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NEW MEXICO New Mexico, state in the SW United States. At its northwestern corner are the so-called Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at right angles; New Mexico is also bordered by Oklahoma (NE), Texas (E, S), and Mexico (S).  CAN GAIN NATIONAL ENERGY PROMINENCE

The sheer magnitude of the current economic vertigo vertigo (vûr`tĭgō), sensations of moving in space or of objects moving about a person and the resultant difficulty in maintaining equilibrium. , which is but a symptom of a much deeper structural energy and resource crisis, makes it mandatory for President Barack Obama to validate, announce, organize, and deliver a big, fast, and equitable renewable-energy "Manhattan Project Manhattan Project, the wartime effort to design and build the first nuclear weapons (atomic bombs). With the discovery of fission in 1939, it became clear to scientists that certain radioactive materials could be used to make a bomb of unprecented power. U.S.  in Reverse." We cannot keep treating every idea, suggested direction, pet patent, or special interest as equivalent. Only solar-thermal and geothermal energy geothermal energy: see energy, sources of.
geothermal energy

Power obtained by using heat from the Earth's interior. Most geothermal resources are in regions of active volcanism.
 satisfy the requisite moral horizon as primary, clean, safe, and permanent sources. New Mexico has these resources in abundance, along with three "diamonds in the desert": Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) (previously known at various times as Site Y, Los Alamos Laboratory, and Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) is a United States Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory, managed and operated by Los Alamos National , Sandia Laboratories, and the Santa Fe Institute The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is a non-profit research institute dedicated to the study of complex systems in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Overview
The Santa Fe Institute was founded in 1984 by George Cowan, David Pines, Stirling Colgate, Murray Gell-Mann, Nick Metropolis, Herb
. SJM SJM Svalbard (ISO Country code)
SJM Swadeshi Jagran Manch (India)
SJM Scandinavian Journal of Management
SJM Single Jewish Male
SJM Strategic Journey Mapping
33, introduced by state Senate co-sponsors Carlos Cisneros and Jerry Ortiz y Pino, unapologetically presents New Mexico's case, requesting a minimal federal down payment of $21 billion, and assigning the headquarters of an urgently needed National Renewable Energy Renewable energy utilizes natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat, which are naturally replenished. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity to biomass and biofuels for transportation.  Administration to a city in New Mexico.Time for New Mexico to lead!

Matthew Ellis

Santa Fe Santa Fe, city, Argentina
Santa Fe, city (1991 pop. 341,000), capital of Santa Fe prov., NE Argentina, a river port near the Paraná, with which it is connected by canal.

Education fix

With increasing frustration, outstanding teachers all over New Mexico listen as our state is repeatedly noted for its declining literacy rates and high public-school drop-out percentages. But take heart, our Legislature is currently considering SB255, which offers a straightforward and doable solution to some of the most critical issues in education: smaller school size! After many years teaching students of diverse ages, backgrounds and ability levels, my observations support this simple idea.Smaller schools are better able to improve academic achievement, student success and parental satisfaction. While there is no magic bullet (jargon) magic bullet - (Or "silver bullet" from vampire legends) A term widely used in software engineering for a supposed quick, simple cure for some problem. E.g. "There's no silver bullet for this problem".  in educational reform, I believe that downsizing (1) Converting mainframe and mini-based systems to client/server LANs.

(2) To reduce equipment and associated costs by switching to a less-expensive system.

(jargon) downsizing
 school populations, and in addition classroom sizes, would begin to turn around the alarming negative trends in public education. Perhaps funding this kind of plan makes more sense than spending vast amounts of money building big-box schools and then paying out again for the wide array of programs necessary to support an increasingly needy undereducated adult population, the product of this outdated factory model.

Suzanne Rodriguez

Santa Fe

Legacy survives

We at the Candyman appreciate "Candyman owner called incredible human being," on March 10 about the passing of owner Matthew Schwartzman, although it didn't emphasize enough Matthew's legacy in Santa Fe. Matthew began the Candyman in 1969 as a small guitar shop. Forty years later, it has grown as the definitive local, independent business for music, instruments, electronics and installation. Matthew not only trusted Rand Cook and David Borrego but all his employees in his business decisions, and oversaw the Candyman as a family.

Many former employees have left to start their own businesses and came back to Matthew for continued advice and still come back to the Candyman for business, to pick up a new LP, or guitar.

In these hard times we ask for Santa Fe's continued support of what the Candyman stands for: shared love of music, a reputation for great selection and customer service. Our doors remain open to keep Matthew's gift to Santa Fe alive.

John Dupuy

Santa Fe

Down with death

Regarding "Death penalty repeal clears crucial panel vote" (March 10): Not only is the death penalty "flawed public policy," it should offend the very sensibility of a civilized society. Retention of the death penalty effectively says that, as a society, we can think of no better solution than to take a life in revenge for a heinous hei·nous  
Grossly wicked or reprehensible; abominable: a heinous crime.

[Middle English, from Old French haineus, from haine, hatred, from
 crime -- a "solution" that also risks killing an innocent person. I worked with death-row prisoners in Louisiana for 16 years, including two innocent men released after 13 years on death row. They're two of 130 people exonerated, who otherwise would have died. What business does government have attempting to murder 130 innocent citizens?

As John Morrison John Morrison (or Morison) is the name of several persons: In Photography
  • John Morrison (Photographer) (still kicking
In politics:
 said, it should be clear that the death penalty does just the opposite of promoting respect for life. It dehumanizes people and promotes murder. It can never be applied fairly.

Jan Macdonald

Santa Fe

Train existing force

"Double dippers defend state jobs"

(Feb. 22), suggests to me that state government managers may not be relegating duties to their subordinates to ensure their training and growth, with the intent that subordinates someday will replace their managers. Although statutes provide the avenue by which retired state government employees may return to state jobs, if the law were repealed, and employees who are double-dipping could not be grandfathered into the system, surely other applicants could fill vacant positions upon advertising and interviewing. No one is indispensable or irreplaceable.

Francisco Vigil

Santa Fe
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Date:Mar 13, 2009
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