves her well.

The show draws on her move to the States and her recent significant weight loss from a Size 18 to a 12. Both have been widely covered in entertainment circles, the former because of her reasoning there is no work for black entertainers in the UK ("it's like they operate a one-in, one-out policy - we're all waiting for Lenny Henry to die," she spits), the latter because it involved a fair deal of detox and colonic irrigation, and she doesn't mind telling us all about it.

She talks about catching malaria in Gambia and dealing with being diagnosed with lupus, and how that also helped motivate her getting thinner.

"You knew you're getting a bit chubby when people stare at you when you're eating cake", she ponders.

But it's all played for laughs with Gina Yashere, and the show isn't as confessional as it might sound. It's over the top, sure - but that's exactly why we come to see her.


Gina Yashere - has a natural talent for making practically every word she says funny
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 30, 2008
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