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LI candidates get notice: economy sole factor.

As congressional and state legislative races heat up on Long Island, leaders of the 60,000 person Nassau-Suffolk Building Trades Council and the Association for a Better Long Island (ABNY) representing some $15 billion in regional real estate investments, announced that their support for candidates this November will be based on solely one political litmus test - their specific program for jump starting the Long Island economy.

Jack Kennedy, secretary of the Building Trades Council stated, "While half of our membership remain unemployed still too many politicians are indifferent to the agony of the Long Island economy. Working with the ABLI, we have pledged not one dollar in financial contributions, not one phone bank, not one mailing, not one rally, until a candidate passes our political litmus test on the economy. "

Stephen Hess, president of the ABLI, said, "As Grumman, Fairchild-Republic and AIL underwent massive downsizing, or disappeared altogether, our political establishment was silent. Now we face the challenge of keeping companies like Canon and Symbol in the region. If our politicians remain silent again, Long Island will become an economic backwater which all the political mumbo jumbo won't be able to save. This election year we want specifics on what politicians will do to protect our economy, preserve jobs and enhance our region's ability to compete."

The ABLI represents Long Island leaders in commercial, industrial, retail and residential real estate, comprising-some $15 billion of the bi-county economy. The Nassau-Suffolk Building Trades Council has hundreds of members in literally every community on Long Island and, in the wake of their "March on Mineola" last Spring, has reorganized their political action activities.

Demanding Specifics

Kennedy continued," We want specifics from the politician who wants our support. What programs will he, or she, move to adopt that will break the credit crunch? What projects, and where, will they support to ensure that the next generation of growth industries remain on Long Island? What unemployment benefits are they prepared to extend? What transportation projects will they endorse, and help fund, to keep the Island's goods and services moving? What legislation will they sponsor to reduce the enormous cost of energy on the Island?"

Kennedy said an endorsement task force is being used to determine a candidates suitability for endorsement.
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Title Annotation:Long Island, New York; congressional and state legislative candidates
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 21, 1992
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