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LED the way.

It twists, it bends, it illuminates. Grote Industries' ( LightForm material embeds energy-thrifty light emitting diodes See LED.  (LEDs) into a pliable 1-mm thick film. Grote says the material consists of a top substrate The base layer of a structure such as a chip, multichip module (MCM), printed circuit board or disk platter. Silicon is the most widely used substrate for chips. Fiberglass (FR4) is mostly used for printed circuit boards, and ceramic is used for MCMs. , bare-die LEDs, a laminating lam·i·nate  
v. lam·i·nat·ed, lam·i·nat·ing, lam·i·nates
1. To beat or compress into a thin plate or sheet.

2. To divide into thin layers.

 layer, and a bottom substrate. It's powered by a handheld battery pack, and is suited for both interior and exterior vehicle lighting. Grote says it can be applied in a peel-and-stick fashion, eliminating the need to drill holes or otherwise secure it with fasteners fasteners

In construction, connectors between structural members. Bolted connections are used when it is necessary to fasten two elements tightly together, especially to resist shear and bending, as in column and beam connections.
. The company is producing limited quantities and plans a commercial launch before the end of 2009.

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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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