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Springing from the loins of corporate power, Philip Griego, chairman of the New Mexico Senate The New Mexico Senate is the upper house of the New Mexico State Legislature.

There are 42 members of the Senate. Each member represents roughly 43,300 residents of New Mexico. All 42 seats are up for election every four years, and the next election will be in 2008.
 Corporations and Transportation Committee, is running for re-election to District 39. He almost single-handedly delayed (tabled) the bill to tax out-of-state corporations doing business in New Mexico New Mexico, state in the SW United States. At its northwestern corner are the so-called Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at right angles; New Mexico is also bordered by Oklahoma (NE), Texas (E, S), and Mexico (S).  for three years. And then, in the fourth year, he amended it and voted for it so the governor could veto it.

Belying his casual T-shirts and black cowboy hat "Aw shucks shuck  
a. A husk, pod, or shell, as of a pea, hickory nut, or ear of corn.

b. The shell of an oyster or clam.

2. Informal Something worthless.
" persona, Griego is the corporate candidate. He also voted against the Farmer Protection Act, which would have protected rural farmers from suits from the biotech industry.

As chairman of the Water and Natural Resources Committee, he will be, if re-elected, in control of water quality swirling around the "fracking" controversy and the associated pit rule, etc.

For those who like a little diesel in their coffee, and more soot in their airway, the incumbent is the candidate of choice. Otherwise, vote otherwise, Pilgrim.

Bushrod Lake

Santa Fe

Self help for cyclists

Regarding the May 14 article, "Crash spotlights dangers of mingling bikes, cars": I write as an avid cyclist to suggest that far too many cyclists wear dark clothes, and some don't even wear helmets. Cyclists can and should help themselves by wearing bright yellow or green shirts and jackets and by using bright flashing lights, front and rear, even during the day. Anything to call attention to themselves while sharing the road with automobiles and other vehicles will help.

Michael Golden Michael Golden is an American comic-book artist and editor, and commercial artist best known for his late-1970s work on Marvel Comics' Micronauts.

Golden drew a number of Marvel series throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including Doctor Strange,

Santa Fe

Don't blame the breed

I'm upset by the legislation being passed about pit bulls, a breed that has long been our friend. It gave us the RCA See RCA connector and video/TV history.  Victor dog, Spanky's dog Petey, Spike the beer dog and Helen Keller's dog, to name just a few. As a breed, they long to please their masters, making it easy for disreputable dis·rep·u·ta·ble  
Lacking respectability, as in character, behavior, or appearance.

 owners to train them to be vicious. Just as easily, they can be trained to be loving pets.

Before pit bulls, society villainized Dobermans in the '80s, German shepherds in the '60s. Today, we would not think of passing a law, as Maryland has done, about pit bulls, assuming that all Dobermans or German shepherds are vicious by nature.

People who train dogs of any breed to attack people viciously or other dogs are no different than people who carry loaded guns. Their intent is to use the dog as a weapon. It is no different than using the gun to inflict bodily harm The medical idea of (grievous) bodily harm is more specific than legal ideas of assault or violence in general, and distinct from property damage.

It refers to lasting harm done to the body, human or otherwise, although in its legal sense it is exclusively defined as lasting

Craig Hoopes

Santa Fe

Chavez to commission

I am very hopeful that the voters will elect Miguel Chavez to the County Commission. I don't know the other two candidates at all, but I do know Chavez from watching City Council meetings, and from having him as a neighbor in business. He is extremely ethical and intelligent, always putting the interests of the people first.

I wonder whether, without Chavez, any other city official would have brought up the scandal about the asphalt company, and whether many other ethical lapses would have all been swept under the rug. He will be an outstanding addition to the County Commission, God willing, and he will serve his term with distinction.

Stephen Fox

Santa Fe

A cultural bridge

Driving north from Santa Fe, one passes under exciting bridges with their Native American symbols and vibrant earth colors. I've lived here one year and still feel that way about them, as I'm sure most tourists do, too. So why not a beautiful signature bridge in Santa Fe at the intersection of St. Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road, wide enough for walkers, yuccas in planters, and bikers, with historical and cultural symbols quite visible. If done well, the bridge and others like it will become tourist draws, too, and add to Santa Fe's reputation in a fine way. And a bridge will cost much less than a tunnel!

James Reed

Santa Fe
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Date:May 21, 2012
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